The Master Year 2018

Transitions bring both endings and new beginnings. Some transitions can be painful, others joyful, while others may be a combination of both. We may experience relief, sadness, gratitude, anger, unhappiness, fear, joy etc. and or many other feelings and emotions during these transitions. How we experience these shifts/transitions depends on our view point, attitude, our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, our feelings and e-motions and our other words..HOW WE CHOOSE to "experience," the experience!

Our point of "empowerment" is in our OBSERVATION and ACCEPTANCE of the experience unfolding in front of us, understanding and recognizing that life is happening FOR us, not to us, that how we respond to this experience is our CHOICE and that we solely have control over ourselves, our responses and actions and that is pretty much it! Everything else is out of our hands and the experience will unfold as it will. Our loving and accepting thoughts about it, however, can and will influence some of the outcome.

As we move from 2017 to 2018, we ALL will be experiencing some kind of transition, desired or not, even it's just simply shifting to the "number frequency," which will bring many new opportunities and lessons into our lives. In numerology terms, 2018 is a 11/2, the Master Year! This year will bring many new opportunities for us to become a master of self, to master our inner male and female aspects of self, bringing them into a better state of balance and wholeness. This year is really about BALANCE, particularly discovering and creating OUR emotional balance and MASTERING the core self, bringing our inner trinity ( Divine Self/Core Heart/Personality Self) into balance and full expression.

Authentic living means living whole and in the HEART, while connected to ALL aspects of our self. When we embrace the totality of ourselves, this is what really helps us be WHO WE ARE!!!! When we stop rejecting parts of self as undesirable and embracing them for the key role that they play in our lives! Love every single bit of you, because all those wobbly bits, the happy bits, the silly bits, and stubborn bits, and the separated bits ( ego) are ALL YOU and working FOR YOU, not against YOU, doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. Even when appearances suggest otherwise, with some of our wayward aspects of self, sabotaging our efforts and "working against us!" These aspects of self are doing their best to get our attention and are there to helps us learn a valuable lesson of some kind. These parts of ourselves are the ones that need the most tender, loving care! It takes time, effort, love and acceptance to integrate these aspects of self into wholeness! Having an open heart and mind and be willing to go there is SO key in achieving this balance and mastery this year! Blocking Life OUT is NOT THE ANSWER, nor while we find constructive solutions in hiding behind these blocks and rejections of self.

Many of my friends and clients are experiencing huge shifts right now, for a variety of reasons, with some of these shifts, starting earlier in the year.  Some of these shifts were very unexpected, with some expected. Please know that my love and compassion is with you as you navigate your way through these shifts. The New Earth is bringing in the most incredible energy, with more Time gate portals opening, allowing healing energy onto the planet like never before. May peace, love, light and joy shower over all of you, as we venture into the New Number year of 2018, the Master year of Self. Namaste my dear friends! :)

Written and Haphazardly edited By Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Pastoral Counselor, and Metaphysical Jack of all Trades.© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Winter Solstice Dec. 21st 2017

Today is the 12/21 Gateway and the Winter Solstice, the day that the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. It's been five years since our Mother Earth moved through the 12/21/12 Gateway, experiencing her Ascension, and moving us all into an entire energetic reset, so to speak. She did so quietly and without much fan fare. As a result, our society has been been moving through many changes as a result. It may appear that things are getting worse, when in a realistic perspective, it just the " dirt/dark distortions" raising to the surface to be cleaned up, and transformed into divine love and light.

It will take Mass Consciousness many, many years to catch up, to make that move to 5D consciousness, which is now available to anyone and everyone who is willing to open their eyes to a different reality, to a different perspective, to a vast and unlimited consciousness, all while residing in a 3rd dimensional body. All the while, our Mother Gaia, will be patiently waiting as we eventually, ALL make that move into an expanded awareness and state of consciousness. It is something to be truly grateful for, our Earthly Mother.

The Winter Solstice is the beginning of what I call the rest and review phase. In the spring, we planet our seeds ( ideas) and begin to see them sprout. In the summer, we continue to water our seeds, nurturing them along, as they began to grow into maturity..In the fall, we then harvest our "seeds," now full grown plants/ideas, reaping the rewards of our efforts. The winter is the time for rest, to reflect and review and to realize what we have accomplished. This is an extremely important step in the evolution of our life, of our experiences. Our main purpose in life is to evolve. This may not apply to every being on the planet, however, for most souls, for most all of life, this is what LIFE is all about..growth and evolution. Today, we begin the final phase of the year, one of rest, renewal, review, reflection and realization, so in the Spring, we can begin anew and plant our seeds of inspiration and watch them grow.

