A Star Wars Movie and the Parallels to our Political Climtae

I got the hit to watch the Star Wars movie, the Force Awakens. This is really a brilliantly made movie, tho it's one that's brilliance reveals itself slowly, as you watch it, over and over again. What struck me as a stand out this go was the parallel of what is happening currently in the American Political scene. Two sides, basically at War with each other, with opposing viewpoints, aiming to be in charge of the wheel.

In this scenario, the Republic, represents the light, and appears to have little interest in War, rather they are more interested in keeping the peace. They are fair, more balanced in their viewpoints and supporting the differences in people, seeing the value of diversity.

The First Order represents the dark. They play it dirty, want absolute allegiance, order and do not see the value in differences, as evidence to their legions of Storm Troopers, all dressed ironically in white, with black trim. They also seem to feel entitled to run the show, as evidence to their actions, its that total "its our way or the highway" scenario...total dictatorship there.

The saddest part of this story is that one group of folks ( The First Order) thinks that their way is the ONLY way and that it is the best way for everyone. This is very lopsided, out of balance thinking at its finest. It displays the epitome of the dark side qualities, not being able to see clearly! The First Order is so blinded by fear and hate, they no longer can see the forest from the trees and will resort to extreme and drastic measures to just run the show.

In their case, they ( The First Order) choose to wipe out 3-4 planets of the Republic, and perhaps billions of people, in one go, with a deadly machine they created that is charged by draining the SUN till there is no more Sun left. Apparently, they are ok with living in darkness, and perhaps losing all life, as long as they get to be in charge. Holy Moly! In the end though, it all comes crashing down on them literally, because this is eventually what happens when folks run round in the dark! They run into things, like walls, that knock them flat. It easily happens when we push out the light of love and choose fear instead! Remember we have ZERO control of the outcome, especially once things are set into motion. We can control our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perspective and of course our actions.

Love is the light and the dark in a perfect balance, the zero point, the well of infinite possibilities. We need both as what is seeded in the dark,grows by the power of the light. Through the light we see more clearly. We can find our balance point and level the playing field. We can see all sides and can come from an objective viewpoint. This is really what balance is..objectivity.

Those who chose the far extreme of any viewpoint, can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. They can get out of balance, falling head first, down the rabbit hole at rapid speed. When they finally hit the bottom, it hurts and is a bit of a go to climb out of. When we take an extreme view of anything, we are exploring, however it is in out best interest and much better to go back to a balance point of view to find LOVE. Otherwise, we may just find ourselves in an outcome we do not want to experience! Its called the Law of Cause of Effect..for every cause, there is an effect and visa versa.