Life as A Starseed Frequency Holder and Way Seer

Heyde And Miss Baby

Heyde And Miss Baby

My life has been an interesting one this go round.  My primary job is to be a frequency holder, which essentially means, I do my level best to hold love and light for the collective (humanity).  It has its plus's and minus's!  It does require an tremendous amount of alone time, inner emotional journey work and spiritual study on a regular, daily basis.  Sometimes it is SO not fun, and then other days, it's a total joy.  I take each moment as it comes and do my best to embrace it with an open heart.  In addition, I am also a Problem Solving, Way-Seer, which can consists of many things, one being, that somehow, when it comes to going through an experience, I always seems to end up first in line!  Another, is that I am the type who find solutions!  So yes, I am in the First wave of Ascension, which goes me an inkling of what is to come for others.  Although, every persons experience of Ascension is different.   I also am a possible person you would consult with, when you are really ready to move yourself into resolution!

Basically, my job is to help light the way for others and I am like the torch you carry around when you are walking in a really dark cave.  I do not do the work for you, I just add to the light!  Now, how that translates into today's world is that I am holding the frequency of empowerment and awareness for the Collective.  I am helping people get clear about where they are going and/or how they might choose to get there.   I am assisting others in rediscovering they authentic empowerment and reclaiming they natural sovereign state.  I am helping others, open their hearts to ALL the possibilities!  For all practical purposes, I am the spark, a catalyst for change, for whom every may cross my path, no matter how brief the encounter.  If we crossed paths, than change is very much afoot!  It's been this way, for as long as I can remember and I accept the role wholeheartedly.  Change can be SO much fun!! :)   What was once limited, now has the possibility of becoming unlimited.  I am a true believer in infinite possibilities! 

What I do to assist others

**Intuitive Metaphysical Consultant: I utilize my psychic and intuitive abilities, pastoral/ metaphysical consulting, along with accessing the Akashic records to assist others in rediscovering and reclaiming their authentic empowerment and sovereign state!  We work towards, helping you open your heart to ALL the possibilities!

**Holistic Health, Metaphysical and Ascension Instructor: I teach a variety of topics to help the soul seeker discover new avenues of light.

**Yoga Empowerment Instructor:  I assist people in reclaiming their natural ability to stretch and move their body through Yoga Asanas and Medical Chi gong poses.

**Reiki Energy Artist and Multi Dimensional Healing:  Reiki is truly an multidimensional, holistic, healing art form that I love to add to all my sessions!  I combine it with my Multi Dimensional, Shaman based, energy clearing, light code activating system I created that has wonderful results!

** Reiki Empowerment Instructor: I teach and share the Evolving Divine Light Reiki experience with others.

**Spiritual Medium: I assist others in communicating with their loved ones who have crossed over to another dimension.

**Holistic Healing Practitioner:  I have studied various modalities over the years to help assist people in reclaiming their natural sovereign state!  I utilize Color, Reiki, Shamanic Energy Healing, Crystals, Aromatherapy etc.

**Intuitive Metaphysical Astrological Consultant: I utilize my skills in both Astrology and Intuitive Metaphysical consulting to help people chart a course towards their most authentic path and life!

**Spiritual Author/Metaphysical Word Weaver: I utilize my writing skills, honed over many lifetimes, to share information and intuitive insights via Facebook and My blog: Musings.   If interested in reading, please check out Musings on my website or like my Facebook Page: A Celestial Solution.