Baking by the Moon

Written by me, many, many moons ago, pun intended and published in the 2000 Llewellyns Moon Sign book. 

Baking by the Moon

With our demanding work schedules and busy lifestyles, baking has become almost a luxury today. And with the world's increasingly fast pace, it is nosurprise that people often overlook the effect of the Moon on such a simple task as baking.  Still, on those occasions you do find time to bake, you will be most satisfied if you plan according to the Moon. This may sound silly, but the Moon can help you produce some delightful, hot goodies from the oven.  For instance, during its first and second quarters, the Moon will tend to foster growth in all things. If you choose to bake during the early, or waxing, quarters of the Moon, the growth and expansion of your baked goods will be encouraged. At the same time, you can do no wrong if you bake during a Cancer Moon. This Moon is well-know for its nurturing qualities and just so happens to rule over the stomach, which explains why some people have a tendency to overeat two days of the month. But more to the point, during a Cancer Moon you will feel very inclined to feed people, and baking will seem like any work at all.Unfortunately, the Cancer Moon only comes around once a month for only two days, and there is only a fifty percent chance that this Moon will occur during the Moon's waxing phase. If you have to bake some other time, you can settle for the other cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn, as they will produce excellent results during the Moon's first and second quarters.

On the other hand, you are not strictly confined to any particular time for baking. You simply have to realize that if you want the best possible breads cakes, and cookies, the above times are optimal.  In fact, there are many factors to consider when baking. Some bakery products, for instance, are more suited for use during particular Moon signs. In all the zodiac signs, foods have certain types of energies and are ruled by their own element and planet. The trick is to choose bakery goods that correspond to the energy of each sign as the Moon passes through it.In the list below, different factors have been taken into account for you.  With a little ingenuity, creative genius, and some good timing you can have some great baking experiences.

Moon In Aries: Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to bake up a storm today, as this fire-ruled sign will inspire you to spark up the oven. As the Moon moves through Aries, zesty, robust, and flavorful baked goods will serve. So if the spirit moves you, go ahead and bake up rich poppy seed cakes, zingy gingerbread cookies, and any spicy goodies you can think of.


Moon In Taurus: Pass up any store-bought baked goods; in this Venus-ruled sign you will feel an appreciation for the finer things in life, including a day spent in baking bliss. Taurus is a resourceful and practical sign, with a good dash of determination mixed in, so as the Moon moves through this sign you are primed for some seriously productive baking. Comfort foods such as apple and cherry pie, oatmeal raisin cookies, ( probably any cookie type will do!) and banana-nut bread, will be perfect for this placid, domestic Moon sign.

Moon In Gemini: As the Moon moves through Gemini, your day is most often spent in quick conversation and frantic errand-running, so it's more likely that you will talk about baking rather than actually doing it. If you actually do find the time to bake during a Gemini Moon, you will be lucky indeed. Your best bet will be quick-baking recipes that require little preparation - almond cookies, date muffins, and packaged cake mixes.

Moon In Cancer: The Cancer Moon is tailor-made for the proverbial happy homemaker. As the Moon travels through this sign, you will want to provide for everyone, inlcuding your tum - tum!  Comfort foods that make your loved ones smile are best to bake now, such as blueberry muffins, pumpkin cookies, coconut cream and lemon meringue pies. Your entire family will be very receptive and will thank you wholeheartedly. They may be so happy, in fact, that they clean out the garage or attic.

Moon In Leo: You can show off your baking expertise during the Leo Moon. Your creativity and ability to shine are at their height now, and you will find your efforts most highly appreciated.  Showy, complex baked goods are best now; the aromas of pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon-raisin bread will produce many a winning smile and a contented belly!

Moon In Virgo: The practical and health-concsious sign is the best time for using your more detailed and wholesome recipes. Since perfection is Virgo's middle name, you can easily keep up with the highest of standards. A sensible choice for this day would be an earthy whole grain bread.  Millet, oat, or barley are good grains to work with. And if you feel the need to spoil yourself, some peanut butter cookies or pecan pie would work nicely.

Moon In Libra: With so many options, making a decision can prove utterly impossible during the vacillitating Libra Moon. But if it is any help, remember that Libra governs all the sweet foods. So you may choose to indulge at this time with any and all types of cookies, cakes, pies, cobblers, sweet breads, or pastries, though your thighs won't enjoy the extra calories.  And after all that baking, making up your mind which treat to eat first could also prove quite a feat.

Moon In Scorpio: As the Moon moves through Scorpio, it is not at all unusual to feel drawn tothe kitchen today. The intense nature of the Scorpio Moon may cause an obsessive and overwhelming need for a sweet fix.  Try baking up foods with substance and a little bite, such as snappy ginger cookies, savory onion bread, and hearty blackberry pie.

Moon In Sagittarius:  During the Sag Moon, you will feel optimistic and adventurous, and may find yourself exploring new baking horizons. Plenty of fresh ideas will fill your head, and your ordinary recipes will scarcely seem enough.  Look to bake expansive, filling foods, such as macadamia nut cookies or carrot cake, or specialty foods from other countries, such as lebkuchen. But remember: Sag's motto is one is good but ten is better..So be wary of the tendency to overdo it - during Sagittarius it is difficult to say "enough is enough," especially with a delicious fruit pie staring you in the face!

Moon In Capricorn: Hard work and responsibility fuel the Capricorn Moon, so you may feel a little dizzy from your achievements today. In fact, you'll be so efficient you might find yourself planning your baking needs for the next few months.  So while you have the bug to organize, you should take advantage of it to conquer your most difficult baking endeavors. Preparing corn or cheese bread will leave you with a feeling of success. You may even choose to enter your rhubarb pie or orange cranberry muffins in the country fair.

Moon In Aquarius: Don't be shocked if the notion to bake hits you like a bolt from the blue during the Aquarius Moon. This Uranus-ruled sign thrives on doing the most original, unexpected, and unconventional things. So go ahead and experiment with that unusual recipe, and share your efforts with your many friends and neighbors. Remember, the sky is the limit, so tingle your taste buds with some caraway muffins or mulberry pie. Or you can invent your own recipes for pistachio nut or hazel nut cookies.

Moon In Pisces: What a wondrous day to trust your intuition and use your imagination. Ruled by dreamy Neptune, Pisces will help you conjure up new recipes, or will help you go with the flow and surrender to your innermost desires. During a Pisces Moon, you will find yourself baking water-ruled foods such as peach cobbler, apricot coffee cake, or sweet potato pie. So bake on to your hearts content!