Stepping into our Natural Empowerment to Heal ourselves..

The 12-12 gateway is upon us...taking time to be open to the new frequencies coming in today is really to our advantage and can have a profound effect on our increasing light quotient. Trusting our OWN ability to work through the muck is very important! We all heal ourselves...our bodies are designed to heal themselves. While it's wonderful to have other people to help facilitate this healing, they really are giving us information and simply assisting us to open and shift our frequency. This is achieved because on some level, we ALLOW it to happen, conscious or not. We are the ones doing the healing...the Healer is not doing the healing for us, even if it appears that way. This is one of the biggest illusions of the old 3D paradigm, that a "Healer" is somehow better equipped and able to heal us than ourselves, and that they know more then we do about ourselves, that they know whats best for us…This illusion can have us giving away our power in spades to the Healer and allowing them to become our authority on ourselves, which is very disempowering indeed! :( The new frequencies coming in now ask us to step up to the plate to become our own authority and reclaim our natural empowerment to heal ourselves on every level. This is most effective, when we can see past any of our own self created fears, illusions and beliefs that were are somehow unworthy and lack the ability to do so. The first step is our willingness and intention to do so.. We are all a mix of light and dark frequencies. Our worth is just a given, no matter how naughty, no matter what we may have done or not done..we are ALWAYS worthy!!!!! We all have the ability to heal ourselves, tho in some cases, perhaps we just may need some "light" i.e. information to help us get there! Our society continually promotes lies and illusions that can led us down the dark path of disempowerment, if we choose to buy into it. Time now to step back into our authentic self, life and empowerment! It's time to be our own authority! This morning, I started by literally ( in my minds eye) diving head first into a very old, deep wound that needed clearing, love, healing and transmutation. I was so proud of myself as I fearlessly looked at this wound with objectivity and clarity. I clearly saw it's purpose, I saw the lessons, I saw the beauty of the wound and how I needed to work with this emotional wound to achieve resolution. I asked that it be slowly resolved over the next two weeks, so I would not experience any healing responses from shifting frequency to fast. Not once did I belittle or berate myself that I had created the wound and or had still not resolved it till now. ( I would have in the past) I choose instead to love myself, the wound, the person involved and the lessons I am learning from allowing it to be present. Most of you know I rarely every speak of a personal experience like this. However, I felt it was important to demonstrate how easy it is to be vulnerable and loving with ourselves. How easy it is to heal via your own self love and acceptance. How easy it is to take off the rose colored blinders to see the truth of ourselves! Stand proud and tall in your authentic empowerment! Be your own authority! Heyde Class