Since our Earth Mother moved through the 12/21/12 dimensional portal, another element of significance occurs at the equinox and solstice times, as another wave of beautiful Souls will begin their ascension journey! The Equinox and Solstice gateways open the door for those who are ready, triggering the ascension codes, which are stored in the DNA. Once our codes fire off, our life is not every the same and we began a magnificent journey of evolution, where we can discovery our true self!

Those who ascension codes have fired, go through a clearing phase, where they/we wade through all that which is holding us back from our most authentic selves, bringing it forth to our conscious awareness, so we can make changes accordingly. The ascension clearing phase can last for years, and depends on your Souls choices, Soul contracts, objectives and mission. Many old, unresolved issues will come forth for review at this time and it's important to allow ourselves to transform these issues into a state of understanding, acceptance and balance. That which we resist will persist, even more so in an ascension clearing phase! Our bodies go through many physical changes as well! Listening to our bodies, honoring its needs, along with allowing and embracing our feelings and emotions is imperative at this time.

Ascension helps us to balance and shift our overall signature frequency into one of a more expanded, evolved and open energetic vibration. We are both descending and ascending as we connect and balance out our Trinity: the Higher or more Evolved Self, descends to combine with our Core Heart Center/Inner Child. The Lower or Personality Self then ascends to combine with our Core Heart Center, bringing us into a more awakened, aware, evolved, open and balanced state of "beingness."

This wave of Ascender's will be experiencing deep reflection, revelations and spending much time in review for some time to come. Each wave of Ascender's helps to rise the frequency of our Earth and sets and stabilizes the foundation of the New Earth codes on the planet itself. You will intuitively know on some level if your ascension codes have fired off. Its a feeling deep within the well of your Heart. Bless those who have started their journey, continued blessing to those who are already walking that road and blessings to those who have yet to begin.

Much light and divine love to all for this beautiful season of reflection and blessed be to all on this winter day of celebration.

Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class
© A Celestial Solution/ Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Jack of all Trades :)

The Magical Astrological week of Manifestation Dec. 18th - Dec. 21st, 2017

After a good 10-15 attempts at making a video, all of which I deemed a no I decided to just write about our magical astrological week of manifestation!

We started with the New Moon in Sag on Sunday Night. Great time to put our intentions out into the world! I wrote mine out the day before for the entire year of 2018..and I am already starting to see some of the outcomes of setting those intentions. We can set intentions anytime, however, the New Moon, which is when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, is a powerful time to state our intentions! We have a New Moon occur month!

We also have the gateway of the Winter Solstice on Thursday, Dec. 21st, moving us into a time of reflection and contemplation, for the next few months. This is the perfect time to really examine our lives, looking at what we may want to renew and or change, along with spending some time resting. When we move with the rhythm of nature, with the seasons and the tides, life becomes SO much easier and flows better! This is not the best time to be starting new projects, which actually fare better after March 21st, during the Spring equinox. Rather this is the time to review that which we would like to create and begin gathering information and making plans. ( beginning to seed our idea and creating the foundation) We can also continue to build a firm foundation for ideas and projects, started earlier in the year and or take a much needed breather for awhile.

The most significant event of the week occurs tonight or in the next few days, (depending on your Ephemeris,) with Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn! Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, its natural placement, so it has come back home, so to speak, after spending many years traveling around the zodiac. When a planet returns to its natural ruler, these are particularly significant and powerful transits!

Saturn's qualities demonstrate our ability to create and build, assisting us to create a solid foundation to help us shift, grow and evolve! Through our efforts, we can take our ideas, make a plan and began to build a form and structure for them to take root, grow and hopefully, eventually bloom. If we create a solid, sturdy foundation/base to place our new structure on, it will not fall at the first sign of high wind! If we rush through the process, we can create a structure on shifting sands and it can or will eventually fall apart. Without a solid base to stand on, our creations can take a tumble! Saturn helps us build things that LAST and stand the test of time! However, it often does so, through restrictions, limitations and responsibilities!

