The time is now,  to embrace the love frequency and allow our hearts to awaken! No longer can we live in the old limiting 3D source matrix beliefs and remain comfortable!  It's time to step up to the plate and rediscover our authentic empowerment and natural sovereign state!

As we journey forth on our Ascension paths, we often encounter obstacles that can easily be worked through, just by our intention to do so!  By choosing to fully acknowledge and embrace what needs to be cleared and healed on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level, we can free ourselves from past restrictions and limitations that are no longer serving us.   We can gracefully and happily step out of the darkness and move forward into the light.  There are so many different ways to accomplish this and It's really all up to you to discover and choose what you want to do to find your most authentic empowerment, truth, self and life.  

Hello!  I am heyde...:) I am a intuitive metaphysical Consultant, Reiki Energy Artist and Reiki Empowerment Instructor who utilizes various healing modalities to assist people in rediscovering their authentic empowerment and natural sovereign state.  The Universe led you here for a reason, so You are most welcome, and I am so glad to see you! Namaste!

We are ONE, all birthed from Creation, it matters not what suit we have on in this life, as we are all divided into trillions and trillions of beings having various and multiple experiences throughout the universes. No one is more special than the other, tho due to our background and unique genetic makeup, our personal experiences are, as we are the only one who can experience in that way.  We are life!  We are CREATION itself! 

The Beauty of Sedona, Arizona