The Law of Polarity

The Universal Law of Polarity...there all ALWAYS TWO SIDES of everything. For example, if you have dark, you have light, if you have a good, you have a bad..this is called POLARITY and it dominates and rules the entire 3rd dimension and the 3D paradigm of reality.  We are HERE on this planet to learn about polarity and find our balance through this polarity. Our balance is the neutral point or what I like to call zero point of those two polarities. NOTHING IS EVERY just one way or the other way. It simply does not work that way on this planet.

If you are in a physical BODY, then you are subject to polarity, as there is polarity present in the chakra portals. For most folks bodies, although not necessarily for all peoples bodies: the positive pole is in the front, neutral in the middle and negative on the back side. We have a positive pole at the top of the head, negative pole at the feet. (Polarity therapy adds extra poles by the way.) The right side is of the body is positive, the left side of the body is negative. ALWAYS IN BALANCE, this is part of polarity. Even if we can not see it..there are always two sides..As above, so below is another form of this case it the mirror effect. Body and Energy Body.

Now, we can experience both the positive and the negative poles/polarity, as we move through and shift dimensional states in the body. We have access to and can focus through the 1st - 7th dimensional states of consciousness within the context of the physical body, through the chakra portals. This polarity is not as apparent when we exit the body during dream state and or astral projection, however, this does not mean we do not find polarity in other dimensional states of consciousness and or energy.

There are ALWAYS TWO SIDES..nothing is all good, nor just does not work that way. There are always two sides to everything. :)

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class