New Moon Intentions on this Power Solar Eclipse

What a day!  Besides a total Solar Eclipse, we experienced a New Moon in Leo!  This is a primo day to write our New Moon Intentions, although, due to the 5 planet retrograde, with one of the planets being Mercury, our intentions may be a bit slow to manifest themselves or may require review or revision at some point. 

Listed below is a excerpt from my forthcoming book, " Shifting Your Money Frequency" due out, I am hoping in Late Fall, 2017 on how to do New Moon Intentions for those who may not know or would like a review!

New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is a wonderful time for new beginnings. I view these times as an opportunity to get clear about what my desires/intentions are and what I would like to achieve in the next 30 days or so. It's like placing an order with the Universe for what I desire the most. It helps us to get focused on what we would like to accomplish and gives us an avenue to put our intentions out into the World!

After 17 plus years of writing monthly intentions during New Moon times, I have found that some of my intentions have manifested very quickly, while others have taken years, a few not at all (such as winning millions in the lottery, yes I asked! ) and others not at all how I had anticipated!! ( Giving up sugar is the first thing that comes to mind) SO obviously, there are no guaranteed results or outcomes when we create these intentions. It's a bit like playing Wheel of Fortune, however, I am a FIRM believer that all requests we make to the Universe, all manifest eventually, and all in perfect and divine timing and order.

Basic Guidelines for New Moon Wishes. I feel that guidelines are just that, guidelines! Our imagination and intuition are always the best way for us specifically, to create something! The key is to be as clear and concise about what you desire and intend to manifest!!

1. Hand write your intentions, as there is loads of energy in handwritten intentions. In addition, you can say them out loud as well. Clear and concise intentions are the best!
2. Keep the list short, perhaps around 10 intentions, with all of them pertaining to YOU!
3. Single intentions are the ideal. Intentions that state two desires can often create muddled results!
4. The ideal is to write out your intentions within 8 or so hours of the New Moon, however, anytime during the day or even the next day is fine. I have written a few a week later!
5. Trust your intuition as to how to write out the intention. I have written an intention and immediately turned around and rewrote it in another way. Be as clear and concise as possible.
6. What we believe will have a major impact on the outcome of our intentions. Beliefs in of themselves can be very limiting. So if you do not believe you will get your wishes, then you are not as likely to manifest them.
6. Being open to the manifestation of our intentions is most important. Once we get clear, we can help them manifest as well, by following our own inner guidance on what to do next!
7. Please understand that old beliefs or unresolved emotions can be a potential block for our intentions manifesting! These will need to be re framed and resolved in many cases, before said intention will manifest into our experiences.

I have learned with experience, to be open and embrace what comes. I truly "believe" that what every does or does not manifest is for our highest and greatest good. I keep a notebook with all my monthly intentions in it for the year. I date and list the New Moon for easy reference, so I can see what may or may not have manifested. It also lets me review my intentions, so I can restate an intention/wish again the following month, especially if it has not yet manifested.
Our intentions help us create our experiences. They act as both the arrow that we shoot out into the World and as the anchor to ground and manifest our desires into our reality! Once we make a choice and state that intention to the Universe, we are turning on our creative ability to manifest our desires! There are infinite possibilities in this Universe, so truly the "only" limit we have is what we can dream up to create!!

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