The Written Word of Consciousness

Everything that is written is a form of consciousness and contains the writers energy...I will repeat this..everything that is written is a form of consciousness and contains the writers energy.. The written word is powerful no matter whether it’s written, spoken (reading written words out loud) or read silently. How we perceive, translate and experience this energy is entirely up to us of course....however, messages, posts and texts, they all come with the senders/writers ENERGY, which can be felt and perceived by someone who is reading it, as all things are consciousness and carry a frequency of some kind.

This also includes photographs. This was confirmed for me again, the other day, when a friend shared my flower post on Facebook and said she felt happy when she saw it. I also felt very happy when I took the photograph, so this confirmed to me, how our energy, becomes a part of the photograph, text, message, or even email.

We are all empathic and intuitive, and have the ability to pick this energy broadcast up. It is more powerful when our words are spoken outloud, but none the less, the written word comes with energy imprints of some kind. I have experienced all kinds of different energy from what people have written. I can always tell whether it's mine ( my response to) or theirs. ( what they broadcasted) 

We can feel whether someone is coming from a place of kindness and love, angry and meanness or even sarcasm what they write, say or do. We just need to be aware and tuned in, paying attention. if after we read something and we suddenly feel sad, mad or unhappy, you can bet, you may have picked up some o the senders frequency broadcast. What we pick up, is always based on whats a frequency match. There is no need to be unkind when we express ourselves, just as their no need to convince someone of our viewpoint.

© Heyde Class/A Celestial Solution Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class.