Fall Equinox Sept. 22nd 2017

The Autumn Equinox is this Friday: 9/22/17. Each Equinox and Solstice serves as portal for the next wave of energies coming in and onto the planet. These astrological portals also serve as the triggering and awakening of a new group of souls into the ascension process.

Anyone who is on this planet at this moment, agreed to some level of ascension. Ascension basically means shifting to a higher frequency of light. Light is information, dark is essentially lack of information. The ascension codes are programmed into the DNA and once activated, there is no getting off that train, unless the person chooses to cross over. It's pretty much..sink or swim! Shit may be hitting the fan, however, it is opening the door for "shift" to happen as well! A sense of humor will really help in this process.

Once the Ascension codes are activated, so is the CLEARING process, which allows us the opportunity to increase our Light quotient. This happens naturally ( although not always comfortably both mentally, emotionally or physically) and often in big bursts and waves, when new high vibrating light frequencies come on to the planet. As the new frequencies are downloaded into our bodies, we release the layers of old cellular memory that are not in alignment to the higher energy and our most authentic selves. Thus our cells begin to hold more LIGHT! This clearing process can go on indefinitely, although I feel that we do reach a point, were the hard core clearing phrase is over and we can effortlessly release these old cellular memories with ease.

Around every Solstice and Equinox event, a new group or wave of ascending begins. This week will mark another Wave/ group of Ascenders, with each group activating at the following Equinox or Solstice respectively. This will continue yearly now, until minimum, 2035. So that racks up to around 19 yearly waves, as the first wavers started on 12/21/12, but the 2nd Wave group did not start till 3/21/15. The first wavers where setting the ground work, which was why that wave was SO long!

For those whose ascension process is now activated, or anyone who may be reading.... I want to share a few things to consider as you proceed on your Ascension path.

1. Life is simply an experience, an experiment. It is up to us to create these experiences and ALLOW these experiences to naturally unfold. We are able to control ourselves, not the experience or others.

2. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have at the moment.

3. If its our choice, it is also our responsibility. Meaning we are responsible for what we create/project into our reality and also what we choose to perceive/see. Our life is our choice and responsibility! ( Obviously minor children, senior adults, animal companions etc.. who may be in our care are our responsibility to some level. This is not what I am talking about here.)

4. This Universe has polarity, so there are ALWAYS to sides to everything! Just like a coin has two sides, our creative projections also act as mirrors and with each mirror, serving as a message. It's our responsibility to look in the mirror and get the message. No blaming others for what we CHOOSE to see or not see. Thankfully messages repeat themselves till we got it and we need to pay attention to get the message!

4. Our beliefs are powerful, they create our reality and can be very limiting and box us in. Focusing through our inner knowing is expansive and unlimited and serves as one of the keys to discovering the infinite possibilities in the Universe.

5. Our judgement is one of biggest obstacle we will encounter when walking the Ascension path. Judgment is what keeps us limited, in resistance, separation and duality! It will slow down our evolution. It can even derail the ascension process for a while, when we choose to focus through the 3D lens of labeling our experiences ( including people, places, things and events) as good, bad, right or wrong. Preference is one thing, judgemental attitudes is another.

6. Releasing our resistance to learn, grow and evolve will help the ascension process go much smoother.

7. Getting our of own way and looking at the messages arriving into our reality and working to shift our view points is one of the most crucial factors in the ascension process. Fear is usually what keeps us from exploring these mirrors that are bringing us messages. Step out of fear and judgement to easily move forward.

8. Life is happening FOR US NOT to us. We are not victims, WE ALL have the ability to choose our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, inner knowings, emotions, viewpoints and perspectives.

9. Everything is consciousness, with varying degrees of consciousness, coming from the same SOURCE: Prime Creator, which can also be called a million other names.( Buddha, God etc..).I am you, you are me..same SOURCE, different face and viewpoint.

10. Stepping into and re tuning to CORE HEART CENTER, which is the Inner child, is where we will find our true and most authentic empowerment. Discover and reconnect to your center! Our Center is our perfect balanced state, where we are the most joyful and fulfilled, creative and EMPOWERED! Our Center transmutes the FEAR!

11.Our Higher self/ Universe has our back! Trust in the process with an open heart and mind and know that it is ALL IN PERFECT AND DIVINE ORDER no matter what occurs!!!!

