The Energetic Heart Wall

We all have a shell, some have more than one!  Our DNA skin suit provides the shell for our magnificent Soul to go exploring the Universe! Some of us have had our Hearts so bruised, so hurt, so broken, by some of our experiences, that we have chosen to hide, shut down, or block out that pain, by placing some kind of a "shell" of protection around our hearts. I call these shells of protection, Heart Walls and at their CORE are low vibrating energies such as fear, unworthiness, feelings of being unlovable, not good enough or even powerlessness. Building this Heart Wall, may have been the only way at that time, that we knew how to help ourselves and that is okay as life is about learning, growing, and evolving. Some of these walls may have come from other lifetimes as well and are often built when we are little! Although, even as adults we can build these walls!

These walls of energy, which become our blocks, disconnect us from our Core Heart Center and come with consequences, ( as all things we do, do) often unwanted and unpleasant. We learn what happens when we block out the love. There is a huge price to pay, when we shut down, block out or hide away from our pain. For one, the body can begin to deteriorate and break down! We may get sick or feel unwell. We can create addictions and destructive behaviors to dull and ran from that pain. We may/ will end up attracting more and more of the same or similar types of experiences because one or two or three or more of these painful experiences is left unresolved in our energy fields! We may suffer, often in silence, we may feel anger, unhappy, worthless and powerless all the time. We remain in a state of disempowerment, because we choose to build a wall to hide behind.

These walls can and will affect every area of our life, including our partnerships ( of any type) our work, financials,( because the walls obstructs our ability to give and receive) health, wealth and happiness! You name it, energetic Heart Walls can and do affect every experience we have for many reasons! A few reasons include our self worth and self esteem, our feelings of being good enough and lovable, our ability to both give and receive love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and of course money.

How do we know if we have a Heart wall layer of some kind? Well most everyone has one layer, ( unless they consciously have resolved and removed it in some way) as any kind of trauma can create these walls. The wall of energy is a result of our responses to our experiences ( at the time) and are stored in the cell memory. Which is why, we can have more than one, and over time, they continue to come forward for us to bring into resolution. Health and money issues are a potential indication of a energetic heart wall, along with chronic illness, addictions, destructive habits, repetitive emotional and mental patterns, low self esteem and worth, feeling unlovable, not good enough, powerless, unattractive etc. *** Please note: These issues can also be attributed to other energetic and physiological factors as well and these types of sessions do not diagnose any kind of dis-ease or illness.

We are powerful, Sovereign beings of electric light consciousness and we always have a choice. We can choose to tear down those walls, face the pain we ran and or hide away from and see the beautiful lessons that are literally just waiting inside to be embraced! It takes courage and bravery to step up to the plate and tear down those walls, and to stop hiding, to come out of our shell! And when we do, the reward is so worth it! Because we are FREE from carrying the heavy load of emotional distress and upset, that even in some cases, may not even be entirely our own! We reconnect with the love that we are and begin to live the life we choose! Reclaim our empowerment and when we do that, we reclaim our life and our ability to be the nature CREATOR of our LIFE!

*The first step requires our acknowledgment that we have emotional clean up work to do.  *We must be willing to tear down that wall and clean up the mess we left behind! To work through that which has been left unresolved. We must be willing to talk about it! *We must be brave, have courage and step up to the plate and get it done! *We need to make a commitment and to remain committed to ourselves to do the inner emotional work needed! * We need to acknowledge that we are WORTH the effort and be willing to get the help we need to get it resolved! This will require, time, effort and money on our parts and we need to go to many different types of people to help us. Healing does not always turn out like what we expect. We must be open to resolutions!
Once we get started, it is so easy to follow through..we must step out of judgment and resistance to get where we want to go. There are plenty of folks out there now who can assist you in your journey!

I offer a custom Multi Dimensional Healing Session called Reconnecting to the Core Heart Center which helps with these types of Energetic Heart Walls blocks, if you feel I may be the one to assist you. Sessions are $150 for 60 minutes, although I find most sessions run to 75 minutes, which is billed at $3 per minute after 60.

***For the month of November, if you schedule and complete a Reconnecting to Your Core Heart Center MD Healing session, I will create and send you a digital picture of a Custom Crystal grid to help support your work after the session for FREE. (Like the picture in this post) This is a $60 value and a supportive tool for your session to keep!