In some cases, we are going to need to rebuild that which we have created, which also means, we may have to tear down some ( and or all) of the existing structures to replace with new ones. This could end up as a complete overhaul or perhaps, we just need to make some minor tweaks! It also means we must be responsible for that which we create. Saturn helps us take our ideas and manifest them into a 3D form of some kind, however, this also takes time, nurturing and responsibility. I am firm believer that transits are opportunities, that we can either take advantage of or not. Transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them, meaning its all happening for us and it's up to us to decide HOW we want to respond to it! Nothing is every set in stone and we are the ones making the choice to take action or not, of any opportunity that may present itself.

Looking out over the next year, we have a prime opportunity to really transform not only ourselves, but also the Collective. Coupled with the other outer planet transits, this year we can really bring forward that which we have allowed to remain hidden, our deepest, darkest fears and expose them to the power of the divine light, transforming them into love and enlightenment! In so doing, we can light our way into creating a whole new self! That which is seeded in the dark (our fears in this case) can grow and evolve by the power of the light, giving us an opportunity to overcome our fears and see ourselves for what we really are, divine, beings of electrical light consciousness, here on this planet to learn, evolve and grow.

Happy New Moon, Happy Winter Solstice, and Happy Christmas my friends. May your days be filled with nurturing and clear, divine light and love as you walk your path called life!

Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class
© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class, A Certified Psychic Intuitive, Astrologer, and Metaphysical Jack of all trades!

Energy Drains and Other Musings

Feeling drained, (from an energetic perspective only) is when our auric field, and physical body are rapidly draining life force energy! This can be due to many reasons,such as: energetic distortions, cords, siphoning devices, blown out chakras, siphoning entities, rips, holes and tears etc. in the auric fields.

When we look at our body, mind and spirit as combo of electric, light consciousness, instead of just a flesh suit, it's very easy to understand! Our heart serves as our "electric battery," pushing the blood and of course the energy, all over the body! Our mind and body serves as the chariot for our Soul (spirit) to experience! We are ALL consciousness!

The first Hermetic principle states that everything is mental and or consciousness. (I add in with some form of consciousness.) So it's all one big consciousness! Everything......all of it...universes, galaxies, planets, atoms, aliens, dark matter, black holes, stars, oceans, people, trees, dogs, cats, couches, ( yes objects as well, they can carry consciousness as well..haunted dolls are a great representation of that lol..) movies, books, IPads, computers, lamp posts, frying pans, food, entities, thoughts, disease etc....all consciousness with some form of consciousness! Lol

It's all consciousness in some way or another with "death" actually serving as the transformation stage from one form to another form. Science tells us that everything vibrates ( and this is the 3rd Hermetic principle, how convenient lol) and that energy can't be destroyed only changed or shifted to another form. Alrighty, apparently is recycled, electric,light conscious, although some forms of consciousness, carries WAY more light ( light equals information) then others.

While the physical body literally bits the dust at some point, the Soul does not. Our Soul is immortal, forever, indefinite. Everything starts in the dark and grows by the power of the light and then basically, eventually dies and or perhaps burns out and is recycled into another form..thus the birth, life, death cycle. In the case of our Soul, it just keeps transforming itself with each experience. The body however, returns to dust - Consciousness housed in a physical form does that, it decays and decomposes into dust eventually. The Soul is eternal energy, electric, light consciousness, evolving, and recycling itself into various forms of energy consciousness along the way....ongoing...

The physical body is a MIRROR for the energy bodies/ auric fields.( 2nd Hermetic principle: as above so below, and or everything is a mirror) So what is happening in the outer fields of the auric is going to and or is manifesting in the physical body. Energy cords, are like etheric hoses, that attach us to anything and everything and are often the culprit for energy drains! Cords are how we CONNECT, to others, although, in some cases, the cords stay attached instead of falling away and dissolving. Cords can be attached to any part of the body, from a chakra point, to an internal organ, to our eyes!

