Surfing Wave X

Sometimes when we are energy surfing, a rogue wave comes in and knocks us flat off our boards! That's ok, because we can just get back up and surf again. Only this time we carry with us the knowledge and wisdom of the previous event. If we choose to continue to carry the fear of what happened and or the experience, we may continue to attract those experiences! However, if we instead choose to face up to the fear, choose to reclaim our empowerment to easily deal with and resolve the emotions that came up, to carry on instead, and to carry the wisdom with us, we then are stepping, further into our wisdom and mastery! And the ride gets so much easier and more fun! Life is much like surfing and we may end up flat on our bums sometimes! And this is ok! This is just another experience we are racking up. If we understand why, how and what to do next time, it's darn well easier to get back up and go on, is it not? Wave X is intense, it's very high vibrating and if we are willing to change, and go with the flow, stepping out of judgment, and reclaiming our empowerment, finding our balance, we then can anchor the new energy and easily surf on!