Yes the session is expensive, however, remember we are entirely worth the investment! This is what doing this kind of work is, it's an investment in ourselves. And as my friend Radha said earlier today, these sessions creates a ripple effect! The healing continues long after the session is over and I do my best to work very gently, yet get to the core root of the matter!

MD Healing Sessions are layer by layer energy clearing work.  It's simple and effective, can be intense and yes you do have to participate! You may cry, you may laugh, you may shift through loads of emotions during the session, however, we do it together as a team and we will emerge out the other side, usually lighter and brighter! If you are ready to break down that wall and reclaim your empowerment, send me a from request, email or text to scheudle your appointment!


Mirror Mirror...whats all this drama showing up for me to see?

I wrote this post two years ago and posted on Facebook page, however, I did not post to my blog, high time that I did!..The Jupiter in Scorpio transit this year may bring forward plenty of drama for us to resolve, all a reflection of our own inner drama/unresolved or unsettled issues.  Everything in our life, its ALL a mirror.  I will repeat all a mirror of what is going on inside of us, our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, fears, joys memories, etc..etc.. and its often a bit distorted and out of our control.  We can control our selves, and our response to it!  We choose what we project and what we choose to see....SO its up to us to use our objectivity and step into observation to see the message of the mirror...Mirror, mirror on the wall..what are you showing me today?

The plus with the Scorpio energy is that it will help us uncover and dig up the TRUTH for ourselves..there is no hiding in this energy...well not without some hefty consequences...anything we choose to ignore, deny or dodge...this is the stuff that we give our power away to..if we want to be truly Sovereign..we have to face the maker ( which is ourselves) and reclaim our empowerment..Once we step out of judgement it becomes super easy to do so... everything is happening FOR US..not to US..

*******************  My motto is..everything is a better with a touch of humor!

It may seem like some " drama" is appearing out of the blue or out of nowhere for people right now. Meaning, someone treats or reacts towards us in a way that is possibly out of character, immature, insensitive, rude, or mean. We may have even experienced this kind of behavior from others, in other times in our lives! We may have not dealt with reactions like this for years! It may trigger us in some way, we may react, get our feelings hurt, or feel angry or sad, even lash out etc. And that is awesome!

For one thing, it shows us that we are dialed into our emotions and emotions tell us how we are responding to energy! They are not good, bad, right or wrong! Just responses to energy! We need our emotions to help us navigate the energy…with out them, its like trying to navigate a trip with no compass at all. Our society likes to "demonize" our emotions! Which is ridiculous frankly. Emotions are responses to energy..nothing sinister about that..however, we have seen some people get carried away by their emotion and do naughty stuff! :( Things that hurt others..and that is a sure sign of someone feeling powerless.

So it is in our own better interest to remain as objective as possible and treat others the way we want to be treated! Meaning if we do not want someone lashing out at us, we do not lash out at them, if we do not want others blaming us, we do not blame them etc. etc. Our feelings, emotions and actions are OUR responsibility! No one makes us feel anyway! And how we choose to react or act is a reflection of what is going on inside of us! It rarely if every, has anything to do with someone else. People in our life and our expereinces, serve as the what do u see looking back at you????? And If we or another chooses the "nasty route", ( as I call it) that is a sure sign that someone is operating from a feeling of powerlessness, which they may or may not be aware of. Many folks are checked out..asleep at the wheel, and its is in our advantage, not to take others actions personally. Tho sometimes it sure is easy to do is it not?

Another reason this may be coming up is this experience is being brought to our attention is to help us see where we may be out of alignment with our most authentic truth. Where we have felt or still feel powerless! Now, we can resolve any unprocessed or unresolved feelings and emotions and reclaim our empowerment or we can wallow, put it off or not deal with it..our choice. If it's something buried in our subconscious, we need that trigger so we are aware that it's there! We need it brought to the surface, so we can clear it out! If we choose to not deal with it,then another experience will arrive to give us the opportunity to work through it! And then another and another, till we finally step up to the plate and work it out.

Our "negative" reactions to life and our experiences can serve as the trigger, helping us to get in alignment with our authentic self. The key to this new energy is non judgment! Life is an experiment, an experience and it's our judgment of it that can make it painful! With observance, objectivity, love and compassion, we can sail right through these powerless experiences and right into our natural empowerment! Bring it on!


© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Written and Haphazardly edited By Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner..All around Metaphysical Jack of All Trades..

