Mercury Retrograde FYIs

I have been a professional astrologer for 20 years now, and I do often plan my life around favorable astrological aspects! I have learned over the years that when I do things during favorable aspects, my experience is often better than anticipated. Honestly tho, it's been like an giant experiment! However, no matter the moon sign, aspects or what have you, we can create any day to be a joy and a benefit! Always better to work with the aspects tho in my astrological opinion! Lol

So what I have discovered is that Mercury retrograde is really a favorable time to reboot so to speak. Any word that starts with "re" such as reorganize, redo, rethink, restart, remove, reconstruct is perfecto..Also a brilliant time for stay at home vacations, or vacations, tho travel may be slow or delayed, so just more to savor. Rest, relax and renew are key words for this time!

The following decisions/actions are better with more favorable astrological aspects such as:

*Making the BIG Decisions, or life changing decisions. MR times are more favorable to reconsider, reflect and realize about these choices, then taking action on them,which is better after the MR is over! Mercury rules over communication, so we may not see as clearly during this time.

*Purchasing a car or home, cars often are lemons or do not work out as thought, same for homes, and may find u have to redo a lot in the home.

*MOVING into a new home, tho moving out is fine, tho is usually followed by moving in somewhere....WHY? It may take awhile to really get moved in, may not every really feel like the house fits, may be constantly moving things around..I know this from personal experience having moved into my current home about a week prior to a MR several years ago! It literally took me two years to get every box unpacked and put away! We will not be doing that again, i can assure you! Living in this house has been like one big rethink..LOL

*Purchasing ANY electronics of any kind as often do not last long or work correctly.

*Signing any contracts, making arrangements or big deals, as may not work out how u may anticipate or want to.

  • Purchasing any Big ticket items such as appliances ( relies on electricity) or beds (may prove to be not what u really wanted).

  • Having big repair and remodel jobs done, unless u want to possibly be fixing or replacing it again. Tho sometimes it has to be, in this case, angelic assistance and Reiki are helpful!

  • Changing jobs...tho this is an experience we may or may not, have much control over. I did start a job during a MR once. I spent the entire time redoing everything..constantly, was reworking, rethinking and redoing...I changed jobs to something different asap! Lol

MR occurs 3 times a years for around 21-25 days, tho the effects can be felt about 7-10 days prior and after the retrograde. It's super easy to plan around these times. The above does not seems to have the same effect during other planets retrogrades such as Venus or Mars. Tho I do avoid the above with them as well. Outer planets do not seem to really apply to this either.

I am not one that enjoys putting my life or plans on hold, however I have found when I choose to plan around these times or wait, the outcome is even better than I had planned! Trusting our intuition when to do what we need or want is always win win in my opinion. My intuition always trumps astrological aspects however! Sometimes, we just gotta do, what we want, when we want! LOL