FEAR and The Current Political Climate

FEAR..."false evidence appearing real" ...it seems like FEAR is permeating the society at present with this election and running rampant..the dark team is having a heyday folks! I hear, all will be lost if Hillary or Trump wins! No, nothing will be technically lost, tho perhaps transformed into something different. We may or may not like it,but life is after all an experience, with unlimited potentials and perspectives! Choosing FEAR instead of LOVE and TRUST, limits us dramatically!

No one person brings down an entire country..that takes more than just one person. Besides, the President does have limited power in many things, thankfully, there are 535 other folks, called the Congress, that need to get or be on board for things like Amendments to be amended, ratified or removed..lots of folks getting their knickers in a twist about things that are not likely to happen!

So how far down the rabbit hole do people want to go? It can be pretty dark and scary at the bottom of that hole and this is where our fear resides! Why? Because we can't see the outcome, we can not control what happens, because we may be attached to a specific outcome..we are blinded by the darkness when we start buying into fear! Panic, anger, hate, greed, judgment, guilt, fear, all those wayward, low vibrating feelings and emotions are sitting at the bottom of that rabbit hole...and many folks just jump right in, head first! Blinded by anger or hate, by their limited and rigid beliefs, by thinking they are better or superior to another being, or even because someone told them so..fear can blind and bind people like no other feeling or emotion!

We can choose to buy into fear or not and it is a choice! There are several things that will help fear dissipate, the best one, besides choosing LOVE..is acquiring information! Information is the light, and through the light, we are no longer blind! We then can remove those bindings and march forward into the light! We can educate ourselves...so simply go Goggle, read, discover, and expand our mind! Because when we do..we SHIFT our frequency and our perspective..we can SEE better, which means we usually feel better..and if we feel better, we make better choices and decisions.

With this Presidential election..on the over all whole..we have zero control on the outcome! However, what we do have control over is ourselves, our perspectives, our choice, our vote, our feelings. Stepping out of the fear is SO important to make a clear choice! We are super blessed that we get to participate in this choice, even tho we are not able to control the outcome...the more we are in fear and attached to a specific outcome, the more disappointed and upset we may be, when what we WANT does not happen! So we can choose fear, or we can choose love, trust and faith in the divine natural of life, that all will be well, no matter what occurs. Life is ever and always evolving..tho we need to step out of fear to see it!. May love and trust prevail in the weeks ahead!