Santa " The Immortal Avatar of Goodwill"

Santa Claus The Immortal Avatar of Good Will

I think most cultures have some version of Santa Claus, and our immortal "avatar of goodwill," likely comes from our Galactic Pleiadian Family. He does appear to shape shift into many different forms as well, Santa, St.Nicholas, Sinterklass, Woden, and I think personally for me, even Master Merlin! He distributes all this high vibrating energy on Christmas eve, when the “ Christmas spirit is at its height” releasing it into the ley lines, so it's disturbed all over the World! Thank you Santa!

Christmas serves as a reminder of "good will towards humankind." Our energy is collected up in the Ley lines around the Earth, ALL of our hope, our joy, our loving deeds, our kindness, and our compassion collects up over the year and I feel is absolutely dispensed on this day in a huge wave of good will. It spreads out over the World in a giant wave of light. Regardless of whether you celebrate this holiday in the 3D way or perhaps in more spiritual way..Christmas does represent a beautiful and powerful symbol of hope, joy and good will towards man/woman..the ever evolving Cosmic Christ consciousness inside of us all!

So in short..Santa fills us up with the frequency of goodwill and hope, helping us keep the “spirit” alive in our hearts for another year! I think the Santa myth helps counter all the distorted darkness for awhile. That is some seriously awesome, high vibrating frequency, to help keep the Humans in semi alignment for 11 months! 

Hum, perhaps Santa going down the chimney is symbolic of our chakra pole/column of light? He does live at the North Pole, for a reason! ( top of the head/ polarity) The goodwill is downloaded to our DNA suit, recharging us for awhile. The gifts are ones of kindness, love, charity, compassion, acceptance, understanding, joy, happiness, giving and goodwill for ALL. That’s some seriously powerful frequency!

Happy Christmas..or Merry Christ Consciousness..May the Spirit be with you…..

Light Holders: Focusing On Life

What we focus on is very important and not only helps us to create our reality, it becomes a part of our reality. Our thoughts, ( both conscious and sub/unconscious )beliefs and feelings, create our reality through our own projections into the 3D holographic reality, which is then reflected back to us in some way. We see a "reflection" of our own projections.

Much of our projections and the subsequent reflections are distorted in some way. This is partly due to the various distorted beliefs, paradigms and frequency control on this planet. Religion is one of the most distorted programs in this Universe and is at the root of much of the Collective distortions we have in our Modern World. Money is another and both money ( $$ and resources) and religion are still being used as a means to control the populace at this point in time.

Those of us who are the frequency/light holders, Starseeds etc.. are the glitch to this entire system! We are the ground crew! Our job is to “ bust up” and SHIFT the existing, distorted, 3D programs and paradigms that are holding humans hostage. We do that, in what every we do! 

That is why there are times in our lives, that we really need to focus on matters that we may find out of kilter, horrible, sad or flat out upsetting! Issues like factory farming, global warming/ climate change, politics, poverty, famine, and the like. We do not change the 3D distorted system by distancing ourselves so far away from it, that we never take notice of it. We are all a part of the 3D system because we have a physical body, it’s our conscious awareness that helps us vibrate through other dimensional states! 4D and up! (Heart centered living helps busts up the system baby! LOL )

We change the system by focusing our attention on the issue in some way and finding solutions! We change it, by being in the thick of things sometimes. We change it, by shifting our own viewpoints and sharing that viewpoint with others!! We change it, by standing outside of the issue and observing with love, understanding and compassion! We change it, by being our most authentic self and walking our path! We change it, by bringing the energy back into a balance. We change it, by educating ourselves!

We change it, by being an awesome role model and walking our talk! We change it, by healing ourselves and helping others! We change it, by sending love and light to the issue. We change it, by being present in the moment! We change it, by raising AWARENESS of some issue!!!! We change it, be embracing our gifts and bringing them forth into the World. We change it, by speaking out and being the special brand of magic and medicine, that only we are!!

The point I am making is we don’t go run off and live in a 5D wonderland of pink unicorns and fluffy pillows! LOL Not that pink unicorns and fluffy pillows aren’t awesome, they are, but our job is boots on the ground! We BRING the new frequency to the planet! We ground the new frequency into the planet, and into the reality, because we CARRY THE LIGHT to do this!

