FYI on how to Create New Moon Wishes or Intentions

New Moon Wishes/Intentions...The new moon is a wonderful time for new beginnings. I see NMW as an opportunity to get clear about what my desires/ intentions are and what I would like to accomplish or achieve, ideally in the next 30 days. It's like placing an order with the universe for what u want!. After 12ish years of writing wishes, I have found that some have manifested very quickly, others have taken years, a few not at all (such as winning the lottery, yes I asked! ) and others not at all how I had anticipated!! ( Giving up sugar the first time comes to mind) SO obviously, no guaranteed outcomes here. I often view "how to do" as guidelines instead of rules, it all depends on the how to do! So with that in mind, here are some guidelines to write NMW: 1.. Ideally, hand write your wishes, as there is loads of energy in handwritten intentions. In addition, you can say them out loud. 2. Clear intentions are the best! 3. Keep the list to around 10 intentions and pertaining to YOU! 4. Avoid compound wishes, asking for two things in one wish. Single wishes are the ideal. 5. Write out your intentions within 8 hours of the New Moon, but anytime during the day or even the next day is fine. 6. Trust your intuition when it comes to writing out the intention. 7. Be aware of what you believe. Beliefs in of themselves can be very limiting. So if u do not believe you will get your wish, then not as likely to manifest. I have learned through experience, to be open and embrace what comes. I truly "believe" that what every does or does not manifest is for our highest and greatest good. And you can state that, when you write out your intentions. Also keeping a notebook that has all your monthly intentions is really handy, I date and list the New moon on mine. With a notebook, you can go back and reference what you have previously written and see what may or may not have manifested. You also might find you want to restate an intention/wish again the following month, especially if it has not yet manifested. So have fun, putting your intentions out to the universe! Happy manifesting!!