Listening and Following Our Heart and Intuition

Over the years, I have refined from saying to much about religion., as it is such a personal thing and I feel we all must discover our own path to Source. But now feels like a moment I need to speak up. 

While we now have access to higher vibrating consciousness, we still live physically anyways, in the 3rd dimension of polarity that is still under a strong form of frequency control. Religion, along with money, politics, and now food, the weather, the media and cell phones ( technology in general) are all used as a means of controlling the Masses ( Collective Consciousness) and spreading plenty of misinformation. 

As the light increases, so does the dark. The light brings it forward to examine, so we can shift our viewpoint and bring it into resolution. It is through our intuition, that we can discern between that which is dodgy dark and divine dark, and that which is dodgy light and divine light. 

As long as a fragment of our Soul resides in a DNA skin suit, we will experience life through the lens of the 3Rd dimensional, polarity experience! Our challenge is to find the zero point or neutral in any given moment. 

Our intuition is always our guide and speaks to us very quietly! It is NOT fear based and is usually always our very first thought. Once the intellect gets in there, we can get muddled up pretty fast. If you hear yourself saying things like “my heart says, tells me or feels like OR my gut tells me, says or feels like” you can be sure, that you are “hearing and feeling” your inner voice of intuition.

Let me say that any belief that says we need some other person or being to help us find “ God” is way off track. We are God, a beautiful representation of Source Creation incarnate. All answers are found within ourselves! ( Even though we may need to Goggle or read a book to find something out! lol) Many folks have just forgotten this. Our World is our mirror and that which is within ourselves. Many are still functioning on half truths and misinformation, as this has been what’s available. 

“ God” is within us and any belief that creates separation from our inner self and intuition and or is encouraging us to give away our power to an outside source is based on the inverted, Antichrist, 3D polarity programs. Religion instantly comes to mind! I personally would lump all religious dogma into that inverted program, except perhaps Buddhism. The Bible has some great FYI and I feel is not to be taken literally in many cases. I love books, but I trust what I KNOW over anything I read or am told. 

I am not judging religion, it is just not my cup of tea. It has its purpose in this World and from what I have experienced can be used for both nefarious and enlightening purposes, just as New Age practices can be as well. Thus the nature of the 3rd dimensional polarity experience. Both religion and new age practices, along with anything and everything in our World can be deceptive or enligtening, because it is based on our viewpoints and understanding. Remember, their are infinite ways to find our center and how someone chooses to do so is their own affair. We do not need a religious figure, a book, a person or anything else, to find our version of SOURCE! ( God)

The key here is to follow our OWN GUIDANCE, not some religious or spiritual leader! Listening and gathering information is one thing, and turning our power over to someone else is another!! Finding our own path to center and reclaiming our empowerment, along with speaking our authentic truth is of vital Importance at this time.

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class Written and Haphazardly edited by Heyde Class