Step into Your Empowerment!

Stepping into our empowerment is really surfing the Wave!! It begins with our willingness to do so! It progresses when we get out of our own way, by stepping out of judgment and stepping into love and acceptance instead! We need not be a victim of any circumstance or experience! We choose our life, our experiences! So if life is serving up lemons, time to get jolly on the spot and create some lemonade! You can easily Reclaim your empowerment by just saying so out loud! And yes we may need to do it repeatedly until our experiences mirrors our desires! Be sure to add on what u desire to the end statement! For example u could say: **I reclaim my empowerment and right to have infinite wealth and riches. **I reclaim my empowerment and right to speak my truth! **I reclaim my empowerment and right to be healthy, wealthy and joyful! It's a choice...empowerment or disempowerment! Personally I prefer empowerment!! Successfully surfing the 5D wave!