Today marks the New Moon and Solar Eclipse which occurred at 2:03 AM PDT in Virgo at 9 degrees and 21 minutes. For those folks who have any planets in close aspect to this degree, this astrological event will be very significant! ( In particular folks with Sun signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sag from 00 Degrees to 19 degrees.)

New Moons give us an opportunity to began a new cycle of intention. They often are earmarks of subtle awakenings and new beginnings in our lives. Add in the power, packed, punch of a Solar Eclipse, and not only do we have a new beginning, but we also get a proverbial, reset button, as an added bonus! What makes this transit even more flavorful and delicious, is Mercury's backwards trip, (retrograde) in Virgo no less, at the same time, put the finishing touches on this enlightening, eye opening, astrological event.

The sign of Virgo rules over the Sixth house of work, duty and responsibility. So this New Moon will give us plenty of opportunities to began anew, redo and repair in these areas, with plenty of time to left over, to rethink and reevaluate the work, duty and responsibilities in our lives. Mercury retrogrades are NOT the primo time for new starts, however, if the spirit moves you, then I say go for it!

Mercury retrogrades are really the ultimate YIN times, as they allow us to easily recognize that we need to stop and take a breath, for the next 3 weeks!! We can remember that we do not need to be “doing” all the time! We can respect ourselves, our time and space and we can start doing any internal repairs that are needed. We can refocus our priorities, renew our spirit, and rebuild our self worth and esteem if needed. We can relax, rest and recuperate.

Now this MR rest and renewal period, seems opposite of the “doing” of work and duty, does it not? Exactly! This transit is helping us all, identify our authentic boundaries and priorities and bring our working life ( Yang/Divine Male) into better balance with our resting time. ( Yin/Divine Female) It is helping us to see where we may need a fire under our bums, or perhaps, we need to put that fire out and take a rest instead.

This transit is also helping us discover areas where we may have bought into the illusions of perfectionism and unworthiness. Many times, these beliefs are entirely subconscious, as we may have already worked these beliefs through on the conscious level. Time to dig deep and that is exactly what a Mercury retrograde is for..reflection and reevaluation! Apparently, the whole of Humanity is in need of an extended reflection time concerning work, duty, responsibility, and worthiness!

Feelings of unworthiness are at the root of most all feelings of disempowerment and fear. It has been practical drilled into the collective consciousness and unconscious of humanity, that we are ALL unworthy for dozens of different reasons. It’s said in a million different ways, depending on the society! And guess what folks, its bunch of who haw! Total nuisance, a bag full of malarky, and basically is a means to control the collective!

So on that note, here are my insights about the reality of our worthiness: We are ALL divine beings of CREATION! Therefore, we are always worthy, not matter what! Society does not dictate our worthiness, nor does any religious belief or institution, person, title or job. It does not matter how naughty we may have been, or what we may or may not have done, we are still worthy! No deed, no event, no person or no experience, changes this reality, ever for any reason, because we all come from Creation, thus we are worthy! We do not have to like what others do, nor agree, nor follow them, we ideally want to be true to ourselves and our authentic heart.

We are all here to experience. We all make mistakes ( or what appears to be mistakes) and have triumphs. We are all a PERFECT aspect of Creation, flaws and all. We are ALL on different paths, with various blueprints, beliefs and levels of understanding, skills and abilities, depending on our collection of experiences. We may share common attributes with others, but essentially, we are a unique extension of Creation. We ALL deserve love, life, liberty and an opportunity to experience life, as we so choose. We are all LOVE in some form, no matter the form, because we are Creation.

WE ARE ALL ONE, we come from the same place, SOURCE and as such, we do effect the other, with every word we speak, thought we think or deed we do. Please treat all beings with respect, love, kindness and compassion and watch it come back to you a million times over. If it does not, then there is some conscious/subconscious work to do! Celebrate the amazing handy work of Creation! Namaste and Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class © A Celestial Solution If you share this article, please do so in its entirety and with copyright notice intact. www.acelestialsolution.com