Thoughts on Oneness

I often see posts on FB about extracting yourself from "negative " people and surrounding yourself with people that love and support you instead, inferring the former are not up to par in some way. I totally get it and would agree choosing a supportive, loving environment and company is absolutely to our advantage.

However, I also feel it's important to remember that these so called "negative" people are folks just like us, who in most cases truly need love and support. This whole we are all separate and the negative and positive labels all come from disempowerment programs firmly entrenched in the 3D source matrix energy, which are all aimed at keeping us divided. The new 5D light frequencies coming into the planet are highly transformational and are upgrading the system! And yes everything is beginning to change and transform, vibrating higher than every before, but if we continue to choose to separate and exclude others, we are also choosing to remain in these old 3D disempowerment programs!

My truth is that we are all One and we all come from the same source Creation! Tho I understand and feel we do not have to all like each other, nor hang out obviously, it is to our mutual advantage to unconditionally love and at the very least try to appreciate, respect and or have some form of acceptance and compassion for all. Not always easy sometimes I know! We have folks on this planet who have done some really naughty stuff! Those who choose to reside on the fear and disempowerment frequency are many and part of the frequency holders work is to be a transmuter.

.Love is the highest vibration available to us, transmuting and canceling all lower frequencies! All it takes is a little bit of unconditional love! I am a loner by nature and spend much time in observation of the world instead of participation! I learned exclusion and disempowerment in spades in this go round, but I no longer choose to reside in these frequencies. I needed to learn those frequencies, so I could easily recognize then and understand why people might choose that. Yes It's easy to exclude, but I am hoping one day, rather it will be easy to include instead.

We all have some things in common, we are ALL unique, divine spiritual beings of creation.. no matter how naughty or fearful we might be acting or what we look like or how we dress! We are All love incarnate, no matter how fear based or awful we might be acting! We all have stories and collective experiences. We are want to be loved and accepted. I practice the Universal law of love, which states treats others the way u want to be treated. So while yes, surrounding ourselves with loving and up lifting company is awesome, please send a bit of unconditional love to those who are hanging out on the fear frequency, that you may be shifting away from. That may be all they need to shift their frequency and live once again on the love frequency!