Cord dissolving and transforming can work wonders to help with drains! Cutting cords is ineffective in my experience, especially if the cords carry roots or loops. If you cut down the top of a weed, the seed and stalk remains! Although, rooted energy cords are usually with our loved ones, while the others cords we may connect into and or create are often what I call surface cords. They are just on the surface of the body and or energy field and have not rooted in yet. Cords need to be released from both sides as well, from us and what they are attached to. This is the beauty of cord, root and loop, dissolving and transforming, it helps to dissolve the entire lot, lock, stock and barrel, not just releasing us from the cord itself. Cords have two sides and the other side of that cord can be still hanging/attached on to the person, place, animal or object, its connected to. If the cord happened to root in, then it would still be there as well, if it was just simply cut. Loops, are like energetic circles, that cause the cord to reconnect itself! :( And the connection will remain on some level, unless the ENTIRE cord (along with roots and loops) is dissolved, hence why dissolving is really the way to go! I just state my intention for the entire lot to dissolve, regardless of what type of cord it is.

I can go on and on point of my long winded post is if you feel drained, check for energy cords, roots and loops! Then dissolve and replace them with light and love and ask for the dust to be transformed into love and light as well. If you dissolve cords without replacing with light, we get a big hole in our auric field for more energy consciousness to flow in or out, often out. Our auric field serves as our energetic "armor," so big gaping holes, leave us, well, with "holey armor"and very vulnerable to energy drains! Nope, we do not want that! You can use your imagination to see the cords, ( roots and loops) in your minds eye and watch them dissolve fully into dust. Then you can add in some light to the hole and close it up! Ideally this is done on all 7 layers of the auric field for a complete release. If you are not sure how to release cords, I would imagine you can Goggle "cord cutting" LOL and find a tutorial on how to....frankly dissolving cords is way better in my opinion.

Remember, we are ALL responsible for OURSELVES, our energy and energetic fields. Nothing drains us per say as we ALLOW that drain to occur, consciously aware or not. When we are aware and responsible for our energy, we are empowered! Other wise we can be draining and absorbing vessels of all manner of energy.

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class • Certified Psychic Intuitive and Energy Healer and a whole bunch of other stuff...LOL Totally haphazardly edited..

The Energetic Heart Wall

We all have a shell, some have more than one!  Our DNA skin suit provides the shell for our magnificent Soul to go exploring the Universe! Some of us have had our Hearts so bruised, so hurt, so broken, by some of our experiences, that we have chosen to hide, shut down, or block out that pain, by placing some kind of a "shell" of protection around our hearts. I call these shells of protection, Heart Walls and at their CORE are low vibrating energies such as fear, unworthiness, feelings of being unlovable, not good enough or even powerlessness. Building this Heart Wall, may have been the only way at that time, that we knew how to help ourselves and that is okay as life is about learning, growing, and evolving. Some of these walls may have come from other lifetimes as well and are often built when we are little! Although, even as adults we can build these walls!

These walls of energy, which become our blocks, disconnect us from our Core Heart Center and come with consequences, ( as all things we do, do) often unwanted and unpleasant. We learn what happens when we block out the love. There is a huge price to pay, when we shut down, block out or hide away from our pain. For one, the body can begin to deteriorate and break down! We may get sick or feel unwell. We can create addictions and destructive behaviors to dull and ran from that pain. We may/ will end up attracting more and more of the same or similar types of experiences because one or two or three or more of these painful experiences is left unresolved in our energy fields! We may suffer, often in silence, we may feel anger, unhappy, worthless and powerless all the time. We remain in a state of disempowerment, because we choose to build a wall to hide behind.

These walls can and will affect every area of our life, including our partnerships ( of any type) our work, financials,( because the walls obstructs our ability to give and receive) health, wealth and happiness! You name it, energetic Heart Walls can and do affect every experience we have for many reasons! A few reasons include our self worth and self esteem, our feelings of being good enough and lovable, our ability to both give and receive love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and of course money.

How do we know if we have a Heart wall layer of some kind? Well most everyone has one layer, ( unless they consciously have resolved and removed it in some way) as any kind of trauma can create these walls. The wall of energy is a result of our responses to our experiences ( at the time) and are stored in the cell memory. Which is why, we can have more than one, and over time, they continue to come forward for us to bring into resolution. Health and money issues are a potential indication of a energetic heart wall, along with chronic illness, addictions, destructive habits, repetitive emotional and mental patterns, low self esteem and worth, feeling unlovable, not good enough, powerless, unattractive etc. *** Please note: These issues can also be attributed to other energetic and physiological factors as well and these types of sessions do not diagnose any kind of dis-ease or illness.

