Full Moon In Leo And Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Feb.11th, 2017

Wow, what an Eclipse! Lol Not only do we have a Full Moon which brought that energy to a huge peak, it was also a Penumbral Eclipse, which is by far the most gentle of the three types which include total and partial. I feel like the main theme of this Lunar Eclipse, which acts as reset button, was for us to be able to understand who we are at the very core of our being. In so doing, once we truly understand WHO we are, we can better discover what we need to live our most authentic life. Which often includes a clean up detail to help us get back into alignment with our Core!

This Eclipse gives us the opportunity to explore any areas where we may not feel we are " good enough." Areas where we may feel we have failed or missed the mark, particularly in our ability to take action. Where we may be hiding away our special talents and gifts from the World, especially if we are fearful of others people's reactions or opinions of us...( cough, cough..me included, light workers and frequency holders take note on this one.)

It is giving us an opportunity to see where we may be giving away our power to a thought, feeling, belief, a person, animal or even circumstance. It's helping us see where we need to be more independent and stand on our own two feet. Many folks rely heavily on their partners and often let what they want to really do slide, because their partner might not approve. This is what this Eclipse is for..to help u get into touch with your true core and any unresolved emotional issues, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, that are holding you back from being that CORE / authentic you! Once we do this, we can reclaim our empowerment.

Eclipse effects can last for months, and we have another occurring on Feb. 26th, a Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces. This next eclipse will really help us tap into our imagination, our spirituality, our compassion and our ability to have empathy for others. It will also help us see more clearly where we are deceiving ourselves in some way..or lots of ways!

In Astrology, The Sun represents our Yang/divine male self, who we really are at heart, at our CORE, especially in how we take action. The Moon, represents our Yin/divine feminine, self, who we really are at the core of our feeling" self. This eclipse was bringing both of these sides of ourselves ( males and female) into a balance.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse