Ideas to help clear out and remove energy from a space

FYI:  We are all consciousness and made up of sounds and sacred geometry shapes.   This includes our homes!!!  Yes your home is not only a state of consciousness, it is consciousness and can hold imprints and energy patterns of past visitors and folks who have lived in the home.  Energy is made up of frequency (waves) and vibration ( moving to and fro), that is in a constant state of motion, basically.  Some energy vibrates really high, others low.  Science tells us that energy can not be destroyed, rather it is transmuted and changed into a different forms.  Since I am a firm believer in infinite possibilities, we might actually be able to "destroy energy!"  Rather it's more likely tho that we will be changing the "form" of the energy into something different, in this case, in the home.  When ever we remove energy, we ideally need to transmute and transfigure it into love and light and then we replace it with love and light.  Everything in the home is in constant state of motion, even tho we can not see this.  As we come in and out of the home, we can carry in many frequencies, that alter the state of our home environment.  If we have parties, gatherings, eat, sleep, watch movies, etc..all this creates energy, so clearing your home regularly is to your advanatge!

*Reiki Chants CD By Jonathan Goldman - This is like giving your home and everything in it, a light Reiki treatment every time you play this CD.  It plays daily at my home and everyone always remarks on how peaceful my home is! ( Except perhaps when the dogs are barking!)   Actually, any peaceful music will help the energy in your home, tho this CD is better for clearing out old, stale, discordant energy. 

*Chakra Clearing CD by Doreen Virtue - This is another wonderful CD to help clear out the energy in your home.  I recommend allowing it to play for a few hours, while you go do something else outside of the home.  

*Crystals Bowls or Tibetan Bells - This is one of the very best ways to clear a home or space very quickly.  I walk with one of my bowls around the entire house, gently hitting the bowl, and listening as it plays its amazing tune!  Be sure you enter into each room and have your intention that all the stale, discordant energy transmute and transform into love and light and be replaced with love and light.

*Open the Windows -  Yes seriously, it's that easy!  I try to do this everyday to let the old, stale energy out and let the new, fresh air in.  Even if it's freezing outside, opening a window for a just a few minutes daily, can really make a difference in the energy of your home.

*Crystals and Salt - You can place crystals through out your space to help alter the energy.  You can also use quartz crystals, placing them in a bowl filled with salt water.  Then just sit them in the room you want cleared.  Keep the bowls up off the floor tho, especially to ensure any animal friends stay out of them.  This is not a good option if you have kitties in the house! 

*Clean your House - Yes seriously, I said clean your house!  You can sweep, dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and kitchen and straighten!!!  I was a professional house cleaner for 7 years, and it is truly amazing how you can change the energy in a home just be cleaning it!  I do not use any chemicals, only natural cleaners, like baking soda, and Castile soap with Lavender essential oil.

*Fill your house with Wonderful Smells - You can use scent to help alter and change the energy in your space.  Candles will work as well, but I am not a big fan of using anything with a flame, or that can start a fire, so I stick with mostly Aromatherapy diffusers and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. ( With any essential oil, if pregnant, nursing, on medication, have allergies or seizures, consult your physician before use.)

*Call In Divine Light Archangel Michael - You can call upon Divine Light Archangel Michael to help clear out your house of both old energy and entities.  Just ask him to bring the heavenly vacuum in and clear away the old energy and take away any entities that are hanging around as well!  You can also call on Archangel Raphael to send your space healing energy.

Disclaimer:  Energy work is a wonderful thing, and I believe that clearing spaces is truly an art form, but it does not come with any kinds of guarantee of any kind of specific outcome.  In most cases, your space will feel lighter, brighter and more peaceful.  Please keep this in mind, and trust your own intuition as to whether you want a professional to clear your home.  In many cases, you can do this yourself and save yourself a lot of money! :)