Generosity: Working the Money Grids

A Primo way to work the "money grids"..BE GENEROUS! This has been my number one way to work with the money grids for years now! My way is being generous with my time, knowledge, possessions ( give away stuff to thrift stores, etc.) or my support, praise and referrals. (referrals especially for my women friend with small businesses) Referrals help not only the person being referred but usually the person who may chose to buy a service. Total win win! Doing this, has paid me back a thousand fold over the years I tell you, tho I do not necessary receive financial compensation for the person I may have helped, rarely every.  I give it freely and somehow it just comes back around to me in some way!  Its also important to remember to have strong, firm boundaries with this, as we can sometimes be to or overly generous..and get taken advantage of.

I would wager to guess, I have racked up " millions" in my spiritual bank account anyways! LOL It does show up in my life in many different ways..such as I have LOADs of free time..I love that..I am generous with my time, so the Universe "pays me" in plenty of free time ....or I may get "paid" when a friend buys me a organic smoothie, or I get a discount on a purchase or I am offered an opportunity to go to something for free, or someone gives me a gift! All that time, effort, love, and generosity we give to the others, ALWAYS comes back our way..and for me, it's my favorite way to be of service to other people. I do treat others as I would want to be treated!!   Heyde Class

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