12. Many of our mirrors will also serve as TRIGGERS. Triggers are there to help us awaken to an issue that needs to be resolved and shifted in viewpoint. Triggers will come with a emotional charge of some kind, which can range from very mild to hard core! We may act (conscious) or react (unconscious) to these triggers. Triggers can come with the following feelings and or emotions such as anger, hate, rage, upset, irritability, judgment, guilt, sadness, frustration etc...this is HOW we recognize that we need to clean up something! If we choose to respond, with anything others then love, compassion, understanding and forgiving, then we have clean up detail!

13. Our physical, emotional and mental pain also serve as messages of what needs to be "cleaned up" and shifted to a different view point that aligns with our authentic truthWhile these types of messages may not be much fun, they are there to help us grow and evolve into the highest and greatest version of ourselves!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Heyde Class is a Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Practitioner, Author and a Metaphysical Jack of all trades! She is a First Waver Ascender with many, many moons of experience under her belt of the ascension process and clearing phrase. lol

Frequency Shifts of Weather - Intuitive Insights from the last few days

The last couple of days have proven to be really eye opening for me. I got the hit to share some intuitive insights because others may be going through something similar with the historical flooding occurring in and around the coast and Houston area. Blessings and love to all those effected ( both directly and indirectly) and dealing with these massive shifts in frequency that come from navigating ( and managing) such an epic and intense weather occurrence. You have been in my thoughts! We are all connected, so all of us are dealing with our "own personal hurricane" at present, as my friend Amanda reminded me this morning!

I grew up and lived in Tornado alley much of my life! Many Many years in Kansas and Oklahoma, with 10 years in Texas. I only just realized this weekend, that this was apparently by my Souls design, so I could learn how to shift frequency on a massive scale! And I am damn good at it! lol Interesting the insights we garner when disasters strike. Tornado's shift frequency in a fast moving, swirling, spiral motion, just like a vortex....its intensity is behind anything one can imagine, unless you happen to have gone through one. Which I have....( as have many others) many times..once in a car, when I was around 4-7 years old. I have the vaguest recollection of being in the car and looking out at the window and the World was crashing all around me..I even remember seeing this huge cone of black clouds lifting to the sky.. I can recall vaguely, feeling fascinated by it all..typical Elemental! LOL

I also recall, one tornado occurring done the street from my home on the night of my highs school graduation! If you have every seen the destruction and ravage of the after math of a tornado, it will almost rip out your guts..not to be graphic, but that is the only way I can describe it..for those of us highly emphatic, it's a very difficult frequency to assimilate and process. I can remember driving through the after math of a tornado in the 2000 time frame in Oklahoma, near OKC. It took me weeks to recover from not only the visual destruction, but also the sheer, raw, energetic frequency of desolation on such an grand scale. All I could say at the time was OMG.

Floods and Hurricanes can create very similar types of scenarios, along with tornadoes that are spun from all the chaos and high winds involved. Water has a very cleansing effect and shifts frequency in a much different way then does tornadoes, although, perhaps a bit more gently then the later in some ways. None the less, water can create new channels and avenues of understanding! Its just pushes itself through and can create a new way very quickly! Water rushing is a perfect example..flooding is reflective on the energetic level of an over abundance of emotion raising up to be accounted for. Make no mistake, ALL WEATHER is energy that collects up from all over the entire Earth. Depending on the frequency imprint of the geographical area and the inhabitants, along with the overall signature frequency of the areas, will determine what kind of WEATHER it experiences, along with creates and manifests.

The Southern tip of Texas is definitely going through hard core, major frequency shifting on epic levels. However, Texans are tough cookies, with Courage in their bones and they will rock through this ordeal, literally in some cases and come out the other side, stronger, more resilient and better than every! Many people around the US and the World are stepping up and supporting those in Texas with prayers, energetic work etc..We got your back, we feel you and we are there for you ALL..I was Reiki blanketing, protective bubbling and calling in Divine light service for the entire area, and sending Reiki! :)

So after viewing the pictures the other day of the historic flooding in Houston, I began to see that this like a modern version of the fall and flooding of the Islands of Atlantis. This hit me like a tidal wave and damn near knocked me..I burst out into tears with the acceptance and shock of this insight. I then understood, that for many of us who were there at Atlantis and witnessed the utter destruction, fall and sinking of Atlantis, that this was the trigger. It is now time to heal that open wound that has been sitting in many peoples DNA for thousands of years. If this resonances with you, I urge you to explore those emotions and wounds in the best way you know how. You may feel fear, panic, anxiety, anger or even grief. Just ride the roller coaster, as you will feel so much better when you get off.

