Time Lines, Infinite Possibilities and Psychics

As we continue to shift (both personally and as a Collective,) into a heart based and expansive, multi dimensional experience and consciousness, open to the infinite possibilities in this Universe, reading timelines can get really tricky! All timelines run in pairs. This is due to the Law of Polarity. Also at the present, I am intuitively getting, that we have a min. of 12 Collective timelines running at the moment, which are all in different, dimensional states of consciousness Holy Wow! We pick up on that which we can tap into and our a frequency match with. So what that means is we have around 24 Collective timelines shifting around..that's alot of timelines and this does not include your own personal timelines..like I said..infinite possibilities, which blows the whole right/wrong paradigm right out of the water! LOL We can find ourselves on a different timeline experience in a blink of an eye!

So there are Collective timelines that involve humanity as a collective experience, such as world events, elections etc... They are the most difficult to read because so many people are involved in creating those timelines. And for each timeline, it has an opposite running timeline. We have multiple timelines running currently, which criss cross and intersect each other. Sorting them out sometimes can be a bit of a go, because we as a Collective are changing so rapidly! Please understand these timelines are all possible, so really, no one is calling it "wrong" as they are tapped into a specific timeline and or are seeing all the possibilities.

Now each being, ( human, animal etc) has their own timelines as well, which again have their opposites. You can be running multiple timelines, just as the Collective does. It can get complicated..lol..so not only are we all on "Collective timelines", we also have Personal timelines. Please remember, what you choose to focus on and believe, is part of what creates your timelines. Also, all your collective experiences helps to determine and influence your timeline experiences..and they are not linear either..they go in all sorts of directions, happening all at once! You can shift your personal timeline at will by your intention, tho not so much the Collective timeline..in this case, you are more a raindrop in the ocean! Collective timelines, shift by the combined frequency of the entire group of beings, However, your frequency is just as important and needed as, anyone else's!

Just as every profession has, there are psychic readers who are ethical and in integrity, doing their very best to assist others. There are also those who are dodgy and are not, and then those who are everything in between. Some psychics are self taught, others educated in the psychic arts or our a mix of both. ( I am self taught and educated.) The psychic profession in general has had a reputation in the past for employing dodgy practitioners who are folks you can not trust. Personally, I think that's not true. I know alot of incredible practitioners who are very ethical and in integrity!

So when you get a session from a Psychic, they are using their psychic abilities and intuition to read timeline possibilities, potential outcomes, energy frequencies and signatures and/or your Akashic records etc. Psychic readers are ALL different and have many different abilities and skills! Some do predictive or Akashic work, others are more spiritual or metaphysical counselors or consultants, others more healers or a combo or a mix of skills. We all vary, and no one size fits all here! There are many very talented psychics on the planet at present! We are able to bring through, that which we can understand, perceive, pick up, tap and tune into. Just because one psychic or reader, picked up something and another may not have, does not mean one is better then the other! Every reader is unique and has their own strengths and expertise.

Choosing a reader is best by how you feel when you see or read about them. Always trust your own intuition as to whether someone is the best reader for you or not! And most especially, if what they told you is "truth" for you specifically. Our cells will ring when we hear OUR truth! TRUST YOUR OWN INTUITION ABOVE ANY OTHER PERSONS! Readings are fabulous for guidance and to help us get clear about matters. They are not meant to replace your own intuition, inner guidance, or truth. Always use your discernment and objectivity with any type of session you may receive, no matter who it is from!

About me: I have not every been a fan of "predictive" psychic work to be honest! Predictive readings are basically telling someone what may or may not happen to them in the future based on the current timeline. Here's the deal, nothing is every set in stone, there are multiple timelines running with infinite possibilities and readings are good solely for them moment they are given period! Very early in my career, I did do predictive tarot readings, then I moved into what I call semi predictive work, by mixing astrology and tarot. It felt more empowering, because frankly, I did not feel it was very empowering to tell someone, what MAY happen to them. I always felt readings where just to help us get clear and we could alter that which was not working for us from the information we received.

By the way, I am in no way, saying I think predictive readings are wrong or bad. I just do not like doing them and I have done my fair share!. :) I have a friend of mine, who is one of the best predictive readers I have every met, the best of the best! I refer people to her, when someone finds me and wants a predictive. Predictive readings have their purpose and place, they are just not my cup of tea.

So over the years, (29 years in May, 2017) I grew, evolved, tweaked and find my own style and keep updating the type of sessions I did. My sessions are a mix of all my skills and I choose to help folks reclaim their natural empowerment, get clear on their intentions and desires and then THEY can choose their potential outcomes and possibilities. Total win win! The astrology reading I do, is the closest thing I do now that has anything remotely to do with "predicting." And in this case, we are looking at favorable astrological aspects and conditions and how to take advantage of these. Again nothing is every set in stone! Our life is our choice and our responsibility!

It is easy to see personal outcomes, when looking at one persons potential and collective choices. I am great at seeing potential outcomes, I am even better at seeing/spotting mental and emotional patterns in individuals that are holding them back from their desires and natural empowerment. This is by far, my expertise in the Intuitive metaphysical consulting arena. What I am not so strong with is COLLECTIVE outcomes that involve humanity.

If you are interested in my sessions, you can check out my website under A Celestial Solution. I learned that if I put the URL in the posts, then less people see the post..go figure! lol

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