There are many paths to Ascension!

There is no one road or path to experience Ascension..there are infinite pathways and roads, just as there is infinite possibilities...we may have similar experiences on this road, however, each path is unique unto each person.

Yes there are basic concepts of the Ascension process, such as we are shifting in vibration, evolving and growing, we are carrying more light, we are layering off eons of cellular memories, thus our cellular structure and response is changing and evolving, we are having various types of experiences, we are boldly going where no one has gone had to add that...however, this process is unique to each person who is experiencing it!

There is no one size fits all in Ascension clearing! It's simply....YOU being given the opportunity to change your view on many types of experiences that may have been deemed "good, bad or ugly" at the time it occurred or even in the present moment! Life is simply an experience, it's our judgment that labels it one way or another! If our previous view was distorted in some way, it's up to us to get out of our own way and shift that view into a new one, a new timeline that fits our new self..ideally one based on love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness! ( that's how we know it's distorted, its coming from judgement, instead of love and forgiveness) We can be viewing our experiences from our Core Heart Center! How that happens however, is entirely up to us!

Each time new waves of higher vibrating LIGHT flows into the planet, we get an upgrade of light/information, which in turn helps to dissolve the old, stored cellular experiences (information) that are no longer a frequency match and have been left unresolved and out of kilter in our DNA skin suits! It's like frozen darkness that is stored in our cells! That which is seeded in the dark, grows by the power of the light...This is what Ascension clearing's cleaning all the mess, we may have left behind and giving us an opportunity to grow and evolve to new viewpoints and find a balance, to discover more love, and compassion, to be love incarnate and experience unconditional love and acceptance! It's helping us to become Sovereign and empowered, to stand on our own two feet and become the very best we can be!

Yes we do create our own reality, which is a product of our chosen projections and perceptions! It's entirely subjective, as is varies from person to person! And yes time is simultaneous, with everything happening at once ( quantum physics) and we do create in the now, however, time is a 3D concept of our holographic reality. One second can equate to a 100 years on this planet. It's a natural progression and gives life more depth and meaning. We can see the growth, we can see the evolution through our perception of time! Without the construct of time, we would miss much of this!

Think how many experiences we can rack up in one day? Can you imagine how many experiences we can rack up in one lifetime? Not to mention all the other lifetimes we may have had, or our having? Intuitively, we can have an idea of what we did or are doing in our other lifetimes, however, we are tapped into this current reality. We can miss some of the experiences happening for us in other lifetimes or even the parallel lifetimes! Although they can and do bleed through into this life time! We are expanding to become more of our multi dimensional selves, and in so doing, we will eventually be able to shift back and forth into many dimensional states of reality, and we can do this now with our Consciousness, however, for now, we are focused mostly in experiencing one holographic reality during our waking state - 3D Earth.

So it comes down to this..We are walking, talking encyclopedias of our collected experiences, all which are stored in layers in our cells, and layer off in layers, indefinitely! It's our layered experiences ( stored in the cell memory) mixing with our current understanding, thoughts, beliefs, viewpoints etc... that help to create our projections and perceptions of reality..thus the" old and the new" are entirely entwined. The polarity is part of the experience and allows us to navigate to different positions on the poles..ideally in the middle is better!

This is why it's so important to clean up that which has been left undone, unresolved, ignored, denied, unforgiven, misunderstood judged or feared...these experiences can become our jailers, if left unacknowledged and sorted out, because we can create even more blocks to these painful experiences that we do not want to accept or embrace and we continue to create our reality based on them as well.

To be free, to be empowered, to be Sovereign, requires us to be willing to clean up these old, unresolved issues and bring them into some kind of resolution. We may think it's sorted, however, if our reality is showing us something different, ( the issue is showing itself again) it's time to look in the mirror, get out of our own way, take responsibility, and get it cleaned up!

This is where suspending our judgment of ourselves, others and sorted experiences is so key and crucial in the ascension clearing process...acceptance is the key..forgiveness, compassion, and love is mandatory to growth and evolution we do this is entirely up to us! Making the commitment to ourselves and our evolution is so helpful and honestly necessary to walk this journey!

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