We are Now Living on a Fractured 5D Timeline

The Donald’s unexpected WIN has created an interesting turn of events, as I feel we moved into a Fractured Time Line. Currently, from what I am seeing, we have 3 main timelines running. All Time lines have a paired parallel or opposite line, so we have a total of 6 possibilities currently. Timelines will cross each other, back and forth and intersect at different points. These timelines have a semi “predictability” to them if that makes sense. Almost like an outline of sorts and are not to difficult to navigate. Tho nothing is set in stone per say. We SHIFT back and forth between all of these timeline, back and forth. If you envision curving lines next to each other, with another set stacked directly opposite, it's easier to visualize this.

However, when the Donald won Tuesday, Nov. 8th, it literally fractured the timeline off from one of the MAIN timelines into an entirely different direction. If you are thinking holy shit Batman..then that would be an appropriate response. We are now flying on a 5D fractured timeline of infinite possibilities. When I look into this timeline, all I see is the impending tidal wave of darkness or the unknown. What I see is the VOID! Yea buddy, we will be needing some big ass flashlights! lol I dreamed about this very thing last month. I was just not sure how it would arrive! Now, here it is, wrapped up in a Presidency election. Very unexpected indeed!

An example of a skewed or fractured time line is featured in the movie, Back to The Future 2, when Marty and Doc were trying to sort a mess that was in the future, as to change the current moment. It starts when Marty buys a book that lists all the outcomes to sporting events from 1950 - 2000ish. Bif’s older self, over hears the conversation between Doc and Marty. ( Doc is saying do not meddle in the future or past!) Bif manages to steal the book and the Delorean, flying it back to 1950ish, to give his younger self the book. That event, ended up skewing (fracturing) the timeline off into an unknown and unexpected direction. In this timeline, Bif ends up married to Marty's mom, is super wealthy, running the entire town of Hill Valley and is naughty as all get out. It’s a very DARK timeline. Marty and Doc have to highjack the book back and take it back to the future to undo what happened. It worked in that case.

Now what does that mean for us? What it means is that we are NOW cruising down an entirely, unscripted timeline of infinite possibilities. We are sailing in uncharted and unknown waters. We are running in the dark with essentially no flashlights. ( We have to become the flash light.) We are flying around in the VOID. The well of infinite possibilities, Fifth dimensional consciousness in all its glory. ANYTHING GOES on this timeline...ANYTHING! Essentially, the rules no longer apply, as the “rules” are simply a possibility.

Fractured timelines are just a barrel of unpredictability! They can bring up fear in spades..their are like the scariest fun house you may have every experienced..as all our fears can be mirrored back to us a thousand fold..remember fear is just false evidence appearing real. However, we can also have love, joy and bliss mirrored back to us as well..remember its our choice. We get to “shop around” in these timelines, choosing what we want to experience, so it need not be a downer. It can really be a lot of fun, as we get to experience life in new and different ways. It’s only a bummer, if we decide it to be.

These types of timelines can be the BEST or the WORST, as they are the ultimate in unpredictability. It’s very similar to having the rug pulled out from underneath your feet, only to find yourself a few seconds later, riding around on a magic carpet! The trick with these timelines is understanding that it's our choice what we experience. You have to know HOW to navigate this type of timeline..and this comes from an open heart and mind and willingness to go with the flow of events..that’s one of the easiest ways. Otherwise, it can be absolute hell, honestly. It’s because of the unknown factor, the darkness that arrives with these types of timelines, that can cause the fear. Humans seem to want to be in control, but control is just an illusion. The unpredictability of these types of timelines is just one reason why some folks are SO scared right now..they may feel like they have no control and no clue whats going to manifest next. Everything can be and often is very unsettled on fractured times lines for an indefinite period.

I have read that some folks think that The Donald was predestined to win to help Humanity move into its Ascension phrase and 5D consciousness. I do not feel that this timeline was predestined, however. I think it was just one possibility, not necessarily a probability. Fractured timelines are possibilities with no predetermined to it! I do feel that The Donald has a Soul contract to help move Humanity along, serving as mirror for unresolved issues and busting up the current system. We need to thank him sincerely for that. So far, he is doing a beautiful job. Honestly, the Hillary win timeline was/would have been a much more gentle, more predictable timeline per say..would have been much easier for folks to sallow and navigate those big changes. But alias that is not what occurred and we have officially moved full throttle into the land of the abyss. So buckle up folks, expect a wild ride and welcome to 5D consciousness..our lives with not every be the same.

Special note: this post is sharing what I feel has occurred due to a Trump win. We have moved into a Fractured 5D timeline of infinite possibilities. It's about how to navigate this timeline and some of the things that can occur. When I talk about Trump busting the system, I am talking about the 3D matrix of fear, not the current political system. I see Trump as the trigger and mirror of the unresolved issues that need to be cleared and resolved from the Collective Mass Consciousness! So We are ALL the flashlights! We are ALL the solution!

© A Celestial Solution • Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class - Professional Certified Psychic Intuitive, Astrologer and Reiki Instructor.