Find your own unique way to you center!

While reading an article this AM, I have some insights that I wanted to share. I believe that life is limitless, and that there are limitless ways of doings things. For me, Life is not about following what others believe to be the best way, its about finding and discovering what works BEST for ourselves. Many folks believe that meditation is the best way to find our center. And while I believe that meditation is a major key to quieting the ego mind, getting centered, and receiving information, I feel that simply practicing daily introspection and having quiet time can be just as important and powerful . Quiet time BEING rather than DOING, no eyes closed required! Lol Getting in touch with the real you and as my friend Radha mentioned in a post today, your yin energy, your softness, your feminine side. In my mind, it's really just discovering how you to get your mind to be quiet for awhile!

I use to be so hard on myself because I did not practice meditation like I thought others did, sitting down resting and with my eyes closed for a certain period of time. (the Dali Lama meditates for several hours a day, tho i have no clue on how he practices!) I was under the delusion that this was the best way for me to achieve my center and enlightenment. After some heart felt introspection, I realized that I was giving away my power to what a book/ and or someone else said, that this is the best way for me! I realized, that was not the best option for me and that I was already a walking meditation! From my professional work as a psychic intuitive, I had learned to move into a consciously aware meditative state, with my eyes wide open. Tho I do in sessions, some times drift off, phase out and have no clue what I just told someone and interestingly, I rarely remember anything shared in a session. I spend alot of time listening to the client and my angelic guides in sessions! I also realized that I often meditated, when I brushing my teeth, walking the dogs, cleaning the house and when I woke up and choose to just lay still in bed for awhile.

I have worked extensively on my spiritual growth for the last 26 years and it's still and will always be, my top priority in life, (besides my fur companions,) and in all that time, I have done very little, formal sit down, eyes closed, meditation! Instead, I choose quiet time, introspection, reading spiritual books, walking etc..and choose an open mind and heart, a willingness to grow, change and learn and a deep need to release stress, pain and anguish, find my center and peace and discover my most authentic truth, self and expression. This way of life has truly served me personally and furthered my spiritual growth over the years, that and a lot of spiritual education and serving others! I needed to discover my own unique way to my center, on my path to becoming a sovereign being! What is your way? Only you can answer that question. Find and discover your own path, only YOU knows what is best for YOU! :0))