Practicing the Universal LAw of Love

I have been practicing the Universe Law of Love for years: "treats others the want u want to be treated." I have witnessed spiritual teachers and leaders of all kinds, treat others with total disregard, arrogance and disrespect. I have seen people shunning other people just because they were different. I have seen corporations lie, manipulate and try to destroy people, nature and life. I have watched people treat animals. with abuse, like they are machines, and their sole worth for profit. I have watched as others who eat these animals, turn a blind eye to this abuse as well. And honestly, it has not every made any sense to me!

Ultimately, in my truth, everything that happens has a purpose, a rhythm, a reason, a path that leads us all to some kind of destination or outcome and once there the cycle of enlightenment begins again. I view the karma wheel from a place of neutral, nothing is good or bad, as it's just all an experience with an outcome. I do my best to stay off the judgement wagon, but sometimes I fall right off the wagon into my own pile of judgmental-ness. I for one tho, prefer to do my best every day and send love to everyone, even those who are acting naughty in my viewpoint. It does not mean I initially respond immediately with love and compassion, especially with those who choose to hurt our Mother Earth, Nature and animal friends. I may get triggered, get upset or cry, but I always in the end, send blessings, forgiveness, love, compassion and acceptance to everyone involved,including myself. I choose to look to Quan Yin, who in my mind is the most loving, compassionate, kind and accepting of us all in these cases. She reminds me that I to can choose unconditional love instead of conditional or reserved love!