We are powerful, Sovereign beings of electric light consciousness and we always have a choice. We can choose to tear down those walls, face the pain we ran and or hide away from and see the beautiful lessons that are literally just waiting inside to be embraced! It takes courage and bravery to step up to the plate and tear down those walls, and to stop hiding, to come out of our shell! And when we do, the reward is so worth it! Because we are FREE from carrying the heavy load of emotional distress and upset, that even in some cases, may not even be entirely our own! We reconnect with the love that we are and begin to live the life we choose! Reclaim our empowerment and when we do that, we reclaim our life and our ability to be the nature CREATOR of our LIFE!

*The first step requires our acknowledgment that we have emotional clean up work to do.  *We must be willing to tear down that wall and clean up the mess we left behind! To work through that which has been left unresolved. We must be willing to talk about it! *We must be brave, have courage and step up to the plate and get it done! *We need to make a commitment and to remain committed to ourselves to do the inner emotional work needed! * We need to acknowledge that we are WORTH the effort and be willing to get the help we need to get it resolved! This will require, time, effort and money on our parts and we need to go to many different types of people to help us. Healing does not always turn out like what we expect. We must be open to resolutions!
Once we get started, it is so easy to follow through..we must step out of judgment and resistance to get where we want to go. There are plenty of folks out there now who can assist you in your journey!

I offer a custom Multi Dimensional Healing Session called Reconnecting to the Core Heart Center which helps with these types of Energetic Heart Walls blocks, if you feel I may be the one to assist you. Sessions are $150 for 60 minutes, although I find most sessions run to 75 minutes, which is billed at $3 per minute after 60.

***For the month of November, if you schedule and complete a Reconnecting to Your Core Heart Center MD Healing session, I will create and send you a digital picture of a Custom Crystal grid to help support your work after the session for FREE. (Like the picture in this post) This is a $60 value and a supportive tool for your session to keep!

Yes the session is expensive, however, remember we are entirely worth the investment! This is what doing this kind of work is, it's an investment in ourselves. And as my friend Radha said earlier today, these sessions creates a ripple effect! The healing continues long after the session is over and I do my best to work very gently, yet get to the core root of the matter!

MD Healing Sessions are layer by layer energy clearing work.  It's simple and effective, can be intense and yes you do have to participate! You may cry, you may laugh, you may shift through loads of emotions during the session, however, we do it together as a team and we will emerge out the other side, usually lighter and brighter! If you are ready to break down that wall and reclaim your empowerment, send me a from request, email or text to scheudle your appointment!


Mirror Mirror...whats all this drama showing up for me to see?

I wrote this post two years ago and posted on Facebook page, however, I did not post to my blog, high time that I did!..The Jupiter in Scorpio transit this year may bring forward plenty of drama for us to resolve, all a reflection of our own inner drama/unresolved or unsettled issues.  Everything in our life, its ALL a mirror.  I will repeat's all a mirror of what is going on inside of us, our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, fears, joys memories, etc..etc.. and its often a bit distorted and out of our control.  We can control our selves, and our response to it!  We choose what we project and what we choose to see.. SO it's up to us to use our objectivity and step into observation to see the message of the mirror.  Mirror, mirror on the wall..what are you showing me today?

The plus with the Scorpio energy is that it will help us uncover and dig up the TRUTH for ourselves as there is no hiding in this energy......well not without some hefty consequences. Anything we choose to ignore, deny or dodge, this is the stuff that we give our power away to and if we want to be truly Sovereign, we have to face the maker ( which is ourselves) and reclaim our empowerment.  Once we step out of judgement it becomes super easy to do so... everything is happening FOR US not to US.

My motto is everything is a better with a touch of humor!

It may seem like some " drama" is appearing out of the blue or out of nowhere for people right now. Meaning, someone treats or reacts towards us in a way that is possibly out of character, immature, insensitive, rude, or mean. We may have even experienced this kind of behavior from others, in other times in our lives! We may have not dealt with reactions like this for years! It may trigger us in some way, and we may react, get our feelings hurt, or feel angry or sad, even lash out etc.  If so pay attention, as this is an issue that needs resolution!

When events like this occurs, it shows us that we are dialed into our emotions and emotions tell us how we are responding to energy! E-motions are technically not good, bad, right or wrong! ( From a non judgmental point of view) They are just our responses to energy! We need our emotions to help us navigate the energy, as with out them, it's like trying to navigate a trip with no compass. Our society likes to "demonize" all of our emotions!  Emotions are our responses to energy, nothing sinister about that.  However, we have seen some people, who get carried away by their emotion and do some naughty stuff!  Things that hurt others..and that is a sign of someone feeling fearful and powerless.  We are all responsible for our own actions, and all choices have consequences of some kind. Number one rule: do not hurt others or yourself, for any reason.

