Getting Out OF Our Own Way - Thriving During Wave X

Getting Out of our own Way - Thoughts for thriving during Wave X!

I have often said to others about getting out of their own way! What does that mean exactly? I feel it has to do with several things, mostly when our own fear, resistance, judgement and our own wounded Ego are standing in our way of change and growth! Getting OUT of our own way can be seen as our ability to expereince when and where we are doing this and allowing our authentic self to take the led instead. :)

I have spent half my life as a Professional Metaphysical Pastoral Counselor, and Psychic Intuitive/ Medium. I have heard the gambit, whilst sitting across the table from clients. One thing I am the very best at is spotting how people are getting in their own way! It's very easy for me, because I have no attachment or judgment about their experience. I am just listening to what they are saying and allowing myself to be in a space of total non judgment, compassion and understanding. I am there to help them discover the truth for themselves and the most ideal way to shift and clear an issue. I would suggest the very same thing to everyone. Listen very carefully to what u are saying with zero judgment and complete compassion! We are on this Earth Plane to learn and experience..we need to have experiences to do so! Whether they turn out how we might have hoped, really does not's all a part of the growth process. It's all part of the Earth school experience!

So say For ex. if you hear yourself say: " I feel like I am cursed, I am always running out of money! " Then possibly, you may have a curse from another lifetime or timeline that is coming into play here!! Look into that, do some inner research and get it cleared, not only from your akashic records but also your energy field! If you are not sure how to do this, have a reputable energy healing or akashic practitioner help you! Curses are just concentrated intentional energy that are residing in the energy field! Easy enough to clear! Get to the root of that issue and get it worked out! If not, then we may be choosing to stand in some kind of fear, judgment and resistance..we may be allowing our wounded Ego and possibly Inner child to run the show instead of our most authentic self! Or it could be, that it just not time yet, as our SOUL may be wanting to learn more from an experience! However, even if you choose to do nothing, you are still having an experience..the ideal is to get it worked out, but remember that is entirely up to you and when you are ready!

Also consider...Do u have any repressed, unresolved or unprocessed emotional issues or trauma about receiving, deserving, or self worth? I would say, most likely yes, especially if constantly running out of money. In all cases, it behooves us to work directly with the root of any issue! We can do it by ourselves, or we choose to work with another to assist us, such as a Professional and or Pastoral Counselor, Akashic Therapist, etc or a combination of both. I have always yielded excellent results when I am a co-partner in my own healing experience! Reclaiming our empowerment to heal ourselves is a most valuable experience, one that lends to the most ideal results!

What we choose to do or not do is NOT EVERY WRONG! I do not believe in wrong, rather I choose to see it as an experience that does not yield the desired results. Right and wrong are judgement based. Most issues are multi layered, and inner connected with others issues.. so here is another possibility...maybe it's because you have not learned how to effectively manage money yet. What a great opportunity to start learning how! By really listening to what we are saying, having zero judgment about it and allowing our authentic self to take the led, we can easier resolve this issue! We just got out of our own way! Easy peasy!

Now For another ex. someone says to you: "You are being pigheaded and stubborn about changing your lifestyle." Now you can take that personally and or realize that you have no control or responsibility for other thoughts, words or actions. How people act is their choice, not yours and a reflection of their own beliefs etc. They could be projecting their own qualities onto you, and that is most likely as they used the word You are! Sure sign there! However it also can be a mirror for our own inner qualities. How might we be acting pigheaded or stubborn in some way? The Universe just gave us a clue and an awesome mirror in another person as to something we can clear or change if we want to! If we are paying attention, and coming from zero resistance, fear or judgment, we just got a head ups! Yea buddy! LOL

When we step out of judgment towards not only ourselves and others, the world truly becomes our oysters! Its a choice we can make. Can we shift our frequency, while standing in judgment and fear? Yes we can on some level..anything is's just not as easy or the ideal and not as likely. Allowing our wounded Ego to run the show can actually assist us in many ways! However, we are not likely to have the experiences we really want! We many not yield stellar results in "our desires" department. The ideal is allowing our authentic self to be in charge, working with every single aspect and fragment of ourselves, resolving, transmuting and allowing ourselves to come back into a state of wholeness! Allowing ourselves to come back into along meant with our most authentic self, truth and life! Choosing to stay out of resistance, fear and judgment and allowing ourselves to SEE AND HEAR where we need to shift and adjust is a win win! What I am saying is this: Your life is your responsibility and experience. You are here to have experiences, all kinds of them, for your growth. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you! You can do this from a place of resistance, judgment and fear or you can can do it from a place of allowance, compassion or understanding…or from some mix of all of the above..LOL..Solely up to you!