Learn to Communicate with your DNA skin suit

Every call of pain from the body is a wake up call for us! Something is a miss, and our body needs assistance! Some emotion may need expression, releasing, clearing and resolution, or our bodies may want rest and recuperation. Every time is different and depends on your specific bodies needs. No one size fits all!

That's why learning how to communicate with our body in my mind is simply mandatory! Our human body is the vehicle for our Soul to get from place to place on planet Earth. Just as our 3D cars need pit stops for gas and maintenance, perhaps a wash and wax..so do our bodies! Being respectful, appreciative and kind and loving to our bodies is also mandatory! Especially if you want to thrive in this new frequency. Those who chose to continue down the old way of ignoring and being abusive to their bodies and themselves will be in from some big wake up calls..as these old ways do match the new frequency!

Humans seem to be particularly hard on their bodies, with many folks feeding their bodies with very low light, vibrating food and drinks, ( meat, soda pop, chips etc) pushing it to the limits, giving it little attention or rest, feeding it pessimistic thoughts etc. No wonder our body finally gets pissed off and says enough! We are in a symbiotic partnership with our body, what you experience, so,does your body and it is all recorded into the RNA ( cell memory) of the body and our akashic records which are stored in the bones. ( the hard copies anyways) our cells, blood, organs etc, move the information around...

Pain is a very low vibrating frequency, however it is often the only way, our body can really get our attention! Please when the body speaks to you listen! Honor, appreciate and love your body and it will repay u a thousand fold with great health and well being! The body has to be a priority..not an after thought!