When we get emotional, being objective as possible will help, that treating others the way we want to be treated!  Meaning if we do not want someone lashing out at us, we do not lash out at them, if we do not want others blaming us, we do not blame them, if we do not want someone accusing us, then we do not accuse them, and or if we do not want someone yelling at us, we do not yell at them etc. etc.  Our feelings, emotions and actions are OUR own responsibility! No one makes us feel anyway! And how we choose to react or act is a reflection of what is going on inside of us! It rarely if every, has anything to do with someone else. People in our life and our experiences, serve as the mirror, so what do u see looking back at you? And if we or another chooses the "nasty route", ( as I call it) that is a sure sign that someone is operating from a feeling of powerlessness, which they may or may not be aware of. Many folks are checked out, asleep at the wheel, and it is in our advantage, not to take others actions personally. Tho sometimes it sure is easy to do is it not?

Another reason this may be coming up is this experience is being brought to our attention is to help us see where we may be out of alignment with our most authentic truth. Where we have felt or still feel powerless! Now, we can resolve any unprocessed or unresolved feelings and emotions and reclaim our empowerment or we can wallow, put it off or not deal with it..our choice. If it's something buried in our subconscious, we need that trigger so we are aware that it's there! We need it brought to the surface, so we can clear it out! If we choose to not deal with it,then another experience will arrive to give us the opportunity to work through it! And then another and another, till we finally step up to the plate and work it out.

Our "negative" reactions to life and our experiences can serve as the trigger, helping us to get in alignment with our authentic self. The key to this new energy is non judgment! Life is an experiment, an experience and it's our judgment of it that can make it painful! With observance, objectivity, love and compassion, we can sail right through these powerless experiences and right into our natural empowerment! Bring it on!


© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Written and Haphazardly edited By Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner..All around Metaphysical Jack of All Trades..

Jupiter in Scorpio Transist 2017

Depending on the Astrological Ephemeris you may look at, Jupiter has shifted into Scorpio on this 10/10 gateway after many, many moons in Libra! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, so what every astrological sign it is in, will show us how that might manifest in our lives. It takes Jupiter around one year to travel its entire transit in one astrological sign. Our experience of this transit will vary, depending on what house it is transiting in, in our natal chart and what aspects it may be creating with the other planets in our chart! Those who have a Scorpio Sun or Moon, ( or even ascending and or Sun/moon midpoint sign) may find this a huge year of intense growth! As I have always said, transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them! Lol

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the tiny planet that got downgraded a few years back to ...well I am not sure of its status now, but supposedly it's no longer considered a planet! ( Really? lol) True to it's name, Pluto energy packs a punch like nobodies business and can knock us about at a whim, shake us up,turn us inside out and then spit us back out, all in one second flat! I think it deserves, planetary status for that alone! Lol It's transformative energy at its very finest, as it works its hard core magic in our lives. No fluff here I assure you! This little planets frequency is like a drill extractor, it will draw out and dig up every little thing that is hidden from our view and expose it to the light of awareness and then some. There is literally no hiding with this planet..none at tall!

Scorpio energy is deeply penetrating and helps us descend into its watery depths like no other sign! Scorpio is the epitome of transformation, like its ruling planet Pluto, and represents the basic theme of life...The Phoenix that rises from the ashes, the life,death and rebirth cycle. As we explore the unending mysteries of life, through the eyes of the Scorpion energy, we will often have profound realizations and aha moments that light our way on this often turbulent and wayward journey called life. Some of our realizations however, may show up as wake up calls that can come with a bit of a sting! This is the nature of the Scorpion energy..great depths, vast enLIGHTment, often accompanied with a bit of a bite to them!

When we match that type of energy with the expansive and evolutionary nature of Jupiter, we will have a power packed year of intense transformational growth that will help push us into new territory! Yes, some of things we will encounter this year may chew us up and spit us out...however, we will be forever changed, aware and enlightened by these experiences! So buckle up buttercups and get ready for the ride of your lives!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Astrologer..And Jack of All Metaphysical Trades.