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! What happens to one happens to all, although our perspectives and experiences will vary depending on where we are at both emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and also physically, along with our geographical location. Be gentle with yourselves, be kind and supportive, so we can easier ride this roller coaster out my friends. The energy is pretty crazzzzzzzzie right now!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

New Moon Intentions on this Power Solar Eclipse

What a day!  Besides a total Solar Eclipse, we experienced a New Moon in Leo!  This is a primo day to write our New Moon Intentions, although, due to the 5 planet retrograde, with one of the planets being Mercury, our intentions may be a bit slow to manifest themselves or may require review or revision at some point. 

Listed below is a excerpt from my forthcoming book, " Shifting Your Money Frequency" due out, I am hoping in Late Fall, 2017 on how to do New Moon Intentions for those who may not know or would like a review!

New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is a wonderful time for new beginnings. I view these times as an opportunity to get clear about what my desires/intentions are and what I would like to achieve in the next 30 days or so. It's like placing an order with the Universe for what I desire the most. It helps us to get focused on what we would like to accomplish and gives us an avenue to put our intentions out into the World!

After 17 plus years of writing monthly intentions during New Moon times, I have found that some of my intentions have manifested very quickly, while others have taken years, a few not at all (such as winning millions in the lottery, yes I asked! ) and others not at all how I had anticipated!! ( Giving up sugar is the first thing that comes to mind) SO obviously, there are no guaranteed results or outcomes when we create these intentions. It's a bit like playing Wheel of Fortune, however, I am a FIRM believer that all requests we make to the Universe, all manifest eventually, and all in perfect and divine timing and order.

Basic Guidelines for New Moon Wishes. I feel that guidelines are just that, guidelines! Our imagination and intuition are always the best way for us specifically, to create something! The key is to be as clear and concise about what you desire and intend to manifest!!

1. Hand write your intentions, as there is loads of energy in handwritten intentions. In addition, you can say them out loud as well. Clear and concise intentions are the best!
2. Keep the list short, perhaps around 10 intentions, with all of them pertaining to YOU!
3. Single intentions are the ideal. Intentions that state two desires can often create muddled results!
4. The ideal is to write out your intentions within 8 or so hours of the New Moon, however, anytime during the day or even the next day is fine. I have written a few a week later!
5. Trust your intuition as to how to write out the intention. I have written an intention and immediately turned around and rewrote it in another way. Be as clear and concise as possible.
6. What we believe will have a major impact on the outcome of our intentions. Beliefs in of themselves can be very limiting. So if you do not believe you will get your wishes, then you are not as likely to manifest them.
6. Being open to the manifestation of our intentions is most important. Once we get clear, we can help them manifest as well, by following our own inner guidance on what to do next!
7. Please understand that old beliefs or unresolved emotions can be a potential block for our intentions manifesting! These will need to be re framed and resolved in many cases, before said intention will manifest into our experiences.

I have learned with experience, to be open and embrace what comes. I truly "believe" that what every does or does not manifest is for our highest and greatest good. I keep a notebook with all my monthly intentions in it for the year. I date and list the New Moon for easy reference, so I can see what may or may not have manifested. It also lets me review my intentions, so I can restate an intention/wish again the following month, especially if it has not yet manifested.
Our intentions help us create our experiences. They act as both the arrow that we shoot out into the World and as the anchor to ground and manifest our desires into our reality! Once we make a choice and state that intention to the Universe, we are turning on our creative ability to manifest our desires! There are infinite possibilities in this Universe, so truly the "only" limit we have is what we can dream up to create!!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class - Certified Psychic Intuitive and Astrologer and All around Metaphysical Jack of all Trades!


Total Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid August, 21, 2017

eclipse grid.jpg

Crystal Grid for Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo 8/21/17. Outer Circle: Magnetite, Rhodonite, Kunzite. Middle circle: Prehnite, Stichtite, Tibetan Quartz, Sunstone. Inner circle: Apophylite, Sugilite, Pietersite. Center Stones: Red Jasper, Double Term Super Seven.

