Tips for NOT Absorbing other people or places energy...

Many people who are super sensitive are most likely empathic. Empaths tend to absorb other peoples feelings and emotions, much like a sponge absorbs water. We can absorb energy from the environment, food we eat, smells we smell, and places we go as well. Loud noises, excessive talking, big crowds and parties and intense smells, upsetting events, large airports, tend to be very overwhelming for an empath. We often find much solace in spending quiet time alone!! Being an Empath is truly a wonderful gift, as its another form of intuition but it can be a living hell, if you do not learn how to have boundaries to learn how to conserve and protect your energy, auric field and personal space!

For myself, some of my boundaries are: I choose to take long breathers ( 2-3 days or more) away from everyone, where I can really clear myself, get grounded and focused, as I can get overwhelmed so easily. Staying grounded is very, very important! I take two showers a day (AM/PM) to help clear my energy field, and I clear my space by listening to the CD Reiki chants every morning and opening the windows to release pent up energy. I also use crystal singing bowls and send Reiki to help shift and clear the energy in my home. I clear my energy body daily, sometimes two or three times in a day! I have a wonderful "cutting and releasing" energy ties technique that I do, after all readings and being with people. I ask that all energy that I may have taken on from others be collapsed, released, removed and transformed into love and light. If I happen to remember, (lol) I put a white light surrounding my entire body to help protect me, particularly when going out and about! I often take my own car when I go somewhere and I know how long I can handle being out in public or being with people in general. I have found you must be very clear about where your energy ends and another person begins..honoring, respecting and appreciating your ability to be this sensitive is very important!

Heyde's tips for conserving your energy and not absorbing others.

  1. Have very strong boundaries! Know where your energy begins and another one ends.
  2. Staying VERY grounded by daily meditation, quiet time or visualization.
  3. Be very present, mindful and aware of your surrounds all the time!!
  4. Learning how to manage your energy through daily clearing of your energy field, chakras and living space.
  5. Daily Alone time!
  6. Appreciating, honoring and valuing your sensitive nature.
  7. Being very clear and aware of what you can handle and can not!
  8. Acknowledge when you are overwhelmed and take steps to clear, balance and ground yourself.
  9. Having and practicing techniques DAILY that help you release others energy such as breathing in or out or a chopping motion in front of your body to release and let go of energy.
  10. Schedule shopping, appointments and events at times when there will be less people around and not so much activity and noise. I often shop on Mondays and Tuesdays and avoid the weekends! :)