Willingness, Intention, Awareness

What lens do you want to view life from? What lens do you want to create your experiences from? Do you prefer to view it from a pessimistic or a optimistic viewpoint? Either will do, but the later gives us far greater results in terms of manifesting and achieving our goals. What lens we see through and create our experiences from is always our choice, tho often times, we may be running old, subconscious, disempowerment programs and have unresolved, emotional issues that have us viewing it to the contrary. It's very important to address these subconscious programs and emotional issues and bring them into resolution as a means to help us experience life how we choose. No need to be running old, outdates programs! Thats like running Windows 98 on a 2016 Computer! Its does not work very well!

Changing our viewpoint or perspective is simple. It's kinda like putting on a new pair of glasses! It does take willingness to do so, setting our intention to have a different experience and then they daily practice of self AWARENESS! We need to get OFF auto pilot and listen to what we are saying, (our self talk) and be very present in our experiences. ( We need to pay attention to what is really occurring and not just thinking of the grocery list or a school or work project that is due.) To really shift and change, we have to get OUT OF OUR WAY and see life through a different lens! We may need a therapist, a friend or even a journal to help us with this. The objective is to allow ourselves the opportunity to experience something different! That requires self awareness and a shift in viewpoint at the very least. Life will mirror back to us what we think, feel and believe. It takes courage to look in the mirror and even more so to do something about it, if what we see is not to our liking!

Sometimes life has to dismantle itself to recreate itself in another form. It's called transformation! This is exactly what is happening right now to many folks on some level. How ready, willing and open to change we are, will really determine how we may be experiencing this. So if it feels like life has handed you a bunch of lemons, it's time to turn them into lemonade!! This is easily accomplished by being willing to change and setting our intention to one of open hearted observation, optimism and self awareness, understanding that all that is slipping away is making room from something so much more grand and wonderful! What is coming is helping us to create our greatest desires and is a reflection our new authentic, empowered signature Frequency. For those of you going through HUGE changes..CONGRATULATIONS! You are in the process of shifting yourself into a whole new state of consciousness! Well done!!