WE are the "glitch" that helps to SHIFT the planet to a higher vibration, which brings down the walls of deception, that keeps the Collective reality cloaked and locked into distortion and control! Many times this REQUIRES us to step out of our comfort zone and say and do things that helps to create a change in the World....such as speaking out, when we see someone being mean,crossing the line or doing something that might harm another! This helps to create a shift and a awakening of some kind! We have to pay attention to our current reality to do that! 

There are so MANY ways to “ bust” the system! And we all do it, how every we do! So if you feel like you need to focus on say for example, low vibrating politics, then go for it! Our political system in America is one of the single biggest programs that can shift and change millions of lives for the better! And I am all for that!! Go big or go home! LOL

Politics is also SUPER, low vibrating, which is one reason why I often get the intuitive hit to focus on politics, even though I am so not fond of it!! Any time higher vibrating beings focus on lower vibrating issues, it helps to HEAL and SHIFT those frequencies/ those issues or problems in some way! The key here is focus our light on raising awareness and the shift, and NOT tapping into the Dark, distorted Collective so much, that we got lost in the process and have hell finding our way out!!

Spiritual means the "spirit or soul".... living our life is spiritual! We need to be a part of life, to help it shift, doing what we FEEL we need to do! ( However, do no harm to self or another) Focus on what you will, stay centered and connected to your Core and Higher self and remember we are the shakers, awakeners and the shifters for the Collective!! We are the glitch to the system!! Trust your heart and intuition on what you need to be doing with your time and attention above all! Be the special, magical medicine that you are! Let’s get this planet shifted into a higher vibration for the ALL!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class…Written and haphazardly edited By Metaphysical Word Weaver: Heyde Class, Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Counselor & Practitioner

The Experience of "Pain"

Pain comes in all different types, shapes and sizes! As defined by Webster’s dictionary, pain is “ physical or mental suffering caused by injury, disease, grief, anxiety, etc.”. There is no shortage of “pain” on this planet and much of this stems from our belief that we are separate from Source! We have given away our liberty and our Sovereignty to others and we must reclaim it as part of the solution! How many feel powerless to heal themselves, when in fact,( I think this is proven now... maybe not? Lol ) the physical body is designed to heal itself. Regardless, pain is an experience, we have all had at one time or another, whether it's emotional, mental or physical or a combo of all, matters not. It’s still pain and it’s a message we need to listen to! Pain is consciousness, and has some form of consciousness, just like everything else in our Universe!

For example, sometimes the “ pain “ we may be feeling is actually congested, emotional energy! Kinda of like a pool of muddy water, that has got a lot of mud in it! The “mud” is really low vibrating, emotional energy that has pooled up in a specific area in the body. Where it has accumulated will really tell us the story and give us clues on how to find the source of that pain!! Always look at the nearest chakra center to where that pain is manifesting itself! Although, there can be origins of that energetic pain, rooted in other areas of well! Our energy flow can also be restricted, inflamed, aggravated, excessive, stagnant, depleted, restricted or balanced and free flowing or some combination of states! It varies and shows up in different ways. Our job is to listen and follow the clues!

Pain is our body’s way of sending us a message in the simplest of terms and we need to listen! We are in a symbiotic partnership with the body, which is also our best friend! Our job is to listen and fix it the best we are able to! The key word here is listen!!!!! Pain always has something to say, if we are willing to listen, so running away or avoiding it, does not go over well! The body just screams louder! What we resist, persists!

Sometimes this pain also requires us to take different actions to resolve it, including going to a Doctor of some kind and or Holistic practitioner, if necessary. The physical body is a mirror of the energy body. What occurs in one, also is occurring in the other! There is no separation per say! We must attend to both the physical body and the energetic body to fully resolve pain. We are a combo of body, mind and spirit! So attending to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes are necessary, to find true alignment and balance!

Many people are on their ascension paths, and these new energy transmissions that are coming into the planet, flood our bodies with higher, vibrating light and energy, that basically will bring forward a lot of old cellular emotional and mental pain for us to resolve! The way I clear and resolve most emotional and mental energetic “pain” is to go to the source of the original issue or as I say, exact point of origin and investigate! We just need to set our intention to do so! We may need to face some unresolved issue, shed some tears or express ourselves in some way! We may need to forgive someone and or ourselves! We need to bring that unresolved emotional issue into a balanced state, by moving and shifting our original viewpoint from a polarized state of understanding to an objective, neutral view. We find and create a new, balanced viewpoint of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion by choosing to LOOK and face that experience! We stop the judgement and instead we listen to our pain! It may take awhile, so we must be patience with this process. 