Jupiter in Scorpio Transist 2017

Depending on the Astrological Ephemeris you may look at, Jupiter has shifted into Scorpio on this 10/10 gateway after many, many moons in Libra! Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, so what every astrological sign it is in, will show us how that might manifest in our lives. It takes Jupiter around one year to travel its entire transit in one astrological sign. Our experience of this transit will vary, depending on what house it is transiting in, in our natal chart and what aspects it may be creating with the other planets in our chart! Those who have a Scorpio Sun or Moon, ( or even ascending and or Sun/moon midpoint sign) may find this a huge year of intense growth! As I have always said, transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them! Lol

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the tiny planet that got downgraded a few years back to ...well I am not sure of its status now, but supposedly it's no longer considered a planet! ( Really? lol) True to it's name, Pluto energy packs a punch like nobodies business and can knock us about at a whim, shake us up,turn us inside out and then spit us back out, all in one second flat! I think it deserves, planetary status for that alone! Lol It's transformative energy at its very finest, as it works its hard core magic in our lives. No fluff here I assure you! This little planets frequency is like a drill extractor, it will draw out and dig up every little thing that is hidden from our view and expose it to the light of awareness and then some. There is literally no hiding with this planet..none at tall!

Scorpio energy is deeply penetrating and helps us descend into its watery depths like no other sign! Scorpio is the epitome of transformation, like its ruling planet Pluto, and represents the basic theme of life...The Phoenix that rises from the ashes, the life,death and rebirth cycle. As we explore the unending mysteries of life, through the eyes of the Scorpion energy, we will often have profound realizations and aha moments that light our way on this often turbulent and wayward journey called life. Some of our realizations however, may show up as wake up calls that can come with a bit of a sting! This is the nature of the Scorpion energy..great depths, vast enLIGHTment, often accompanied with a bit of a bite to them!

When we match that type of energy with the expansive and evolutionary nature of Jupiter, we will have a power packed year of intense transformational growth that will help push us into new territory! Yes, some of things we will encounter this year may chew us up and spit us out...however, we will be forever changed, aware and enlightened by these experiences! So buckle up buttercups and get ready for the ride of your lives!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Astrologer..And Jack of All Metaphysical Trades.

There are many paths to Ascension!

There is no one road or path to experience Ascension..there are infinite pathways and roads, just as there is infinite possibilities...we may have similar experiences on this road, however, each path is unique unto each person.

Yes there are basic concepts of the Ascension process, such as we are shifting in vibration, evolving and growing, we are carrying more light, we are layering off eons of cellular memories, thus our cellular structure and response is changing and evolving, we are having various types of experiences, we are boldly going where no one has gone had to add that...however, this process is unique to each person who is experiencing it!

There is no one size fits all in Ascension clearing! It's simply....YOU being given the opportunity to change your view on many types of experiences that may have been deemed "good, bad or ugly" at the time it occurred or even in the present moment! Life is simply an experience, it's our judgment that labels it one way or another! If our previous view was distorted in some way, it's up to us to get out of our own way and shift that view into a new one, a new timeline that fits our new self..ideally one based on love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness! ( that's how we know it's distorted, its coming from judgement, instead of love and forgiveness) We can be viewing our experiences from our Core Heart Center! How that happens however, is entirely up to us!

Each time new waves of higher vibrating LIGHT flows into the planet, we get an upgrade of light/information, which in turn helps to dissolve the old, stored cellular experiences (information) that are no longer a frequency match and have been left unresolved and out of kilter in our DNA skin suits! It's like frozen darkness that is stored in our cells! That which is seeded in the dark, grows by the power of the light...This is what Ascension clearing's cleaning all the mess, we may have left behind and giving us an opportunity to grow and evolve to new viewpoints and find a balance, to discover more love, and compassion, to be love incarnate and experience unconditional love and acceptance! It's helping us to become Sovereign and empowered, to stand on our own two feet and become the very best we can be!

Yes we do create our own reality, which is a product of our chosen projections and perceptions! It's entirely subjective, as is varies from person to person! And yes time is simultaneous, with everything happening at once ( quantum physics) and we do create in the now, however, time is a 3D concept of our holographic reality. One second can equate to a 100 years on this planet. It's a natural progression and gives life more depth and meaning. We can see the growth, we can see the evolution through our perception of time! Without the construct of time, we would miss much of this!

