Terms of Use

We respect and Value every ones privacy. Please read below on how we Collect, Use, process and Share personal information AND OUR TERMS OF USE FOR THIS SITE AND SERVICE.


This site uses cookies as a means of understanding how the site is used.  You can opt in to Cookie use by clicking the banner to continue.  If not, the site can still be used and cookies are disabled.  Cookies are used for Web Analytics which shows us the browser type, source and device type used to visit this page. Along with what pages were visited and where those visitors came from.


We respect and value every ones privacy. Please see below on how A Celestial Solutions collects, uses, processes and shares your personal information.  By contacting me, scheduling and paying for a session, class or purchasing a customized product or good, you are agreeing to the following use of your personal data.  If you do not agree, please do not schedule a session, class or purchase a customized product or good. 


*Any and all personal information collected for your session and during your session is confidential.  I collect personal data for the purpose of making an appointment for your session or class, creating a specialized product or session for you, keeping notes for a session, creating a Natal Chart or Numerology chart for use in the session, or for credit card payment.   This data may include, your name, phone number, email address, home address and birth date and type of product or session desired, along with any other type of relevant information that may help me provide you, the customized service or good you have requested.

*I may collect YOUR personal data through various avenues for YOUR session, depending on HOW you contact me.  This may include, through the phone, text, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, my website forms or email.  If I need to contact YOU, I may do so through phone, text, email or Messenger.  Please let me know if you have a preference.  I may send you an appointment reminder via text, Messenger or email, a invoice for payment from Paypal, a session release, a copy of your natal chart and or additional resources ( such as emails) for your session or class/lessons.   If you prefer that all basic correspondence I collect from you is deleted after our session or class, please let me know immediately.  The exception is data that I would need, to do paperwork, such Paypal invoices, which are archived in my personal Paypal account and Session releases. ( for liability purposes)

*In Intuitive Metaphysical consulting and Multi Dimensional Healing sessions, written notes may be kept during your session and are strictly confidential.  They are then shredded, after the fact, for your protection.  Any personal information that is asked for during the session, is not stored in any manner, unless it's for a astrological birth chart or numerology chart.

*For Astrology Sessions, I must collect your birth date, time and place to create a natal birth chart.  The chart may be stored for future reference in any sessions you may have with me.  If preferred, I can delete your chart after your session, please let me know if you want your chart deleted or stored.

* For Animal Communication sessions, I will need the animal companions name and a current picture of them to do the session.  If you prefer that I delete the picture, after the session is over, please let me know.

*For Customized Products: I will need to collect your name, email and home address for any type of products or customized products I make for you and then mail out.  I may need to request additional personal information if necessary to create the product.  For Custom Chakra Activators, I will need a current photo of you, along with your name and email address.

*All sessions require a written release to be signed before the session commences.  This may be sent to you via email if the session is over the phone.  If attending a in person session, the release may be signed at that time.  Releases, collect personal data of name, phone, email address and home address.  At no time, is any of this data shared with anyone else, without your express written permission.  You may also opt out of sharing of your phone and home address.  Currently, releases are also found on the Paypal invoice sent to collect payment.

Credit Cards Payment Data: I process all credit card payments through Paypal, either via an email invoice or Paypal mobile payment.  For a phone session, I send a Paypal invoice, and will need to collect your name and email address to send.  For an in Person session or to purchase a product, I utilize Paypal mobile or send a Paypal invoice in advance.  If I send you a Paypal invoice, your email will be stored in my account as an invoice sent and I keep a copy of the invoice as well.  This information needs to be retained for my record keeping and tax purposes.


All personal information I collect is CONFIDENTIAL expect in the following ways.  If you sign up for the ACS Newsletter, your name and email will be used and stored in the Mail Chimp site in my private account, so I can send you the ACS Newletter.   The Paypal invoice I send for your service or good, I will use your name, email, home address if needed for shipping and payment amount, and stored in my Paypal Account archives. I keep a paper copy of that invoice, which is used for my record keeping and tax purposes. I also store ALL Session Releases ( paper or email copies) for liability purposes.  STORAGE: I also may store basic information that you shared with me, that includes your name, email address, phone and or home address from any correspondence we had via email, text or Messenger on my computer for a period of time.  This includes Text messages where I may have answered questions or done a session for you or your animal companion.  Written referrals for my service, given freely by the client, are also stored on my computer and my website.


Upon request, I will and can delete any and all personal data that I have collected from you for your session, lesson, good or service, expect the following: The Session Releases (paper or email) which are for liability purposes, your Name, if I have certified you as receiving a Reiki certification from me and the Paypal invoice copies and record of invoice in my Paypal archives.  These records must be kept for tax purposes.  Please let me know immediately, if you prefer that your basic information deleted, after a session, lesson or good purchase.

Refunds: There are no refunds on sessions or custom made products.

Terms of Service and Use: This site is solely for information purposes only and provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information.  You choose to utilize this site, solely at our own risk, understanding there are no guarantees or guaranteed outcomes for any specific service or products on this site.   If you choose to make an appointment, attend a session or class or have a product made, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and to not hold Heyde Class/A Celestial Solution, Squarespace or anyone else affiliated with myself, or Squarespace, liable, negligent or responsible for any reason or for any decisions that you choose to make, because on information you received from this site, a session or use of a product or for any outcomes that may occur from information you receive in a reading or from using a specific product made by Heyde Class/A Celestial Solution.  

Copyright: All photographic images and content on this site are the property of Heyde Class/ A Celestial Solution, unless otherwise noted.  The framework/format of this site is the property of Squarespace.

Disclaimer: All Intuitive SESSIONS, Astrological, Akashic Time Traveling, Animal Communication, Crystal and Healing Sessions: You must be 18 years of age or older to receive any type of session.  You need to speak fluent and clear English, as I only speak and understand English.  Readings are for information purposes only, Lessons are for educational and informational purposes only.  Intuitive Readings are only valid for the day their are given, as no reading is set in stone nor provides any guaranteed outcomes or results, this includes information received from animals.  Healing Sessions have no guaranteed outcomes or shifts.   We all have free will and are responsible for your own choices and decisions.  ACS will not be held liable, negligent or responsible for any choices or decisions made or actions taken by you or your family, based on information received in any reading.  

Disclaimer: Reiki Crystal Sessions: Reiki is a gentle energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.  Sessions are administered for the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction only.  Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions for humans, nor perform medical treatments or prescribe or interfere with the treatment of a licensed Medical Professional.  Please see a Licensed Health Care professional or physician for any physical or psychological aliment you may have.  Depending on what state you live in, Reiki energy sessions may or may not be available.  If you choose to have a session me, you are agreeing that ACS will not be held liable, negligent or responsible for any reason and or for any choices or decisions made or actions taken by you or your family, based on information received in any Session.

Disclaimer: Multi Dimensional Healing Sessions are used to work with energetic issues and shift our frequencies.  These sessions do not diagnose conditions for humans, perform any kind of medical treatment, or prescribe or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed Medical Professions.  Please see a Licenses health Care Professions or Physician for any physical or psychological aliment you may have.  There are no guarantees given for any kind of a frequency shift or results.  If you choose to have a session with me, you are agreeing that ACS will not be held liable, negligent or responsible for any reason, and or for any choices or decisions made or actions taken by you or your family,  based on information received in any Session.