Light Holders: Focusing On Life

What we focus on is very important and not only helps us to create our reality, it becomes a part of our reality. Our thoughts, ( both conscious and sub/unconscious )beliefs and feelings, create our reality through our own projections into the 3D holographic reality, which is then reflected back to us in some way. We see a "reflection" of our own projections.

Much of our projections and the subsequent reflections are distorted in some way. This is partly due to the various distorted beliefs, paradigms and frequency control on this planet. Religion is one of the most distorted programs in this Universe and is at the root of much of the Collective distortions we have in our Modern World. Money is another and both money ( $$ and resources) and religion are still being used as a means to control the populace at this point in time.

Those of us who are the frequency/light holders, Starseeds etc.. are the glitch to this entire system! We are the ground crew! Our job is to “ bust up” and SHIFT the existing, distorted, 3D programs and paradigms that are holding humans hostage. We do that, in what every we do! 

That is why there are times in our lives, that we really need to focus on matters that we may find out of kilter, horrible, sad or flat out upsetting! Issues like factory farming, global warming/ climate change, politics, poverty, famine, and the like. We do not change the 3D distorted system by distancing ourselves so far away from it, that we never take notice of it. We are all a part of the 3D system because we have a physical body, it’s our conscious awareness that helps us vibrate through other dimensional states! 4D and up! (Heart centered living helps busts up the system baby! LOL )

We change the system by focusing our attention on the issue in some way and finding solutions! We change it, by being in the thick of things sometimes. We change it, by shifting our own viewpoints and sharing that viewpoint with others!! We change it, by standing outside of the issue and observing with love, understanding and compassion! We change it, by being our most authentic self and walking our path! We change it, by bringing the energy back into a balance. We change it, by educating ourselves!

We change it, by being an awesome role model and walking our talk! We change it, by healing ourselves and helping others! We change it, by sending love and light to the issue. We change it, by being present in the moment! We change it, by raising AWARENESS of some issue!!!! We change it, be embracing our gifts and bringing them forth into the World. We change it, by speaking out and being the special brand of magic and medicine, that only we are!!

The point I am making is we don’t go run off and live in a 5D wonderland of pink unicorns and fluffy pillows! LOL Not that pink unicorns and fluffy pillows aren’t awesome, they are, but our job is boots on the ground! We BRING the new frequency to the planet! We ground the new frequency into the planet, and into the reality, because we CARRY THE LIGHT to do this!

WE are the "glitch" that helps to SHIFT the planet to a higher vibration, which brings down the walls of deception, that keeps the Collective reality cloaked and locked into distortion and control! Many times this REQUIRES us to step out of our comfort zone and say and do things that helps to create a change in the World....such as speaking out, when we see someone being mean,crossing the line or doing something that might harm another! This helps to create a shift and a awakening of some kind! We have to pay attention to our current reality to do that! 

There are so MANY ways to “ bust” the system! And we all do it, how every we do! So if you feel like you need to focus on say for example, low vibrating politics, then go for it! Our political system in America is one of the single biggest programs that can shift and change millions of lives for the better! And I am all for that!! Go big or go home! LOL

Politics is also SUPER, low vibrating, which is one reason why I often get the intuitive hit to focus on politics, even though I am so not fond of it!! Any time higher vibrating beings focus on lower vibrating issues, it helps to HEAL and SHIFT those frequencies/ those issues or problems in some way! The key here is focus our light on raising awareness and the shift, and NOT tapping into the Dark, distorted Collective so much, that we got lost in the process and have hell finding our way out!!

Spiritual means the "spirit or soul".... living our life is spiritual! We need to be a part of life, to help it shift, doing what we FEEL we need to do! ( However, do no harm to self or another) Focus on what you will, stay centered and connected to your Core and Higher self and remember we are the shakers, awakeners and the shifters for the Collective!! We are the glitch to the system!! Trust your heart and intuition on what you need to be doing with your time and attention above all! Be the special, magical medicine that you are! Let’s get this planet shifted into a higher vibration for the ALL!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class…Written and haphazardly edited By Metaphysical Word Weaver: Heyde Class, Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Counselor & Practitioner