Learn Evolving Usui Reiki via a Long Distance Course or have In person, Private class with me in Sedona Arizona! An email Courses start at $150. See below for More details on Learning this fablous multi dimensional healing art form!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is multi dimensional, holistic, healing art form that can help to reduce stress, promote relaxation and bring a feeling of peace and well-being to the receiver.  This ancient hands on ( or off) Japanese healing technique is performed by practitioners, who have received an energy attunement appropriate to their completed level of One, Two, Advanced or Master.  Reiki can be performed in person or at a distance, as all energy flows.  Reiki sessions are very powerful but gentle and often work for weeks after a session.  People, animals, friends, along with trees, plants, flowers, the planet, even situations and events can all benefit from the power of the Reiki frequency! :) 

Why might I want to learn Reiki?

Ask yourself this:

  • Do I want the power of Reiki energy/healing in my own hands, to use when ever I want to?  

  • Do I want to be a participant in my own healing?  

  • Do I want to help heal others and myself?  

  • Do I want to help my animal friends, Mother Earth and nature with Reiki? 

  • Do I want to be able to send more Universal love and light to any experience I may have? 

Only you, can answer these questions for yourself.   I have found learning Reiki as a truly wonderful and delightful experience, life altering in fact!  No only can you help yourself,  your friends, family and animal friends, you can become a professional Reiki Practitioner and teacher, helping many others and creating a wonderful income for yourself, if you so choose!  Reiki is truly unlimited and can be applied to everything!  It's not just strictly for physical healing, but can also be applied to mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well.  It's a multidimensional, holistic, healing, energy art form, available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life.  You can choose to use it or not.  It's always waiting for you at any moment, of any day, ready for use at any time.  And while Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical treatment, it is a helpful addition for the before, during and after, and a wonderful holistic therapy, that can be used as a complement to medical treatment.  Reiki is one of the highest forms of Universal Love, flowing through us and all we really need to do is be the best conductor/transmitter we can be!  Reiki is the most incredible gift and one that I feel will bless your life and many others as well!

Am I the Instructor for you?

Choosing a Reiki instructor is a very personal choice!  It's important that we get the right fit for both people!  I am a very non traditional Reiki instructor who shares Reiki, on a one on one basis.  I feel this is the best way to share the Reiki experience with others.  I will work with a couple or possibly two- four people at a time, but rarely hold any group classes.  While group settings can be wonderful, I feel that there are tremendous benefits to teaching and learning in a one on one setting.  I view Reiki not just as a multi dimensional, holistic form of healing, but also as an art form, with plenty of opportunities to find your own expression and style, which I highly encourage!!  I choose to teach Reiki from the 5th Dimensional perspective of Limitless or Unlimited possibilities,  as there are truly, unlimited ways to apply Reiki!  All that is required is your imagination, intention and Reiki!  While there are guidelines and techniques on how to do Reiki, which I do teach, I allow Reiki to be the guide, the teacher and I very much support a student to "think outside of the box!" 

Instruction is more specific to the student, as everyone learns in a different way.  Some people are more auditory, others more visual, some learn through reading, others through doing.  This is the beauty of private one on one classes,  it can be adjusted to fit your needs better.  This includes scheduling your class time and what levels you want to learn as well!   You get personal attention, you can ask a million questions if you want and take as much time as u like to learn! :) :)  People teach in many wonderful ways, and I am very easy going, and love to bring as much fun into the process as possible!  I encourage questions and I view myself as both the teacher and the student, all at the same time!!  I prefer to not teach or view myself as an authority figure.  I feel that this 3D methodology and belief that the teacher is the authority, limits us as we can learn from everyone! And I am all about unlimited possibilities! :)  I am just the instructor, Reiki is your teacher and guide!  