We also need to shift and release any energetic distortions or entities that may be attached or a part of this “ pain.” This is a most important step that is often not acknowledged or completed! We also may need to release some energy that may or may not be ours! Our energy body and chakra energy points, also likely needs to be realigned and re calibrated, along with checking our polarity and elements balance!  Everyone has different methods for sorting through the old polarized energy that comes forward for clearing.  There is NO one size fits all, nor does every method out there, work for everyone.

Sometimes this type of pain will resolve itself after these two steps and other times it may not, depending on what we are dealing with. In these cases, this is likely simply emotional and mental pain! However, in the case of physical pain, such as an injury, that can take weeks to heal, in these cases, we are absolutely dealing with physical pain. Regardless, the physical body must always be attended to in some way. It all depends on what we are dealing with! Most folks will attend to the physical body and not the emotional or mental body. It all needs attention when dealing with pain of any kind.

On the physical side, for me, if it’s something minor and am dealing with emotional and mental pain, I know I just may need to move and shift that congested energy in the body, in some way, into a state of free FLOW! So a shower or a walk may be in order or I will gently massage that area, stretch, do yoga or some of kind of gentle physical movement to get that energy moving. One of my favorites things to use is Rose essential oil in a carrier oil, in cases of emotional congestion, as it helps to not only move and shift the energy, it also brings the energy into a higher vibrational state. Roses know how to OPEN, since they move from a bud state ( closed) to a bloom state ( open). Every time is different and may require different steps! Pain from Injuries and illnesses are an entirely different matter! Seek proper medical care first from a Professional.

Whether it’s emotional and or mental pain or physical pain, our pain is a great teacher and we need to reclaim our empowerment to help us resolve and work THROUGH that pain, so we can get on with it. Loving and accepting our pain is one of the first steps to resolving it!

Note: because we live in 2018 and a sue happy society that likes to blame others: Disclaimer: This post is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to be used for diagnosis or is prescribing any type of medical treatment in any way. Use common sense when dealing with pain issues and if injured or ill, seek proper medical treatment immediately.

© A Celestial Solution/ Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Counselor and Energy Shfting Therapist

The Law of Polarity

The Universal Law of Polarity...there all ALWAYS TWO SIDES of everything. For example, if you have dark, you have light, if you have a good, you have a bad..this is called POLARITY and it dominates and rules the entire 3rd dimension and the 3D paradigm of reality.  We are HERE on this planet to learn about polarity and find our balance through this polarity. Our balance is the neutral point or what I like to call zero point of those two polarities. NOTHING IS EVERY just one way or the other way. It simply does not work that way on this planet.

If you are in a physical BODY, then you are subject to polarity, as there is polarity present in the chakra portals. For most folks bodies, although not necessarily for all peoples bodies: the positive pole is in the front, neutral in the middle and negative on the back side. We have a positive pole at the top of the head, negative pole at the feet. (Polarity therapy adds extra poles by the way.) The right side is of the body is positive, the left side of the body is negative. ALWAYS IN BALANCE, this is part of polarity. Even if we can not see it..there are always two sides..As above, so below is another form of this case it the mirror effect. Body and Energy Body.

Now, we can experience both the positive and the negative poles/polarity, as we move through and shift dimensional states in the body. We have access to and can focus through the 1st - 7th dimensional states of consciousness within the context of the physical body, through the chakra portals. This polarity is not as apparent when we exit the body during dream state and or astral projection, however, this does not mean we do not find polarity in other dimensional states of consciousness and or energy.

There are ALWAYS TWO SIDES..nothing is all good, nor just does not work that way. There are always two sides to everything. :)

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class


Negative: There is more to it then meets the eye!

I notice many articles and people use the term "negative" to imply that it is something undesirable and unwanted, such as we do not want to have a negative attitude or viewpoint or carry specific "negative" traits. And that very well may be, however, even the negative carries polarity! We have both the dark, dodgy negativity and light, divine negativity!