Think how many experiences we can rack up in one day? Can you imagine how many experiences we can rack up in one lifetime? Not to mention all the other lifetimes we may have had, or our having? Intuitively, we can have an idea of what we did or are doing in our other lifetimes, however, we are tapped into this current reality. We can miss some of the experiences happening for us in other lifetimes or even the parallel lifetimes! Although they can and do bleed through into this life time! We are expanding to become more of our multi dimensional selves, and in so doing, we will eventually be able to shift back and forth into many dimensional states of reality, and we can do this now with our Consciousness, however, for now, we are focused mostly in experiencing one holographic reality during our waking state - 3D Earth.

So it comes down to this..We are walking, talking encyclopedias of our collected experiences, all which are stored in layers in our cells, and layer off in layers, indefinitely! It's our layered experiences ( stored in the cell memory) mixing with our current understanding, thoughts, beliefs, viewpoints etc... that help to create our projections and perceptions of reality..thus the" old and the new" are entirely entwined. The polarity is part of the experience and allows us to navigate to different positions on the poles..ideally in the middle is better!

This is why it's so important to clean up that which has been left undone, unresolved, ignored, denied, unforgiven, misunderstood judged or feared...these experiences can become our jailers, if left unacknowledged and sorted out, because we can create even more blocks to these painful experiences that we do not want to accept or embrace and we continue to create our reality based on them as well.

To be free, to be empowered, to be Sovereign, requires us to be willing to clean up these old, unresolved issues and bring them into some kind of resolution. We may think it's sorted, however, if our reality is showing us something different, ( the issue is showing itself again) it's time to look in the mirror, get out of our own way, take responsibility, and get it cleaned up!

This is where suspending our judgment of ourselves, others and sorted experiences is so key and crucial in the ascension clearing process...acceptance is the key..forgiveness, compassion, and love is mandatory to growth and evolution we do this is entirely up to us! Making the commitment to ourselves and our evolution is so helpful and honestly necessary to walk this journey!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Practitioner and All Around Metaphysical Jack of all trades. Lol * Everything is better with a touch of humor.....

Being Present and In Our Body!

We can be in our bodies but not present or paying attention. The lights are on but nobody is home. And if we are absent, then who is at the wheel??? We are all multi dimensional beings, with many aspects of ourselves experiencing life. When we are checked out, ( and we HAVE ALL done this at one time or another) our ego/ personality self often takes center stage and in some cases, even entities take over the wheel. Neither really have our best interest at heart as often are coming from a fear based, judgmental, wounded perspective. In the absence of light, all manner of darkness can occur.

The ego compromises among other things, the fragmented, traumatized aspects of ourselves. Not who we really want at the wheel nor driving our car! An entity is just taking a free ride, a current energetic match with us, attached and living in our auric/energy field and reliving their trauma and pain, through our experience! They can also be found "inside" as the entity may be attached to the cellular memory that has been stored and is now come up for clearing. So entities are not necessarily always on the "outside" in the auric field, they are also found on the inside, buried and trapped in our Cell memory as well. The term inner demons is bang on in this case! Everything is consciousness with some form of consciousness, that comes from the same Source, so entities are nothing to be fearful of.

In my experience, viewing life from a objective/ observation perspective, totally neutral, really helps to be and stay present. Also doing our inner emotional work, healing old wounds and traumas and rejoining our fragmented pieces back to our Soul, makes a world of difference. I know this from my own experience as have been actively doing this work for 7 years now.  I also help others do this inner work through utilizing intuitive insight, spiritual, metaphysical counseling, Reiki, Light Language, and multi dimensional healing that focuses on clearing energetic distortions and entity releasing.

Old wounds and traumas, if left unresolved will sit in our auric field and cell memory and continue to keep us not only in a time loop with the incident, but can also attract more of the same type of incidents. Until we finally decide we have had enough and address the issue, this is a revolving, repeating wheel. It's up to each person to deal with and embrace their own feelings and emotions. No one EVER makes us feel, think or do anything! Our choice, our responsibility. Shaming and blaming another for what we choose to see in the mirror and or do, think or feel is participating in the 3rd dimensional game of judgement and separation. There is no I am you and you are me..we are all aspects of each other, having various sorts of experiences, mirroring back our projections to each other. When we take FULL responsibility for what we choose to create and perceive, we are standing in our authentic empowerment! This is very easy when we toss out the judgement, ( of both ourselves and others) remain as objective as possible and understand that it is all in perfect and divine order.

