We Are All Co Creators

We are ALL co-creators of the new Earth. It matters not, who you are, whether you are from the Family of Light or not, you are a valuable, important CoCreator, helping this beautiful magnificent planet called Earth, and all it's inhabitants, ascend to new heights, to new dimensions! Thank you!

And you have plenty of helpers, those of us known as the Family of Light, or better known as Light or Ascension workers, are just some of the assistance available to you now! Family of Light members have volunteered or you could say, signed up for extra credit, to help assist others and the planet at this most auspice time in Earth's history! We are every where, across the entire global, shining light, sharing information and ready to assist. And there is more help, with legions of Celestial Support and benevolent beings from other planets, realms, universes and dimensions as well! All are ready to assist, all you need do, is just ask!

It may appear like things are getting worse, but it's important to focus on how you want to see the world. We are experiencing a time where the old, outdated patriarch dark ways, which have dominated the planet for thousands of years are starting to collapse, and the new divine feminine ways are beginning to take root and bloom. We need both male and female energies to be in balance! Ideally, both coming from places of love and light, not darkness. So take heart, focus on love, light and how u want the world to be! The old dark energies can not survive in the new light filled higher frequencies, that are bombarding the planet as we speak! Trust and know that everything is in perfect and divine order, no matter how it appears!