Fall Equinox Sept. 22nd 2017

The Autumn Equinox is this Friday: 9/22/17. Each Equinox and Solstice serves as portal for the next wave of energies coming in and onto the planet. These astrological portals also serve as the triggering and awakening of a new group of souls into the ascension process.

Anyone who is on this planet at this moment, agreed to some level of ascension. Ascension basically means shifting to a higher frequency of light. Light is information, dark is essentially lack of information. The ascension codes are programmed into the DNA and once activated, there is no getting off that train, unless the person chooses to cross over. It's pretty much..sink or swim! Shit may be hitting the fan, however, it is opening the door for "shift" to happen as well! A sense of humor will really help in this process.

Once the Ascension codes are activated, so is the CLEARING process, which allows us the opportunity to increase our Light quotient. This happens naturally ( although not always comfortably both mentally, emotionally or physically) and often in big bursts and waves, when new high vibrating light frequencies come on to the planet. As the new frequencies are downloaded into our bodies, we release the layers of old cellular memory that are not in alignment to the higher energy and our most authentic selves. Thus our cells begin to hold more LIGHT! This clearing process can go on indefinitely, although I feel that we do reach a point, were the hard core clearing phrase is over and we can effortlessly release these old cellular memories with ease.

Around every Solstice and Equinox event, a new group or wave of ascending begins. This week will mark another Wave/ group of Ascenders, with each group activating at the following Equinox or Solstice respectively. This will continue yearly now, until minimum, 2035. So that racks up to around 19 yearly waves, as the first wavers started on 12/21/12, but the 2nd Wave group did not start till 3/21/15. The first wavers where setting the ground work, which was why that wave was SO long!

For those whose ascension process is now activated, or anyone who may be reading.... I want to share a few things to consider as you proceed on your Ascension path.

1. Life is simply an experience, an experiment. It is up to us to create these experiences and ALLOW these experiences to naturally unfold. We are able to control ourselves, not the experience or others.

2. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have at the moment.

3. If its our choice, it is also our responsibility. Meaning we are responsible for what we create/project into our reality and also what we choose to perceive/see. Our life is our choice and responsibility! ( Obviously minor children, senior adults, animal companions etc.. who may be in our care are our responsibility to some level. This is not what I am talking about here.)

4. This Universe has polarity, so there are ALWAYS to sides to everything! Just like a coin has two sides, our creative projections also act as mirrors and with each mirror, serving as a message. It's our responsibility to look in the mirror and get the message. No blaming others for what we CHOOSE to see or not see. Thankfully messages repeat themselves till we got it and we need to pay attention to get the message!

4. Our beliefs are powerful, they create our reality and can be very limiting and box us in. Focusing through our inner knowing is expansive and unlimited and serves as one of the keys to discovering the infinite possibilities in the Universe.

5. Our judgement is one of biggest obstacle we will encounter when walking the Ascension path. Judgment is what keeps us limited, in resistance, separation and duality! It will slow down our evolution. It can even derail the ascension process for a while, when we choose to focus through the 3D lens of labeling our experiences ( including people, places, things and events) as good, bad, right or wrong. Preference is one thing, judgemental attitudes is another.

6. Releasing our resistance to learn, grow and evolve will help the ascension process go much smoother.

7. Getting our of own way and looking at the messages arriving into our reality and working to shift our view points is one of the most crucial factors in the ascension process. Fear is usually what keeps us from exploring these mirrors that are bringing us messages. Step out of fear and judgement to easily move forward.

8. Life is happening FOR US NOT to us. We are not victims, WE ALL have the ability to choose our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, inner knowings, emotions, viewpoints and perspectives.

9. Everything is consciousness, with varying degrees of consciousness, coming from the same SOURCE: Prime Creator, which can also be called a million other names.( Buddha, God etc..).I am you, you are me..same SOURCE, different face and viewpoint.

10. Stepping into and re tuning to CORE HEART CENTER, which is the Inner child, is where we will find our true and most authentic empowerment. Discover and reconnect to your center! Our Center is our perfect balanced state, where we are the most joyful and fulfilled, creative and EMPOWERED! Our Center transmutes the FEAR!

11.Our Higher self/ Universe has our back! Trust in the process with an open heart and mind and know that it is ALL IN PERFECT AND DIVINE ORDER no matter what occurs!!!!

12. Many of our mirrors will also serve as TRIGGERS. Triggers are there to help us awaken to an issue that needs to be resolved and shifted in viewpoint. Triggers will come with a emotional charge of some kind, which can range from very mild to hard core! We may act (conscious) or react (unconscious) to these triggers. Triggers can come with the following feelings and or emotions such as anger, hate, rage, upset, irritability, judgment, guilt, sadness, frustration etc...this is HOW we recognize that we need to clean up something! If we choose to respond, with anything others then love, compassion, understanding and forgiving, then we have clean up detail!

13. Our physical, emotional and mental pain also serve as messages of what needs to be "cleaned up" and shifted to a different view point that aligns with our authentic truthWhile these types of messages may not be much fun, they are there to help us grow and evolve into the highest and greatest version of ourselves!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Heyde Class is a Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner, Author and a Metaphysical Jack of all trades! She is a First Waver Ascender with many, many moons of experience under her belt of the ascension process and clearing phrase. lol