Around 3-4 years ago, I was read a channeling that helped open my eyes to the view that "negative" is the Divine Feminine, receptive, Yin frequency. Wow, what a game changer for me, and from that point forward, I stop using the word negative to imply or mean undesirable or bad. Instead I view it, most of the time, through the eyes of the divine male and female polarity: negative is the receptive frequency, positive is the giving frequency.

Yes we want to be BOTH negative and positive, so we can complete the cycle. And we are BOTH negative and positive! If we are positive all the time, frankly all that positive, divine male energy and logic, we will get burned out. We can get blinded by the light and not see the forest from the trees. If we are negative all the time, residing in the negative, divine feminine frequency, we may not get much accomplished or grow very fast. We may live in our daydreams and imagination, instead of taking action. A balance is what is needed and we are here on this planet to learn through polarity and find the balance! We need to both give  (divine male positive) and receive (divine feminine negative) to evolve to our fullest potential. The negative and positive charge also aligns with electricity's negative and positive charge and we are all electric light conscious. And of course we have the Law of polarity as well!

Negative, according to the Dictionary means saying no, refusal or denial, and or means the opposite of positive. Interestingly enough in the Websters Dictionary, the word negative does not say it means, undesirable, bad or unwanted. Perhaps this is the case in other dictionary's however. It has various other meaning such as an "excess of electrons" or "reversing the relation of light and shadow of the subject."

So the word negative, basically got high jacked to mean "bad"....which was of course, was done on purpose. When people are open and receptive, they are much harder to control. When people are open and receptive, they are in better balance and able to attract that which they need and want. They become the true Creators that they are! They are IN TUNE with SOURCE. The are ONE with SOURCE. If they keep folks cut off from at least one aspect of themselves, in this case, the Divine Feminine, then people are separated from themselves and are constantly "giving" out their energy, instead of receiving it! They are out of balance!

That which is planted in the dark ( divine feminine) grows by the power of the light. ( divine male) See the polarity for what it is and find the balance point!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class - Certified Psychic Intuitive, and Metaphysical and Energy Shifter and Healer.

The Master Year 2018

Transitions bring both endings and new beginnings. Some transitions can be painful, others joyful, while others may be a combination of both. We may experience relief, sadness, gratitude, anger, unhappiness, fear, joy etc. and or many other feelings and emotions during these transitions. How we experience these shifts/transitions depends on our view point, attitude, our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, our feelings and e-motions and our other words..HOW WE CHOOSE to "experience," the experience!

Our point of "empowerment" is in our OBSERVATION and ACCEPTANCE of the experience unfolding in front of us, understanding and recognizing that life is happening FOR us, not to us, that how we respond to this experience is our CHOICE and that we solely have control over ourselves, our responses and actions and that is pretty much it! Everything else is out of our hands and the experience will unfold as it will. Our loving and accepting thoughts about it, however, can and will influence some of the outcome.

As we move from 2017 to 2018, we ALL will be experiencing some kind of transition, desired or not, even it's just simply shifting to the "number frequency," which will bring many new opportunities and lessons into our lives. In numerology terms, 2018 is a 11/2, the Master Year! This year will bring many new opportunities for us to become a master of self, to master our inner male and female aspects of self, bringing them into a better state of balance and wholeness. This year is really about BALANCE, particularly discovering and creating OUR emotional balance and MASTERING the core self, bringing our inner trinity ( Divine Self/Core Heart/Personality Self) into balance and full expression.

Authentic living means living whole and in the HEART, while connected to ALL aspects of our self. When we embrace the totality of ourselves, this is what really helps us be WHO WE ARE!!!! When we stop rejecting parts of self as undesirable and embracing them for the key role that they play in our lives! Love every single bit of you, because all those wobbly bits, the happy bits, the silly bits, and stubborn bits, and the separated bits ( ego) are ALL YOU and working FOR YOU, not against YOU, doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. Even when appearances suggest otherwise, with some of our wayward aspects of self, sabotaging our efforts and "working against us!" These aspects of self are doing their best to get our attention and are there to helps us learn a valuable lesson of some kind. These parts of ourselves are the ones that need the most tender, loving care! It takes time, effort, love and acceptance to integrate these aspects of self into wholeness! Having an open heart and mind and be willing to go there is SO key in achieving this balance and mastery this year! Blocking Life OUT is NOT THE ANSWER, nor while we find constructive solutions in hiding behind these blocks and rejections of self.

