Who are you Starseed? Frequency Holder? Bearer of Light?

When we recognize WHO WE REALLY ARE, we then can recognize who others really are as well! To do so, we must be centered and residing in our Core Heart Space. This is mandatory to see this truth about ourselves and others.

So many folks have gotten disconnected from their authentic Core Heart through the course of their lives. They have forgotten, got distanced or distracted, gotten lost, or sidetracked from their authentic self! No shame or blame, as this was what we came here to learn about, fear and separation from Source. That Soul Contract is done now, time to shift, especially for those, who are reading this post.

To continue to be separated and live in fear, however is to continue in the old 3D paradigm, which is what we came here to SHIFT! We are here to shift the paradigm into Unity Consciousness and the frequency of Service to the All. Service to all does not mean we sacrifice ourselves for others, or that we put ourselves last, or that we are a servant to someone. No indeed not. That is old 3D paradigm! Service to ALL means that we are smack dab in the core of our authentic Heart and we CLEARLY recognize who we really are, thus we see this in others! We also shine OUR BRILLIANT, beautiful light out to the World for others to see with no fear! No shrinking to fit the space, no more hiding and no catering to someone else's ego.

If you are a frequency holder, star seed, ascension worker, grid workers etc..you know who you are, who has came here to HELP assist and SHIFT this planet out of the 3D paradigm, it is TIME! Each one of us doing OUR specific job is crucial in the accomplishment of this mission! No one job is less then or better then. Yes, some of us are Master activators and transformers and some of us are still in apprentice states, with others in between. This does not matter, as ALL are EQUAL in the paradigm of service to all and UNITY!

Our job is to SEE the bigger picture and not be languishing in the old service to self paradigm. That means stepping out of living in the polarity of the self serving ego and activating our Inner Trinity. We are in Service to ALL now, which means no more playing little, hiding behind fear and insecurity, avoiding our own shadow, unresolved issues or playing the competition game!!!!!! We must own our stuff, be responsible and do our inner work and set the example!

Our goal, our number one goal right now is to get reconnected to our Inner Core, to recognize our true Authentic Light, if you have not done so thus far and shine that LIGHT out to the seven seas! How you do that is entirely up to you.

Team Light, this is Our official CALL to arms so to speak! It is time to step up to the plate and step into our MOST authentic Core of light/self/heart and led the way for the New Earth Consciousness. We will not failure..the end has been already decided. All we have to do is BE OUR AUTHENTIC SELF! Ooh my cells started ringing! lol BE THE LIGHT YOU CAME HERE TO BE! 

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class - Written by Heyde Class - a Pleidian Starseed and Galactic Guardian

First written on March 15th, 2018 and republished today.