Conscious Food shopping is a Must in Todays Society!

Consuming processed packaged food is really not to anyone's advantage except perhaps the companies bottom line! This type of food is meant for convenience eating, which in the US seems to be the accepted "way" to eat. There are enough fast food and convenience stores in the US to prove that! But these type of foods are seriously lacking!

Eating is intended to be a way to energize and nourish our bodies, enrich our cells and expand our heart's energy. It's a way to flood our energy field with light filled frequencies and lift our energy to a higher state, both for physical energy and spiritual, emotional and mental energies. It's a way to come together and celebrate with our friends and family! It's a beautiful opportunity to slow down and smell the roses! To enjoy life and replenish our body, mind and soul!

For ex. a 20oz soda pop, (that research now shows to deplete 4.6 years of our life when consumed,) that folks buy at the "convenience" store does nothing other than flood our bodies with a false sugar high, contract our energy field, reck havoc on our endocrine system and the body in general, rot our teeth, lower our immune systems and cloud our senses! Not very nourishing right? :( Try a Perrier instead, u still get the fizzy, and a few minerals to boot, but no sugar at least!

America's food supply is not what it once was 35 years ago..and it has been going down hill and in quality, every since the 1980's when Big Ag, become the way to farm. America's need for meat, has bloomed into treating animals like objects and gave way to factory farms, where animals suffer horrific and inhumane treatment, particularly pigs and chicken. :( :( If u have every seen any of the videos, it's enough to get u to stop eating meat! Also the meat is filled with antibiotics and hormones, even some Milk has the RSBT hormone which is Genetical Modified by the way. I won't even go into the ecological impact of Factory Farms on the Earth. Where do u think all that poop goes???

If you are going to eat meat, please choose meat from responsible sources. Know where your meat comes from and how the animal was raised, and slaughtered. Look for the Humanely raised seal! Whole Foods is leading the way with their 5 step Humane program with meat! Remember, all that trauma, abuse, fear and inhumanity that animal experiences while living in a factory farm, is also energy and that energy goes right into the tissues of body of the animal, which people then choose to eat. So you are consuming all of the low vibrating energy that animal experienced in their short life time if u are choosing to eat that meat! :(

As an animal communicator (and yes I am a vegetarian for 24 years, with flexatarian in there for about 7 of those years) I have spoke with the many different farm animals over souls, who tell me, they honestly do not mind giving up their bodies for food. But they DO MIND being abused and treated inhumanely! SO meat eater's, please vote with your money and, choose the way of love instead and buy humanely raised meat!! Imagine an animal in its own natural setting, the meat, eggs and dairy will always taste better, as the animal is SO much happier and living their little happy dance! If you do not want to see animals abused, then why eat abused animals?????? And people do, every single time they purchase conventionally raised meat, as it accounts for 99% of the meat production in the US, unless its states otherwise on the label. :(

As for processed food in grocery stores, most of it now has very little nutritional value or is a higher frequency food! Not to mention, if its not organic, it will be pesticide drenched, ( literally, do not be surprised, if covered in 20-50 different pesticides) will be filled with GMO ingredients such as canola, corn, soy, sugar, or cottonseed oil, have some kind of non food ingredients you can not pronounce and possibly be filled with some other crazy chemical, like a foaming agent thats used in industrial fuel, that is meant to extend the shelf life, because the company values the stockholders and the bottom line more, than they value themselves, and the health and wellness of their customers. That is evident in the ingredients used! :( Companies who have integrity, which are usually the smaller companies, rarely will use cheap ingredients. In my mind, it's worth every penny to get good high quality food.

We do not need artificial dyes, preservatives, BHT or Foaming agents, GMOs, pesticides are any of the other cheap, non food ingredients, that are regularly poured onto and into conventional processed food. If you are consuming it, then yes, you will be effected by the energy or in this case, lack of. This is food at its worst! And frankly, it's really not food! And this type of food is found all over America..:(

Our bodies are not meant to eat pesticides or ingredients used in rocket fuel or that they use to make furniture..yes, some of these ingredients are found in American's Food..seriously! Also, GMO food is just awful, as it does not match up to the bodies genetic codes, one reason why many folks have some much trouble consuming it! They also have no long term safety tests, are now being linked to cancer, among other diseases, and from an energetic perspective, do not hold LIGHT! :(

Conscious food shopping is really imperative to all our well-beings! :) Consciously choosing with our mind and voting with our dollars! Choosing to read everything that goes into our carts and when not sure, putting it back on the shelf, till we can gather more information, which is easy, just log on to the internet!! Knowing about the company we are buying from and their standards, ethics and morals! And If we choose to stop buying cheap factory farmed meat, eggs, dairy, it forces the Factory Farms to change their wicked ways or go out of business :) :) :) …If we choose to stop buying GMO, pesticide laden processed food, the corporations will stop making it and instead they will make us something we do want or rather what we are willing to buy. :) :) The Corporations think they have all the power but they do not, as they rely on us the CONSUMER, to buy what they are peddling. Remember its your money and all it takes is choosing to buy something else!!! :)

IChoosing food that nourishes our body, mind, and soul and raises our energy frequency in my mind is the ONLY choice! . Choose wisely, as what we eat, either expands our energy field or contracts it! A contracted energy field can cause blockages and dis- ease to begin, especially when coupled with negative thoughts! And that is a topic best for another article! Namaste!