Many of my friends and clients are experiencing huge shifts right now, for a variety of reasons, with some of these shifts, starting earlier in the year.  Some of these shifts were very unexpected, with some expected. Please know that my love and compassion is with you as you navigate your way through these shifts. The New Earth is bringing in the most incredible energy, with more Time gate portals opening, allowing healing energy onto the planet like never before. May peace, love, light and joy shower over all of you, as we venture into the New Number year of 2018, the Master year of Self. Namaste my dear friends! :)

Written and Haphazardly edited By Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Pastoral Counselor, and Metaphysical Jack of all Trades.© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Winter Solstice Dec. 21st 2017

Today is the 12/21 Gateway and the Winter Solstice, the day that the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. It's been five years since our Mother Earth moved through the 12/21/12 Gateway, experiencing her Ascension, and moving us all into an entire energetic reset, so to speak. She did so quietly and without much fan fare. As a result, our society has been been moving through many changes as a result. It may appear that things are getting worse, when in a realistic perspective, it just the " dirt/dark distortions" raising to the surface to be cleaned up, and transformed into divine love and light.

It will take Mass Consciousness many, many years to catch up, to make that move to 5D consciousness, which is now available to anyone and everyone who is willing to open their eyes to a different reality, to a different perspective, to a vast and unlimited consciousness, all while residing in a 3rd dimensional body. All the while, our Mother Gaia, will be patiently waiting as we eventually, ALL make that move into an expanded awareness and state of consciousness. It is something to be truly grateful for, our Earthly Mother.

The Winter Solstice is the beginning of what I call the rest and review phase. In the spring, we planet our seeds ( ideas) and begin to see them sprout. In the summer, we continue to water our seeds, nurturing them along, as they began to grow into maturity..In the fall, we then harvest our "seeds," now full grown plants/ideas, reaping the rewards of our efforts. The winter is the time for rest, to reflect and review and to realize what we have accomplished. This is an extremely important step in the evolution of our life, of our experiences. Our main purpose in life is to evolve. This may not apply to every being on the planet, however, for most souls, for most all of life, this is what LIFE is all about..growth and evolution. Today, we begin the final phase of the year, one of rest, renewal, review, reflection and realization, so in the Spring, we can begin anew and plant our seeds of inspiration and watch them grow.

Since our Earth Mother moved through the 12/21/12 dimensional portal, another element of significance occurs at the equinox and solstice times, as another wave of beautiful Souls will begin their ascension journey! The Equinox and Solstice gateways open the door for those who are ready, triggering the ascension codes, which are stored in the DNA. Once our codes fire off, our life is not every the same and we began a magnificent journey of evolution, where we can discovery our true self!

Those who ascension codes have fired, go through a clearing phase, where they/we wade through all that which is holding us back from our most authentic selves, bringing it forth to our conscious awareness, so we can make changes accordingly. The ascension clearing phase can last for years, and depends on your Souls choices, Soul contracts, objectives and mission. Many old, unresolved issues will come forth for review at this time and it's important to allow ourselves to transform these issues into a state of understanding, acceptance and balance. That which we resist will persist, even more so in an ascension clearing phase! Our bodies go through many physical changes as well! Listening to our bodies, honoring its needs, along with allowing and embracing our feelings and emotions is imperative at this time.

Ascension helps us to balance and shift our overall signature frequency into one of a more expanded, evolved and open energetic vibration. We are both descending and ascending as we connect and balance out our Trinity: the Higher or more Evolved Self, descends to combine with our Core Heart Center/Inner Child. The Lower or Personality Self then ascends to combine with our Core Heart Center, bringing us into a more awakened, aware, evolved, open and balanced state of "beingness."

This wave of Ascender's will be experiencing deep reflection, revelations and spending much time in review for some time to come. Each wave of Ascender's helps to rise the frequency of our Earth and sets and stabilizes the foundation of the New Earth codes on the planet itself. You will intuitively know on some level if your ascension codes have fired off. Its a feeling deep within the well of your Heart. Bless those who have started their journey, continued blessing to those who are already walking that road and blessings to those who have yet to begin.

Much light and divine love to all for this beautiful season of reflection and blessed be to all on this winter day of celebration.

Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class
© A Celestial Solution/ Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Jack of all Trades :)