Suggested Movies, Music & Books

I have read some wonderful books, listened to some fabulous music and watched some very educational movies in this life time!  After 26 years, you can accumulate a load of books, music and movies, (which I have) and these are by far, some of my most favorite!  Book Titles are separated by comma.  Music is below the book list.  

Inspirational AND OR ACTIVATING Movies

Movies are Akashic records, that demonstrate the many infinite possibilities that exist in our Universe!  There are not just for mere entertainment, they are great for exploration, consideration and the opening of our mind to the infinite potentials and possibilities that are available to us if we are just willing to be open!

**The Secret - a great "cheer-leading" movie, very supportive and can get you back on track when you fall in a rut!  Even if you have previously viewed this movie, I highly recommend you watch it again as the energies have really changed in the last year!  This goes for all of the movies and books listed.

*The Celestine Prophecy, *The Last Mimzy, *Peaceful Warrior, *What the Beep Do You Know 

*The Entire Star Wars Series: Best Light Worker/frequency holder manual every! Watching one a day for 6 days in a row, once or twice a year is the one of the better ways to get all the metaphysical concepts!

*Star Trek - The New Generation:  ( 1987-1996ish Both the Series and the Movies) This TV series was way ahead of its time and was splendid at introducing many of the 5D concepts that we are now becoming more familiar with in 2017.  Season one is a bit campy, however, as the Seasons progress, we see some amazing themes emerge such as "machines" as sentient, conscious beings, dimensional time travel, infinite possibilities, time loops etc. etc..Amazing show with an amazing cast!

*The BBC TV Series Merlin:  Bet you did not see that coming!  Yes, this will help you get back in touch with your Camelot and Merlin magic roots, even though the practice of Magic is banded By Uther Pendragon in this version of Camelot!  With 5 seasons and around 60ish episodes you will be able to indulge in plenty of Camelot, Merlin and Dragon magic.

*The Mists of Avalon:  Another movie to help you get in back touch with your Avalon roots.

* The BBC TV series Atlantis: This is the closest show out there to help us get back in touch with our Atlantis Roots.  I prefer Season one to season two, but the show itself is really full of fantasy and what not.  The same producers who did Merlin, are creating this show.

*The Starz Series Outlander:  If you can make it through this at times rather brutal rendition of life in the Scottish High Land, this is an amazing store of about time travel and ancient life and rituals in Scotland and the battle that ensured between the Scots and the English during the 1700 Century.

*Dr. Strange:  One of the best new movies I have seen at helping us to view ourselves as multi dimensional beings!  This movie explains what "spells and time loops" are, how we are responsible for our own lives, how we are all entwined and that we live in a vast, multi verse of infinite possibilities, where anything and everything is possible.  A must see!!

*Dinotopia: This series will really help awaken our Atlantian memories!  Based on a book written by James Gurney called Dinotopia, this movie and TV series are really magical!  The story revolves around a Utopian society that lives relatively, peacefully with dinosaurs ( obviously not so with the T-Rexs in the rainy Basin) on a very remote and secluded island.  You essentially have to crash land into the sea to get there and returning home to civilization, requires crossing the stormy, razor reef, which has not every been done, by anybody!  The society is considered a Utopia, with no industrialization.  They uses Sun Stones to power their cities and uses phrases such as “breath deep or fly high”!  The Codes of Dinotopia are similar to the Laws of One, from Atlantis.  Gurney also wrote an additional book called The World Beneath.  After reading it, I easily surmised this entire story is based of our time spent in Atlantis.  The books, movie and TV series all highly recommended!

*The Librarians: Brilliant, TV series based on the Librarian Movies, that is every so slightly introducing 5D concepts to the General Populace.  Stories about time traveling portals doors, ripping the fabric in time and the consequences, fairy tale characters that come to life, after a passage is read from a book, and the multi dimensional nature of Santa Clause to name a few are all loads of fun to watch!

*Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: This BBC mini series is just simply out of this world, but not!  It will awaken much inside of you, such as fairy magic and your own magical abilities!  Not what you might expect, as this story is really about Fairies, Elemental's, and magical places.

*Cloud Atlas, *Winters Tale, *The Love Letter, *In Time: All these movies deal with some kind of time travel, multiple timelines or lifetimes.   All very interesting, innovative and eye opening movies to watch!