My Reiki Experience

My first experience with Reiki occurred in 1995 while attending a New Age Fair.  I had been up all night and was beyond tired!!  My booth just happened to be next to a Reiki Master and apparently, my fatigue was obvious, as she asked me whether I would like to receive some Reiki.  I gratefully agreed and after 5 minutes, I was like a new person!  I knew right there and then, I wanted to learn Reiki, with my opportunity to do so, arriving about 10 years later!  In May, 2005, I was attuned for the first time to Usui Reiki.  I loved Reiki so much, I just kept wanting to learn more!!  Now years later, I am attuned to 11 different kinds of Reiki:  Traditional Usui, Usui Reiki Rhoyo, Seichim, Karuna, Holy Fire Karuna, Celtic, Fairy Realm, Dolphin, Transformational, Fairy Inspiration and Evolving Usui Reiki.  The last three systems, I created, two of them ( Transformational and Fairy Inspiration) I channeled in, the other, Evolving Usui Reiki is a mixed system I initially created, thinking I was just adding techniques.  Now I realize that it's it own channel of evolving Reiki energy!!  And while I have not taught loads of people Reiki, I can say, I feel the people that I have taught, really understood Reiki after their class and how to apply it to their daily lives!  I practice Reiki every day, it's a very important and intricate part of my life!!!    

Classes Offered

What I Teach: In person and Long distance ( via phone or Skype) Private Lessons and Couple classes for Evolving Usui Reiki Level 1, 2, Advanced, Master Levels 1 and 2 , Evolving Usui Reiki 1 & 2 Refreshers courses and Evolving Usui Level 1 Email Course.

Class Dates: Times are flexible and in most cases can be worked around your schedule if need be.  Lessons are divided over time, depending on the method.  I provide instruction both In Person and long distance via the Phone and Video Conferencing.  While learning Reiki is better in person, sometimes finding a teacher can prove a task, so I choose to teach both.  I have done both, and honestly find that its better for the student to learn over a period of time!!

Class Times:  Class time is roughly 4-8 hours, depending on the Level and Method ( this includes practice time).   Reiki Refresher course time is 3-5 hours in one day and includes an attunement.


Evolving Usui Reiki 1 and 2:  None

Evolving Usui Reiki 1 and 2 Refresher Course:  Reiki 1 & 2

Evolving Usui Reiki Advanced and Master Level: Reiki 1 & 2


1.  ALL LEVELS of all types I teach,  can be taken separately, one level at a time, and at your own pace!  Level One and Two can be combined, along with Advanced and Master, to be in one course time.  This of course will take more days if combined.  

2.  All In person classes are done in half days, meaning we spend between 2-4 hours maximum in one day.  So if you are planning on combining Level 1 and 2, then that would take 4 half days to complete.  You will also have practice time in these classes and will receive your certificate at the end of class.  In person lessons are taught in my home in Sedona, AZ.

3. Long Distance lessons ( over the phone) are taught once a week, for 60-90 minutes and are spread out over a course of 4-8 weeks, depending on the level.  You have homework to complete each week and will be required to do three Reiki practice sessions on your own, to complete your training.  Once you homework and practice sessions are done, you will receive your certificate via email.

4. The Evolving Usui Reiki Level 1, Email Course is spread out over 9 weeks, with a new email coming each week with a new lesson.  There is some homework due at the end of each lesson.  At the end of your email lessons, you will have 60 minute session with you to ask questions and attune you.  You will be required to do three Reiki practice sessions on your own to complete your training.  Once ALL your homework and practice sessions are done, you will receive your certificate via email. ( 9 email lessons and 1 60 minute class session)

5.  Art/Master training can be completed 2-6 months after you complete Reiki 1 & 2.  It's important to allow Reiki to guide you for a few months before plunging into Advanced and Master levels,  especially if you are relatively new to the Energy healing field.  If you already have extensive hands on energy healing experience, the 6 months can be waived.

6.  If you are ready to schedule a private lesson, please call me at least 2 weeks in advance to set up for training. 

Reiki empowerment Instruction - What you will learn

MANUALS: You will receive a digital manual for each Level of Reiki you choose to learn.  With the Long distance Course and Level 1 Email Course, the manual has been in broken up into 9 different emails, so you receive the manual this way instead.

STYLE: I teach Evolving Usui Reiki, a Reiki system I created after many years of study and practice.  It is a combination of 5th dimensional concepts and various holistic, healing techniques, coupled with the building blocks of traditional Usui Reiki.  It is truly an evolving frequency!  You will learn the basic theory and techniques of traditional Usui Reiki, however, its presented in a evolved 5D style.  I teach the Atlantian Reiki history and include training on frequency, diet and flow, chakra's and auric fields, meridians, crystals, clearing techniques etc.  This system is also different in that you will receive the Clearing symbol in Level One, and The Master symbol in Advanced.  All attunements are done by a guided meditation, where I assist you in attuning and calling in the Reiki frequency yourself!

