Investing In Creating Our Life

Investment: If you look up the word Invest in the Websters dictionary it's defined as: "to clothe" and " to put money into business order to get profit." among other meanings..Tho I feel that we can add to this definition. In my mind, investing also means investing in the moment and ourselves to help create a desired outcome, investing in our empowerment and our ability to CREATE OUR most authentic LIFE! We can invest in all sorts of things...LIKE our self worth, our self confidence, in our natural empowerment, in our most authentic self, in our light, our loving self, our spirit, our mind and thoughts, emotional well being, our get the picture. Every action we take, and every thought we think is investing in and creating some kind of outcome for us..some kind of experience. What do you want to experience??? We are after all LOVE incarnate, and it's just simply up to us to fill up our life with the experiences we want! This does however require some kind of investment of thoughts, time, action and energy!

One of the seven Hermetic principals states that for all causes there is an effect. Meaning every single thing we do has an outcome, simply enough. But many folks are running round on auto pilot.... all the time...not living in the moment. Research states that many live on auto pilot 92-99% of the time..that is A LOT of auto pilot time! We have all seen these folks in the extreme mode..the lights are on, but no one is home. And we can easily see that people who choose to do yoga, meditate, walk etc..are less likely to be on automatic as much, as these type of activities helps us get in touch with ourselves and become more present..they are an INVESTMENT in ourselves and our well being, an investment in our present moment.

Actually if you think about it, everyday we choose and make investments of all sorts that yield all kinds of dividends, some pleasurable, some not so much...such as where we choose to work, what we choose to do for the day, what we eat, drink, feel, smell, touch and listen to. For example, investing in lower quality food will yield low quality energy, which does not help the body function as well, among other outcomes,( IE greasy food can yield upset tummy!) What we choose to watch on TV, can yield harsh and unsettling energy among other upsets.. especially if you are watching the news. ( I stopped that years ago due to the harsh energy and frequency control) and working in an environment that does not promote joy, awareness or love..well that just says it all doesn't it? While if we choose to invest in a soothing massage, our body will thank us over and over in a relaxed peaceful feeling even tho temporary or perhaps we invest in a healing session or healing class that helps expands our horizons and empowers us to heal ourselves..these are wise investments indeed!! Especially since that massage, healing session or class can yield dividends of increased well being, and feelings of joy, contentment and happiness!! Great return on investment there!

The frequencies of love, light, joy, happiness, etc.. these are all available to us at any moment of any day, 24/7. No one "makes" us feel happy, sad or glad..this is our choice to feel what every way we want to feel at any given moment. When we choose to be present, aware and responsible, when we choose to be the CEO (Conscious Empowered Observer) of our life, we then are the creator of our life. We are investing in creating the life we want. Does this mean that everything will be smooth as a peach and hunky dorey if we stay totally checked in and running the show all the time? Perhaps or perhaps not, depending on your belief system, as what we believe we do create.. but if you are spending all your time running round, asleep at the wheel, firmly set in ego drive, it surely will be hell on wheels, will it not?! It is after all your choice..and that choice yields dividends!

Namaste my friends. Thoughtfully written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class © A Celestial Solution. Feel free to share this post, but please ensure it's shared in its entirety, complete with copyright. Thank you!