Aroma Journeys

The Power of the Flower!

The true power of the flower!  Back in the sixties when the Hippies ( I am a true Hippie at heart, tho I love baths and do not do communal living :) ) were promoting Flower Power they were definitely onto something!  Roses are of the highest vibration and just smelling them for a few seconds, can change our mood, lift our spirits and alter our energy vibration!!  Plus they are so beautiful to look at!  I always feel inspired after looking at a flower! And this is where Aroma Journeys came from!

You can create your own aroma journey by using real flowers, or essential oils!  I also like to use Doreen Virtues Flower deck, which is a great resource to do a reading for yourself or others.  Have a notebook available, so you can write down your insights and observations!  Smell can have an incredible transforming effect on the mind, body and spirit and this is the aim of this Journey. 

Tools Needs for Aroma Journey: A Real Flower Or Essential Oil, Notebook, Pen and Free Time

*To begin your aroma journey: Set aside some time for peace, quiet and contemplation.   Choose a real flower or essential oil, that you would like to work with.  The intention is to learn and communicate with this amazing being of Creation.  Everything is consciousness, with some kind of consciousness!   Flowers are some of Creations most delicate, uplifting and highest vibrating frequencies available to us!

* If using real flowers or plant, take a very deep inhale of its fragrance and allow yourself to linger in its beauty.  How do you FEEL when you inhale that aroma?  Make notes of these feelings. Study the design of the flower, its stems and or stalk, its leaves and patterns of petals.  Observe the plant overall, where does it grow, how it does grow ( in a clump, straight line, shooting up towards the sky etc.) and when does it bloom?  Make note on all your feelings, observations and impressions.  This step is your initial impression and observations of the flower.

*If using an essential oil, you can follow the same proceed above, only in this case, you will be using the essential oil.  There are several applications, such as simply taking a whiff from the bottle, using an custom made inhaler, or using one or two drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or Kleenex.  You may also put it into a essential oil diffuser.

*Now, again allow yourself to absorb this flowers frequency, the scent and spend a few minutes just experiencing this fragrance!  What kind of feelings and impressions does this flower fragrance elicit for you this time?  What do you think this flower is trying to convey to you?  Is there any special message for yourself or perhaps even a friend, that they flower may be sharing with you?  Utilize your intuition to assist you.  You may have answers come through any of the psychic abilities.  Do you have any questions for the flower?  Began to write down yours insights in your notebook and journal. 

*Spending time outdoors doing this, can really bring forth some amazing insights!!  Embracing the power of the flower, is truly an empowering experience for us all!  Enjoy!

*Suggested Flowers to Journey with: Red Rose, Lavender, Pink Lily, Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Primrose.

*Suggested Essential Oils to Journey with: Lavender, White Ginger Lily, Jasmine, Rose, Violet Leaf.

Disclaimer: Aromatherapy - Content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used to diagnose any physical or mental conditions, preform any type of medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed medical profession.   If you have any medical conditions, ailments, or psychological issues, please see your Primary Licensed Medical Health Care Practitioner.  If you are taking any prescription medications, are pregnant, have a medical condition, allergies or seizures, ALWAYS consult your Primary Licensed Medical Health Care practitioner and a Clinical Aromatherapist before using any Essential Oils products.  Please be very mindful when using any essential oil, they are potent and need to be used carefully and responsibly!