You can use this grid just simply by looking at it and pondering any insights that you receive.  I often write down what I get intuitively, as my insights are so fleeting, I will forget! lol

I admit, I got a bit carried away! Lol Typical Leo frequency coming out with a roar!  This is my gift to everyone for this huge reset frequency shift.  If you are interested in me creating a personal Crystal grid to assist you, check under Custom Crystal Grids tab for more details! I wrote below, what I felt was relevant for each crystal with this specific grid, although these crystals can do so much more.  Each person will respond differently, with no guarantee of any kind of a specific shift or results.

Crystals help to shift our frequency.  When they are used in a grid, they work like a unified group to help shift us in amazing ways! I call them our subtle support system, as they are continually working in the background and we may not realize how much so!  Grids amplify our intentions and when you create a grid, you choose crystals that will support the intention.  I always create crystal grids, entirely intuitively. I just go by feel, inner knowing and often move them around till it feels best. When I check the books, they are always bang on! Lol To many crystals to remember all what they can do!

Every time we have a big frequency shift, our signature frequency will shift as well. Anything that is residing in the cellular makeup that is no longer in alignment with the new, higher frequencies, comes up to the surface from clearing and resolution. What's going on in our experiences will mirror what we need to clear, so paying attention is to our advantage. Essentially, we have to clean up and release the old, to make room for the new. Resistance makes it even more difficult. An open heart and mind assists us in releasing and moving forward. As I said to a friend today, shifting to a perspective that all experiences are occurring FOR us, not to us, allows us to reclaim our empowerment and take responsibility for our lives! This Eclipse will manifest effects for months to come! 

Starting up top, the Magnetite helps rebalance our polarities and realigns the auric fields and meridians, helping to calm everything down! The Kunzite helps spark our life purpose, to relax and adjust, resolve conflicts and let go of the old!  Rhodonite helps us with reaching our highest potential, healing our precious heart and balancing the yin and yang energy in the body. Add in encouraging generosity, a true gift from Leo the Lion!

Middle Circle: Prehnite helps to promote unconditional love, our inner knowing, healing and connecting to other Galactic races. Stichtite helps assist us in forgiveness of both ourselves and others, and clearing unresolved issues. Has a calming influence. Tibetan Quartz helps to open our 7th chakra and awaken our inner knowing tenfold! It amplifies all the other crystals in the grid. Sunstone has strong regenerative properties, represents the Sun, which is ruled by Leo in Astrology. This stone assists us in reclaiming our empowerment and independence. Very nurturing, inspiring and joyful!

Inner circle: Apophylite, helps us access our Akashic records. Assists us with insights into our own behavior, acts as a portal to channel information from higher dimensions, helps us let go of repressed emotions and get a grip! Sugilite brings love online and teaches us how to walk our talk! Leo is known for a bit of a boast..you know. the larger than life stuff....helps Empaths, Starseeds and Frequency Holders to better adjust to Earth heavy densities. Pietersite is a great awakening and grounding stone both for our physical and auric bodies. Helps us break out of the duality concept, realizing that separation is an illusion. Also connects us to our inner guidance and helps us get out of own way basically!

Center: Red Jasper is the primo nurturing stone and helps us get our feet back on the ground, so we are not flying all over the place! It assists us with being honest, fore right, disciplined and courageous, like a Lion! It helps to strengthen the body and stabilize our 1st chakra which often goes out of whack, with these big frequency shifts!  Double Termed Super Seven is a spiritual powerhouse extraordinaire! Like Quartz, it's amps up all the other crystals in the grid and helps us to All shift, planet included! Helps us reconnect to both our higher self and to Source Creation.

© Written by A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class, Certified Psychic Intuitive and Crystal Therapist. A true Metaphysical Jack of all trades! :) Note** This grid claims no guaranteed results nor is diagnosing any kind of physical or mental conditions. As with all energetic shifting, use discernment and responsibility.

The Title of Light Worker is your choice!

I have noticed over the last few months a big todo ( mostly on Facebook) about people not calling themselves "light workers" now, because it's the " false lights" way to manipulate and control people to work for them.  Since I do believe in infinite possibilities and polarity in 3rd dimension atleast, yes this is very possible.  However in my viewpoint..anyone who works with information is a " light" worker.   So teachers, computer programmers, radio, writers, bloggers, authors, healers etc..etc..are light workers..LIGHT is information and those who give out information are working with light! I am in essence a " light worker."  I am a spiritual teacher and proud to be so! However, I feel that a sovereign, star seed frequency holder is closer to the mark for me.  Regardless, it's all just a label and no label has any power of us, and neither do others, unless we give our power away to the label or the person! I say call yourself what every the heck u want to! Your life, your truth, your choice, your responsibility.

