Frequency Shifts of Weather - Intuitive Insights from the last few days

The last couple of days have proven to be really eye opening for me. I got the hit to share some intuitive insights because others may be going through something similar with the historical flooding occurring in and around the coast and Houston area. Blessings and love to all those effected ( both directly and indirectly) and dealing with these massive shifts in frequency that come from navigating ( and managing) such an epic and intense weather occurrence. You have been in my thoughts! We are all connected, so all of us are dealing with our "own personal hurricane" at present, as my friend Amanda reminded me this morning!

I grew up and lived in Tornado alley much of my life! Many Many years in Kansas and Oklahoma, with 10 years in Texas. I only just realized this weekend, that this was apparently by my Souls design, so I could learn how to shift frequency on a massive scale! And I am damn good at it! lol Interesting the insights we garner when disasters strike. Tornado's shift frequency in a fast moving, swirling, spiral motion, just like a vortex....its intensity is behind anything one can imagine, unless you happen to have gone through one. Which I have....( as have many others) many times..once in a car, when I was around 4-7 years old. I have the vaguest recollection of being in the car and looking out at the window and the World was crashing all around me..I even remember seeing this huge cone of black clouds lifting to the sky.. I can recall vaguely, feeling fascinated by it all..typical Elemental! LOL

I also recall, one tornado occurring done the street from my home on the night of my highs school graduation! If you have every seen the destruction and ravage of the after math of a tornado, it will almost rip out your guts..not to be graphic, but that is the only way I can describe it..for those of us highly emphatic, it's a very difficult frequency to assimilate and process. I can remember driving through the after math of a tornado in the 2000 time frame in Oklahoma, near OKC. It took me weeks to recover from not only the visual destruction, but also the sheer, raw, energetic frequency of desolation on such an grand scale. All I could say at the time was OMG.

Floods and Hurricanes can create very similar types of scenarios, along with tornadoes that are spun from all the chaos and high winds involved. Water has a very cleansing effect and shifts frequency in a much different way then does tornadoes, although, perhaps a bit more gently then the later in some ways. None the less, water can create new channels and avenues of understanding! Its just pushes itself through and can create a new way very quickly! Water rushing is a perfect example..flooding is reflective on the energetic level of an over abundance of emotion raising up to be accounted for. Make no mistake, ALL WEATHER is energy that collects up from all over the entire Earth. Depending on the frequency imprint of the geographical area and the inhabitants, along with the overall signature frequency of the areas, will determine what kind of WEATHER it experiences, along with creates and manifests.

The Southern tip of Texas is definitely going through hard core, major frequency shifting on epic levels. However, Texans are tough cookies, with Courage in their bones and they will rock through this ordeal, literally in some cases and come out the other side, stronger, more resilient and better than every! Many people around the US and the World are stepping up and supporting those in Texas with prayers, energetic work etc..We got your back, we feel you and we are there for you ALL..I was Reiki blanketing, protective bubbling and calling in Divine light service for the entire area, and sending Reiki! :)

So after viewing the pictures the other day of the historic flooding in Houston, I began to see that this like a modern version of the fall and flooding of the Islands of Atlantis. This hit me like a tidal wave and damn near knocked me..I burst out into tears with the acceptance and shock of this insight. I then understood, that for many of us who were there at Atlantis and witnessed the utter destruction, fall and sinking of Atlantis, that this was the trigger. It is now time to heal that open wound that has been sitting in many peoples DNA for thousands of years. If this resonances with you, I urge you to explore those emotions and wounds in the best way you know how. You may feel fear, panic, anxiety, anger or even grief. Just ride the roller coaster, as you will feel so much better when you get off.

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! What happens to one happens to all, although our perspectives and experiences will vary depending on where we are at both emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and also physically, along with our geographical location. Be gentle with yourselves, be kind and supportive, so we can easier ride this roller coaster out my friends. The energy is pretty crazzzzzzzzie right now!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class