What Others Have to Say about Me

***  I have been SO BLESSED to work with some of the most amazing people and animals over the years!  I feel so honored to have had the privilege to be of service to you all!  Thank you for the lovely comments and words.  I cherish and appreciate them so much!

Dawn Grey, Executive Director, World Metaphysical Association and author of Reading the Tarot - KS.

"As a Metaphysical teacher and business owner, I regularly work with and evaluate the astrologers, tarot consultants and intuitive's of all backgrounds on a daily basis, so I am frequently asked for referrals.  I take readings very seriously, and see out an educated, competent business professional who is not only skilled but also understands the importance of confidentiality, respect and who represents the industry as a career.   I am not looking for entertainment, but an answer to a life question.  These days, anyone can declare themselves a reader by downloading a program, but most have no idea what they are doing when you ask them a question.  This is why when it comes to my own readings, even though I am fully trained, I consult Heyde Class.  She is a world renowned master astrologer, tarot reader and psychic.  She has told me specific and detailed, accurate information about myself, before I even gave her my date of birth, and explained astrology to me in a way that was truly helpful.  With Heyde, a chart becomes a powerful tool for personal transformation, a tarot deck, a conversation with the divine.  I have been teaching both astrology and tarot for 17 years and Heyde teaches me something new every session.  She is the real deal and I personally use her services above all others."

**Aruna Dawn Grey founder of Reiki Rays Institute: www. Reikiraysinstitute.com  

**Healers Unite: www.healersunite.com

**World Metaphysical Association: www.worldmeta.org  

**American Council of Holistic Healers: www.ach-accreditation.org

Special Note: If you are looking for a wonderful accredited school to take correspondence metaphysical classes from, I highly recommend Dawns school, Reiki Rays Institute.  Her courses are well written, easy to understand and very reasonably priced!  I have taken many of her courses, around 15ish now, with some still not completed!  Dawn was my first Reiki teacher, who also attuned me to Seichim and Celtic Reiki.   Dawn's holistic and metaphysical education and knowledge is truly impressive and extensive.  I admire her passion and motivation immensely!  She is my go to person, when I need help.  She is an amazing teacher and educator!!!!  I feel very blessed to have meet her so many years ago.  

Sandie H. - Oklahoma

I would totally recommend Heyde, she has helped me in so many ways, she has helped me connect to my Dad, which has brought me joy and peace. I am so grateful to have this lady in my lifes journey!!  She is spot on everytime!! Love her humor!!!

TB - New York

" I found Heyde on the internet after searching many websites about Reiki.  Calling her felt right and I am glad that I did.  She was funny, sensitive and gave me a calm, relaxed feeling.  My experience was wonderful and exceeded my expectations.  along with Reiki, she also was able to deliver a message from my sister who recently passed. A simple I love you sis with a daisy ( daises are her favorite flower). I would highly recommend Heyde to anyone looking for spiritual guidance."

Sharon G. - Minnesota

" I feel like God guided me to Heyde and I was very comfortable with her.  I had always wanted to have a reading and felt like she was the right person.  I was very pleased with the readings, as it exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend her."

FO - Sedona, AZ.

"Until yesterday i was unaware that a highly talented and metaphysically inclined women was living on my street.  At a minor crossroad of my life, Heyde easily surfaced issues that I knew that I had to address and opened option and new directions and perspectives.  After our meeting, I walked away refreshed and with confidence and hope in my heart."

Joe C. OK

" I can tell y'all one thing, the first time I met Heyde she blew me away!  She and my wife had been friends for years...we went to visit her while she was still here in Enid, OK, be clear on this..I had never met Heyde before, she knew I existed that was it...Jeannie asked her to do a little reading..she looked at me and said " I see a man, wearing overalls..he has a flat top haircut...and is wearing rubber boots...he says he's proud of you and I started crying.  She had perfectly described my Dad, who passed in'83.  He always had the flat top, wore his overall, we ran a dairy farm,  thus the rubber boots..which she kept saying, I see boots with milk splashing out of it..I was in total shock that she nailed it so accurately!  love you lady! "

Emma- AZ.

" Heyde is incredible!  She helped me through the transitioning of my beloved "Choco-Latte."  Her insights are very keen.  She has helped me energetically to release old blocks.  I am grateful for this work and the work we did with my other furry family members.  Heyde is amazing and wonderful.  Thanks Heyde! 

Kym H. - OK.

" Heyde has helped me out at a very difficult time in my life.  She comforted me in the passing of my father in an indirect way.  I went to Heyde to see her give my friends dog a reading and wound up getting a reading myself about my Father..which coincidentally was the anniversary of my Dad's passing.  She was right on the money!  Thank you Heyde, for giving me peace and helping me connect with my cat that I have now! "

Jodie C.- CA.

" I met Heyde when visiting Sedona and immediately felt a connection - she's grounded, genuine and well-intended.  I had a remote reading several days after my trip.  It's now a week later and already she was spot-on with the first  piece of the reading.  The situation she identified will require a lot of personal transition and Heyde is providing loving support to help me through my healing journey." 

Jeanette B.  CA.

" Heyde is really wonderful!"  She is caring, understanding and knowledgeable.  I find the astrological info helpful, along with the Reiki healing, as it was very calming.  Everything she has told me so far has come to pass.  She has helped me alot with the passing of my son, giving me great comfort.  Even my husband tells me to go to talk to with her, as I always feel better afterwards.  I highly recommend her."

Linda R. - TX.

" Heyde is a wonderful lady who helped me through a tragic accident with my beloved dog, Opie.  He passed under a very traumatic incident.  Heyde helped both of us to move on.  She said I'd find a new little love.  She told me when, how and why I found Sam.  Everything she said came true exactly!  Right on the money!  Heyde is a compassionate and wise lady who will help you through anything."

Judy. - OK.

" Heyde is wonderful.  During my reading, she mentioned things she would have no way of knowing.  She was right on every time.  I wasn't sure if I wanted the Reiki, but am glad that I did.  By the time I finished my session with Heyde, I was calm, relaxed and thankful for her gifts.  There's no doubt in my mind - Heyde is the real thing.  Thanks again, Heyde.