Now, not all light/ information is created equally..we have the dodgy variety and the divine variety, with everything in between. It's our discernment and objectivity that helps us decide what is OUR TRUTH.   Making those choices is our responsibility! Our truth may not match up with another's and that's aok..we do not need anyone's approval or support to believe what we want.  Just because we believe something and another does not, or visa versa, does not make what we or they believe, right or wrong!

We are all Creators, we were ALL birthed from the exact same place, Source..we are electric light consciousness capable of so much more then we have been told!  What that also means is that the " false" also comes from the same Source, just different end of the polarity spectrum and it all has its purpose!

Our life is our responsibility, no one else's..so this is also a shout out to every being on this planet who sees, understands and lives this! And bless those who may not be there yet, as life is an experience, an experiment of epic proportions of Infinite possibilities.  Every stage of our lives plays a vital role in our Soul development. It all matters, it's all Important, it's all our choice, living in this holographic projected reality!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class :)

Time Lines, Infinite Possibilities and Psychics

As we continue to shift (both personally and as a Collective,) into a heart based and expansive, multi dimensional experience and consciousness, open to the infinite possibilities in this Universe, reading timelines can get really tricky! All timelines run in pairs. This is due to the Law of Polarity. Also at the present, I am intuitively getting, that we have a min. of 12 Collective timelines running at the moment, which are all in different, dimensional states of consciousness Holy Wow! We pick up on that which we can tap into and our a frequency match with. So what that means is we have around 24 Collective timelines shifting around..that's alot of timelines and this does not include your own personal timelines..like I said..infinite possibilities, which blows the whole right/wrong paradigm right out of the water! LOL We can find ourselves on a different timeline experience in a blink of an eye!

So there are Collective timelines that involve humanity as a collective experience, such as world events, elections etc... They are the most difficult to read because so many people are involved in creating those timelines. And for each timeline, it has an opposite running timeline. We have multiple timelines running currently, which criss cross and intersect each other. Sorting them out sometimes can be a bit of a go, because we as a Collective are changing so rapidly! Please understand these timelines are all possible, so really, no one is calling it "wrong" as they are tapped into a specific timeline and or are seeing all the possibilities.

Now each being, ( human, animal etc) has their own timelines as well, which again have their opposites. You can be running multiple timelines, just as the Collective does. It can get complicated..lol..so not only are we all on "Collective timelines", we also have Personal timelines. Please remember, what you choose to focus on and believe, is part of what creates your timelines. Also, all your collective experiences helps to determine and influence your timeline experiences..and they are not linear either..they go in all sorts of directions, happening all at once! You can shift your personal timeline at will by your intention, tho not so much the Collective timeline..in this case, you are more a raindrop in the ocean! Collective timelines, shift by the combined frequency of the entire group of beings, However, your frequency is just as important and needed as, anyone else's!

Just as every profession has, there are psychic readers who are ethical and in integrity, doing their very best to assist others. There are also those who are dodgy and are not, and then those who are everything in between. Some psychics are self taught, others educated in the psychic arts or our a mix of both. ( I am self taught and educated.) The psychic profession in general has had a reputation in the past for employing dodgy practitioners who are folks you can not trust. Personally, I think that's not true. I know alot of incredible practitioners who are very ethical and in integrity!

So when you get a session from a Psychic, they are using their psychic abilities and intuition to read timeline possibilities, potential outcomes, energy frequencies and signatures and/or your Akashic records etc. Psychic readers are ALL different and have many different abilities and skills! Some do predictive or Akashic work, others are more spiritual or metaphysical counselors or consultants, others more healers or a combo or a mix of skills. We all vary, and no one size fits all here! There are many very talented psychics on the planet at present! We are able to bring through, that which we can understand, perceive, pick up, tap and tune into. Just because one psychic or reader, picked up something and another may not have, does not mean one is better then the other! Every reader is unique and has their own strengths and expertise.

Choosing a reader is best by how you feel when you see or read about them. Always trust your own intuition as to whether someone is the best reader for you or not! And most especially, if what they told you is "truth" for you specifically. Our cells will ring when we hear OUR truth! TRUST YOUR OWN INTUITION ABOVE ANY OTHER PERSONS! Readings are fabulous for guidance and to help us get clear about matters. They are not meant to replace your own intuition, inner guidance, or truth. Always use your discernment and objectivity with any type of session you may receive, no matter who it is from!

