Welcome to 5D!

Many people are focused through a 3D lens and are tapped into one reality, perceiving an experience as the " only" possibility, when in all actuality, it's is just one of many possibilities, available to us in a Universe of Infinite possibilities.

When we focus through the 5D lens, we may see or focus on one potential possibility or reality, however, we KNOW that there are infinite possibilities to our reality!  We know that we can shift into different states of dimensional consciousness, viewing these realities from different points of view.   It's as simple as shifting our viewpoint.

There are no limits in a 5D consciousness reality, except those we place on ourselves. We are free to explore the many realities, shifting and changing as we see fit.

Quantum physics calls this the Many World Theory, which states, in my understanding, that every available possibility exists at the same moment and we tap into and focus on what every reality is a frequency match for us at that moment.

This theory can also explains why we have billions of different viewpoints and understandings in this World and how it really comes down to our own choice as to what reality we want to tap into. Just because we perceive that something is or is not happening, does not mean that it is the only possibility or that is really what is or is not happening! This is why I say that our projections and our perceptions are both our choice and responsibility!

We create our reality through a series of thoughts that turn into projections, that create our holographic reality. Projections are two way streets and also serve as our mirrors that allow us to perceive and see our reality. This is furthered influenced by our own thoughts,feelings, beliefs, emotions and of course any unresolved issues and or blocks we may have. This seriously colors what we see, our objectivity may fall to the way side and we may go into judgment about it! This is why practicing observation and objectivity is so key in our experiences, as it helps us to be neutral and not color our experiences with our own opinions and beliefs! In this balanced state, we can clearly see the many possibilities available to us to us at any moment.

Many people choose to be fearful of what they see! They may feel powerless to change it, which is a deceptive untruth..we are not able to change how another acts or responds, yes this is truth! However, we are able to change our perspectives, our minds, our thoughts, our beliefs, our choices, which in turn shifts our feelings and emotions and this also shifts our reality. Remember if it's our choice, it is our responsibility. We are full empowered beings, whether we are conscious of this yet or not. Many people are in the beginning stages of returning to their empowered states, while some are already fully stepping into their awareness and empowerment!  It's all just an evolutionary process and we are exactly where we need to be!

Stepping out of the 3D separation and judgment, stepping into the 5D infinite possibilities is a beautiful way to expand and evolve ourselves! Believing is one thing, knowing is another and living those beliefs and inner knowing is another!

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