Scheduling a Session or Lesson with A Celestial Solution

Scheduling a Phone or Video Conferencing Session or lesson

All sessions or lessons are by appointment ONLY.  For all types of sessions, you will need to speak, clear, fluent English.  Sessions and lessons can be done either In person or over the phone/long distance or video conferencing via Face Time, or Skype.  It makes no difference whether I speak with you in person or over the phone, as all I need is a connection to your energy.  Please keep in mind the time difference, especially if you live overseas.  You can call me at 928-225-6026, send an email or text or use the form below to schedule a session or lesson.  If you need to cancel a session or lesson, there is 24 hour notice for any type of session, otherwise I charge a $25 cancellation fee.  Please see the Session Payment page for more details.

Scheduling an In Person Session

In person sessions/lessons are done at Atlantis, on 89A In West Sedona, Az.  You need to contact me, ( not Atlantis) to schedule an appointment time.  I rarely every do same day appointments, ( phone or in person) so if you have a specific day in mind, please schedule well in advance, especially, if coming in from out of town.   All in person sessions require a minimum of 48 hours notice, so I can book the space at Atlantis, meaning at least 2 days prior to when you would like the session and are entirely dependent on space availability and on what appointments I may already have scheduled for the week.  It's always better to schedule early! 

Please note * In Person Reiki Lessons need a minimum of 2 weeks prior to desired appointment time.  Again, whether I have time open is dependent on my current scheduled appointments.

Appointment times for Readings and Reiki Sessions

Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm PST/AST - West Coast

Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm MST/CST - Midwest

Monday - Saturday: 11:00pm - 8:00pm EST - East Coast

Scheduling an EMAIL SESSION

Email Sessions are available for the following services: Intuitive Metaphysical Consulting, Astrological and or Ascension Consulting and are for established clients only.   You are considered an established Client with me, once we have done a minimum of one session/consultation or lesson of some kind. 

With email sessions, Clients may email or text me their question and I will respond via a messaging medium, with no appointment necessary.  I usually can respond to most email questions the same day or by the next day. Questions may be sent via email, ( you can use the form below as go right to my email) text, I Message or Messenger, as I have done sessions through all 4 mediums! If I am unable to respond immediately, I will message you back to let you know when I am available.  I check my messages daily, starting around 8am- 8pm AST.  Responses would be during these times and via a message medium only. No phone calls.

To utilize this service, you will need to be an Established Client, and pay an upfront amount of $25 - $100. You choose how much you want to pay upfront and then I invoice you via Paypal. I then deduct from the amount you have paid, the time it takes me to answer the question, leaving the remaining balance (if there is any) for another question. The charge is $2 per minute.

I can often answer a SIMPLE question in 5-10 minutes, however, not always!!! I also will tell you the amount of time I have used and the time remaining, after each question answered. I already have several clients who do their questions this way and it works great, especially if you just have one question on the fly! It is also nice, as you can go back and review what I wrote.

This is a great way to receive some guidance, without a big money output or need to schedule a 30 or 60 minute appointment!

Email: • For Text: 928-225-6026

Email Response Times: Usually same day or the next day.  I check emails from 8am-8pm AST daily.


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