About me: I have not every been a fan of "predictive" psychic work to be honest! Predictive readings are basically telling someone what may or may not happen to them in the future based on the current timeline. Here's the deal, nothing is every set in stone, there are multiple timelines running with infinite possibilities and readings are good solely for them moment they are given period! Very early in my career, I did do predictive tarot readings, then I moved into what I call semi predictive work, by mixing astrology and tarot. It felt more empowering, because frankly, I did not feel it was very empowering to tell someone, what MAY happen to them. I always felt readings where just to help us get clear and we could alter that which was not working for us from the information we received.

By the way, I am in no way, saying I think predictive readings are wrong or bad. I just do not like doing them and I have done my fair share!. :) I have a friend of mine, who is one of the best predictive readers I have every met, the best of the best! I refer people to her, when someone finds me and wants a predictive. Predictive readings have their purpose and place, they are just not my cup of tea.

So over the years, (29 years in May, 2017) I grew, evolved, tweaked and find my own style and keep updating the type of sessions I did. My sessions are a mix of all my skills and I choose to help folks reclaim their natural empowerment, get clear on their intentions and desires and then THEY can choose their potential outcomes and possibilities. Total win win! The astrology reading I do, is the closest thing I do now that has anything remotely to do with "predicting." And in this case, we are looking at favorable astrological aspects and conditions and how to take advantage of these. Again nothing is every set in stone! Our life is our choice and our responsibility!

It is easy to see personal outcomes, when looking at one persons potential and collective choices. I am great at seeing potential outcomes, I am even better at seeing/spotting mental and emotional patterns in individuals that are holding them back from their desires and natural empowerment. This is by far, my expertise in the Intuitive metaphysical consulting arena. What I am not so strong with is COLLECTIVE outcomes that involve humanity.

If you are interested in my sessions, you can check out my website under A Celestial Solution. I learned that if I put the URL in the posts, then less people see the post..go figure! lol

© A Celestial Solution/ Heyde Class *Metaphysical Jack of All Trades..Certified Psychic Intuitive and Medium, Astrologer and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The Weekly Forecast Feb.19th - Feb.25th 2017

Forecast for the Week of Feb.19th - Feb. 25th, 2017.
We are in a reflection state, working towards creating a better balance in our daily life and experiencing a balance in both giving and receiving. Through so doing, we can become reacquainted with our greatest joy! The week events may seem a bit "nebulous" or even chaotic, with some incidents happening very unexpectedly or opportunities manifesting out of the clear blue sky! We are winding down, getting ready to "wake up" again on the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Feb. 26th. We will continue to have spontaneous revelations and perhaps experience unexpected disclosures this entire week.

*Key crystal to work with this week is Amethyst. Amethyst can help us find our center, and calm us on the emotional level. It also can aids us in decision making and creating a balance for ourselves. It's a fabulous crystal to assist us in developing our clairvoyance and intuition. A alternative to stone to work with this week is the Nebula Stone, (It seemed appropriate since this week felt, nebulous to me) which can help assist in discovering our Oneness with life and learning to navigate the 5th Dimensional energies of infinity.

*Key Essential Oil to work with this week: Sandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum) Sandalwood is like calmness and tranquility in a bottle! It can help to induce a deep state of relaxation and reflection, giving us a solid structure, to help us discover our center. For some reason, I always think of sandy beaches when I smell this EO, perhaps its the name! ( If you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, have high blood pressure, allergies or seizures, consult your Medical practitioner before using any Essential Oils.)

Key flower to work with this week is the Yellow Rose. I used the Doreen Virtues Flower deck, which states, the yellow Rose supports discovering a balance in our life and our joy! Yellow is associated with the 3rd chakra, which is our mental/will center. Through mental reflection, we can discover objectivity and balance. Once we become better balances, our joy is easier to find as well!

*Key color to work with or wear this week is light blue. Blue is the most relaxing, restful color and can be deeply restorative. We have plenty of fire and air energy this week, (astrologically) so the blue can help calm down some of the intense, excessive energy! Darker shades, may be to heavy, for the 4th quarter, so try periwinkle blue or sky blue to keep it on the light side.

Movie, Music and Book:
Movie: Peaceful Warrior Book: Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman Music: The Track " Amethyst" on the Crystals CD by Llewellyn.

Peace, Love and Joy to you all. Namaste

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
Written By Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and Metaphysical Jack of all trades!