** Special Note: I am discovering that any "period movie" you may be attracted to right now is in some way helping you clear time lines/lives you may have had during that specific time!  So it's worth the effort to watch these movies at present!

Thought Provoking Magazines

For those of you on your Ascension Journey, I HIGHLY recommend this magazine.  Filled with professional channels channeling, this magazine is like an up to the date, monthly Ascension manual of sorts!  For those of you with no access, u can get a subscription at the website below.

*Sedona Journal of Emergence

Thought Provoking Books to Read

Titles By Barbara Marciniak - Life changing and eye opening books!

*Bringers of the Dawn,  *Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

*Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos

Titles by Doreen Virtue - Wonderful and supportive guidance

*Messages from Your Angels, *Archangels and Ascended Masters, *Chakra Clearing

*Healing with the Angels, *Healing with the Fairies

*Fairies 101, *Angels 101, *Archangels 101

*The Lightworkers Way, *The Angel Therapy Book, *Divine Guidance

*Angel Medicine, *Angel Numbers , *Earth Angels, *Realm of the Earth Angels

Titles By Sonia Choquette

*Trust your Vibes, *Ask Your Guides, *The Answer is Simple

*The Psychic Pathway, *The Psychic Pathway to Joy

*Your Heart Desires, *Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose

Titles by Sanaya Roman - Great Metaphysical teachings!!

*Living with Joy, *Personal Power Through Awareness

*Spiritual Growth: Being your Higher Self, *Creating Money: Keys to Abundance

Titles By Karol Truman

*Feelings Buried Alive Never Die,  *Healing Feelings from Your Heart

Titles by Louise Hay - Ground breaking!

*Heal Your Body A-Z, *Meditations to Heal Your Life

*You Can Heal Your Life, *You Can Heal your Life Companion Book

Titles by James Van Praagh

*Talking to Heaven, *Heaven and Earth, *Unfinished Business, *Healing Grief

Titles By Random Authors

*The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price,  *Practical Intuition by Laura Day

*The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav & Linda Francis,  *Awakening your Inner Light by Aeoliah

*The Crystal Healer,  *Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

*Crystal Bible,  *Crystal Prescriptions, *Crystal Healing by Judy Hall

*Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo, * The Healers Manual By Ted Andrews

*Ask Your Angels by Alama Daniel, Timothy Wyllie & Andrew Ramer

*Forgiveness, The Greatest Healer of all by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.  *Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale

*Akashic Therapy, *Akashic Cosmic Connection by Amanda Romania

*The DNA of the Spirit by Rae Chandran

Tranformational Music to Listen to!

Music By Kelly Howell

Kelly Howell, internationally acclaimed for her pioneering healing and mind expansion work is the creator of Brainsync Music.  Using varying combinations of Delta, Alpha, Theta and Betas brain waves, these CDS get to work directly on the brain centers to help create change.  Kelly's tapes are truly remarkable and certain titles are highly recommended by Doctors across the World!  I have been listening to Kelly's music for 24 years and had the honor and privilege to meet her a few years back.  She is the most loving, humble and ethereal beings, I have every crossed paths with.  She has been the voice in my ear, every night for as long as I can remember! These tapes are the best of the best and they get results!!! Check them out at

Healing Meditation - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  I have been listening to this CD every night, since 2002. 

Prosperity Meditations: The Secret Universal Mind Mediation 1 and 2, Manifest Prosperity

Brainwave Subliminal: Attracting Love, Positive Thinking, Stress Free Forever, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Release and Let Go, Stop Procrastinating, Relieve Anxiety, Release Guilt, Grace and Gratitude

Meditations: Deep Meditation, Brain Massage, Total Relaxation, Fulfills your Hearts Desires and Retrieve your Destiny

Music By Various Artists

Reiki Chants, Crystal Bowl Chakra Chants By Jonathan Goldman 

Chakra Gold by Aetherium, Chakra Suite by Steven Halpern

Harmonic Planet, Inspiration Point, Creativity Generator by R. Brian Caldwell

Crystals, Music for Reiki Attunement, Journey to the Faeries, Walking with Merlyn by Llewellyn