Since the Earth and her inhabitants moved through the Ascension portal in Dec. 2012, we are all increasingly experiencing more LIGHT. Our body structures are changing and moving from carbon based to the crystalline, light filled bodies, able to access the higher dimensions of consciousness. The clearer we are of old past wounds and traumas, the more light we can hold, the higher our vibration and the better we feel! We can experience life from a higher, more loving perspective, feel more love and joy!

Everything in life is a CHOICE, choosing to be checked out and or holding onto old wounds and traumas just slows down the process, and lowers our vibration. So the big decision is what do we want our life to be like?? And we are willing to do the inner work to get there? Only ourselves can answer these questions! There is no right or wrong choice, as all of life is just an experience. We are all Sovereign,Divine beings of Creation, all perfect just as we are! Find the light and you will find the solution.

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
written by Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Practitioner and All around Metaphysical Jack of all Trades!

Welcome to 5D!

Many people are focused through a 3D lens and are tapped into one reality, perceiving an experience as the " only" possibility, when in all actuality, it's is just one of many possibilities, available to us in a Universe of Infinite possibilities.

When we focus through the 5D lens, we may see or focus on one potential possibility or reality, however, we KNOW that there are infinite possibilities to our reality!  We know that we can shift into different states of dimensional consciousness, viewing these realities from different points of view.   It's as simple as shifting our viewpoint.

There are no limits in a 5D consciousness reality, except those we place on ourselves. We are free to explore the many realities, shifting and changing as we see fit.

Quantum physics calls this the Many World Theory, which states, in my understanding, that every available possibility exists at the same moment and we tap into and focus on what every reality is a frequency match for us at that moment.

This theory can also explains why we have billions of different viewpoints and understandings in this World and how it really comes down to our own choice as to what reality we want to tap into. Just because we perceive that something is or is not happening, does not mean that it is the only possibility or that is really what is or is not happening! This is why I say that our projections and our perceptions are both our choice and responsibility!

We create our reality through a series of thoughts that turn into projections, that create our holographic reality. Projections are two way streets and also serve as our mirrors that allow us to perceive and see our reality. This is furthered influenced by our own thoughts,feelings, beliefs, emotions and of course any unresolved issues and or blocks we may have. This seriously colors what we see, our objectivity may fall to the way side and we may go into judgment about it! This is why practicing observation and objectivity is so key in our experiences, as it helps us to be neutral and not color our experiences with our own opinions and beliefs! In this balanced state, we can clearly see the many possibilities available to us to us at any moment.

Many people choose to be fearful of what they see! They may feel powerless to change it, which is a deceptive untruth..we are not able to change how another acts or responds, yes this is truth! However, we are able to change our perspectives, our minds, our thoughts, our beliefs, our choices, which in turn shifts our feelings and emotions and this also shifts our reality. Remember if it's our choice, it is our responsibility. We are full empowered beings, whether we are conscious of this yet or not. Many people are in the beginning stages of returning to their empowered states, while some are already fully stepping into their awareness and empowerment!  It's all just an evolutionary process and we are exactly where we need to be!

Stepping out of the 3D separation and judgment, stepping into the 5D infinite possibilities is a beautiful way to expand and evolve ourselves! Believing is one thing, knowing is another and living those beliefs and inner knowing is another!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner

Fall Equinox Sept. 22nd 2017

The Autumn Equinox is this Friday: 9/22/17. Each Equinox and Solstice serves as portal for the next wave of energies coming in and onto the planet. These astrological portals also serve as the triggering and awakening of a new group of souls into the ascension process.

Anyone who is on this planet at this moment, agreed to some level of ascension. Ascension basically means shifting to a higher frequency of light. Light is information, dark is essentially lack of information. The ascension codes are programmed into the DNA and once activated, there is no getting off that train, unless the person chooses to cross over. It's pretty much..sink or swim! Shit may be hitting the fan, however, it is opening the door for "shift" to happen as well! A sense of humor will really help in this process.

