Payments for In Person and Phone Sessions

For phone and or in person sessions, I accept payment through Paypal and will send you a Paypal invoice on the day you schedule your appointment, so you will need an active email address.  Full Payment is due on the day you schedule either an appointment or a lesson or lessons.  I will not confirm your appointment, until your payment is received.  For established clients only: if you are scheduling an in person session, you may opt to pay cash, which is payable at the time of your session.

Payments for Email Sessions and Or Reiki BanKs

To utilize this service, you will need to be an Established Client, and pay an upfront amount of $25 - $100. You choose how much you want to pay upfront and then I invoice you via Paypal. I then deduct from the amount you have paid, the time it takes me to answer the question, or send Reiki, leaving the remaining balance (if there is any) for another question. The charge is $2 per minute.  Once you have used the amount you have paid, if you want to continue to use the email service, you will pay again upfront.


Life happens and sometimes we need to cancel appointments.  If you need to cancel, PLEASE CALL me at least 24 - 48 hours prior to your session. We can re book your appointment and then apply your payment to the next session and or keep it on account.   If you do not call to cancel within 24- 48 hours of your appointment and or are a "no show" for your appointment, the FULL Amount you paid for the session is forfeited.  Emergencies are taken into consideration for less then 24 hours cancellations.  Please understand that everyone's times is very valuable, so practice consideration when it comes to canceling appointments!  And please, do not schedule an appointment until you are 100% ready to do your work.