Evolving Usui Reiki for 5D Earth - What you will be Learning or "Remembering" in Class

LEVEL ONE:  Basics of Reiki, What Reiki is and How it Works • The Hermetic Principals • The Atlantian History of Reiki • The Three Pillars of Reiki • Boysen Scanning, Gassho Meditation, and Dry Bathing • The Basic Chakra System and Auric Field •  Reiki Flow and your Diet • Frequency and the Energy Field • The Clearing Symbol and How to Use It • Incorporating Reiki into your Daily Life • Receive a Level 1 Attunement • How to Give a Session to Others • Session Practice Time ( In Person sessions only)

LEVEL TWO: Two Additional Usui Reiki Symbols and How to Use Them in Sessions • Additional Reiki Techniques for Sending Reiki through your Eyes, Breath and Distantly • How to Give and Send Long Distance Reiki • Clearing Spaces with Reiki • Basic Energy Anatomy • Micro Cosmic Orbit • Psychic Abilities • Clearing Your Energy Field with Reiki Symbols • Receive a Level 2 Attunement • Turning your Reiki Practice into a Business • Practice Session Time ( In person only)

ADVANCED LEVEL:  Advanced Energy Shifting Techniques • Crystals and Reiki • How to Create A Crystal Grid utilizing Reiki • Creating Chi Balls and How to Use them • Usui Master Reiki Symbol and How to Use in a Session • Reiki Meditation • Receive an Attunement to Advanced Reiki • Practice Session Time ( In person sessions only)

MASTER LEVEL: The Advanced Chakra System • Energetic Meridians • Overview of Physical and Subtle Energy Anatomy • Overview of The Twelve Levels of DNA • The Eight Original Cells • Combining Shamanic Techniques with Reiki • Additional Advanced Shifting Techniques • Practice Session ( In Person sessions only)

MASTER TEACHER LEVEL:  Teaching Others about the Reiki Experience • Collage ART project • Receive a Master Teacher Level Attunement • Learn How to Guide a Student through Self Attunement • Practice Attunements ( In Person sessions only)

Reiki Class Fees

ALL In Person classes are $60 a hour.  Long Distance classes are $50 per hour.   I include the minimum amount of class time for each Level and you can add more class time if you desire for an extra $50 an hour.

Evolving Usui Reiki Level One: In Person with Digital Manual: $505 • Long Distant: $325 • Email Course: $150

Evolving Usui Level Two, Advanced, Master or Master Teacher: In Person with Digital Manual: $375 • Long Distant: $265  (Price is per level)

Evolving Usui Reiki 1 & 2 Refresher Course: In Person with Digital Manuals: $280 • Long Distance: $240

Deposits: A 25% deposit of your class fee is due when you schedule your class time.  All remaining tuition is due on your 1st day of class.  All deposits are nonrefundable.  You may however, apply that deposit to future Reiki Lessons, if you must cancel your class time.

Payment:  I accept Credit cards ( in person only), PayPal and cash.  A PayPal invoice will be sent to you for the deposit and /or final payment.  Final payment is due on the 1st day of class.


Cancellations: I require a 48 hour notice if you must cancel your lessons.  Please be kind, and if you need to reschedule or cancel, do so as soon as possible!  Everyone's time is valuable! 

Certificates: Once you complete your lesson in entirety, you will receive a certificate for your level achieved via email.


**Evolving Reiki Instruction is accredited by the world Metaphysical Association.


Barbara G.  Retired Elementary Teacher & Principal

Heyde is a phenomenal Reiki Teacher!  She is able to know where to spend the most time teaching the essence of Reiki to individuals based on their learning style.  My experience was exactly right for me.  She uses her creativity and gives permission for me to use mine, while guiding me through the Reiki principles.  I feel like "limitless Reiki" can truly flow through me.

Terry & Eileen O.  CA/AZ

Heyde was a fantastic and enlightened Teacher.  She was able to make the etheric understandable and also teach us how to use Reiki in our every day lives.  My husband is not much of a classroom person, so when Heyde offered to teach us in the comfort of our living room, we were thrilled.  We felt comfortable to ask lots of questions and we feel that helped us enjoy our Reiki instruction that make more.  Thanks so much Heyde!