Once the Ascension codes are activated, so is the CLEARING process, which allows us the opportunity to increase our Light quotient. This happens naturally ( although not always comfortably both mentally, emotionally or physically) and often in big bursts and waves, when new high vibrating light frequencies come on to the planet. As the new frequencies are downloaded into our bodies, we release the layers of old cellular memory that are not in alignment to the higher energy and our most authentic selves. Thus our cells begin to hold more LIGHT! This clearing process can go on indefinitely, although I feel that we do reach a point, were the hard core clearing phrase is over and we can effortlessly release these old cellular memories with ease.

Around every Solstice and Equinox event, a new group or wave of ascending begins. This week will mark another Wave/ group of Ascenders, with each group activating at the following Equinox or Solstice respectively. This will continue yearly now, until minimum, 2035. So that racks up to around 19 yearly waves, as the first wavers started on 12/21/12, but the 2nd Wave group did not start till 3/21/15. The first wavers where setting the ground work, which was why that wave was SO long!

For those whose ascension process is now activated, or anyone who may be reading.... I want to share a few things to consider as you proceed on your Ascension path.

1. Life is simply an experience, an experiment. It is up to us to create these experiences and ALLOW these experiences to naturally unfold. We are able to control ourselves, not the experience or others.

2. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have at the moment.

3. If its our choice, it is also our responsibility. Meaning we are responsible for what we create/project into our reality and also what we choose to perceive/see. Our life is our choice and responsibility! ( Obviously minor children, senior adults, animal companions etc.. who may be in our care are our responsibility to some level. This is not what I am talking about here.)

4. This Universe has polarity, so there are ALWAYS to sides to everything! Just like a coin has two sides, our creative projections also act as mirrors and with each mirror, serving as a message. It's our responsibility to look in the mirror and get the message. No blaming others for what we CHOOSE to see or not see. Thankfully messages repeat themselves till we got it and we need to pay attention to get the message!

4. Our beliefs are powerful, they create our reality and can be very limiting and box us in. Focusing through our inner knowing is expansive and unlimited and serves as one of the keys to discovering the infinite possibilities in the Universe.

5. Our judgement is one of biggest obstacle we will encounter when walking the Ascension path. Judgment is what keeps us limited, in resistance, separation and duality! It will slow down our evolution. It can even derail the ascension process for a while, when we choose to focus through the 3D lens of labeling our experiences ( including people, places, things and events) as good, bad, right or wrong. Preference is one thing, judgemental attitudes is another.

6. Releasing our resistance to learn, grow and evolve will help the ascension process go much smoother.

7. Getting our of own way and looking at the messages arriving into our reality and working to shift our view points is one of the most crucial factors in the ascension process. Fear is usually what keeps us from exploring these mirrors that are bringing us messages. Step out of fear and judgement to easily move forward.

8. Life is happening FOR US NOT to us. We are not victims, WE ALL have the ability to choose our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, inner knowings, emotions, viewpoints and perspectives.

9. Everything is consciousness, with varying degrees of consciousness, coming from the same SOURCE: Prime Creator, which can also be called a million other names.( Buddha, God etc..).I am you, you are me..same SOURCE, different face and viewpoint.

10. Stepping into and re tuning to CORE HEART CENTER, which is the Inner child, is where we will find our true and most authentic empowerment. Discover and reconnect to your center! Our Center is our perfect balanced state, where we are the most joyful and fulfilled, creative and EMPOWERED! Our Center transmutes the FEAR!

11.Our Higher self/ Universe has our back! Trust in the process with an open heart and mind and know that it is ALL IN PERFECT AND DIVINE ORDER no matter what occurs!!!!

12. Many of our mirrors will also serve as TRIGGERS. Triggers are there to help us awaken to an issue that needs to be resolved and shifted in viewpoint. Triggers will come with a emotional charge of some kind, which can range from very mild to hard core! We may act (conscious) or react (unconscious) to these triggers. Triggers can come with the following feelings and or emotions such as anger, hate, rage, upset, irritability, judgment, guilt, sadness, frustration etc...this is HOW we recognize that we need to clean up something! If we choose to respond, with anything others then love, compassion, understanding and forgiving, then we have clean up detail!

13. Our physical, emotional and mental pain also serve as messages of what needs to be "cleaned up" and shifted to a different view point that aligns with our authentic truthWhile these types of messages may not be much fun, they are there to help us grow and evolve into the highest and greatest version of ourselves!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Heyde Class is a Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner, Author and a Metaphysical Jack of all trades! She is a First Waver Ascender with many, many moons of experience under her belt of the ascension process and clearing phrase. lol