A few Prosperity Affirmations

A few prosperity affirmations off the top of my head! 1. I have unlimited wealth and resources!
2. I am wealthy beyond my wildest imagination and expectations!
3. I am open to all the abundance and prosperity of the universe!
4. I download prosperous energy and brilliant ideas daily, from my 5th dimensional bank account. :) 5. There are limitless possibilities available to me to create and manifest what I desire!
6. My supply is unlimited and comes from the Creator/God source that is inside of me!
I learned about creating and saying affirmations when I first read Louise Hays book " U can Heal your Life" which I highly recommend and then a few years later when I was working on my Bachelors in Metaphysical Science. They have really worked for me over the years. They are helpful for refocusing thought patterns and getting clear on your desires, tho no guarantees come from affirmations, other than maybe some warm fuzzies feelings! And while I am not yet wealthy beyond my wildest imagination and expectations...I intend to be! LOL Its helps to say affirmations daily, having them posted some place u see often! Mine are usually on my refrig. Give it a try and see what manifests!!