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Offering Intuitive Metaphysical Consulting, Multi Dimensional Energy Shifting, Astrological Consultations, Custom Crystal grids & Activators and Reiki Instruction

Special Note: I am currently unavailable for any kind of session work at this time, due to a death in my family. ( I may be back to work in early 2019.)  I highly recommend Andreas Foulkes for her Emotional Transformation sessions and or Amanda Romania, for her akashic therapy sessions.  Both woman are outstanding at their work,  the best of the best.

every day we can Reclaim our authentic Empowerment and Natural Sovereign state!

  • Are you willing to transform yourself into the best version of you? 

  • Are you willing and ready to go to the next level? 

  • Are you willing and ready to be your most authentic self and live your most authentic life? 

  • Are you willing and ready to connect to your Core Heart Center? 

  • Are you willing and ready to make the investment in yourself and do the work that needs to be done? 

  • If so, then you have come to the right place!

Hello and welcome! My name is Heyde Class and I am a Professional Intuitive Metaphysical Consultant and Multi Dimensional Energy Shifting Artist that works with people who are ready and willing to reclaim their authentic empowerment and nature sovereign state, by helping them to reconnect with their Core Selves, or as I call it, with their Core Heart Center!  Over the years, we can easily get disconnected from our core heart space simply by experiencing the ups and downs of life.  When we reconnect, we can easily find our mastery, our love, our balance and our wholeness! 

When we connect and live in our Heart Center, we are living in the present moment, our true place of authenticity and empowerment.  From this place, we can easily create the life we choose, rather then creating our life by default.  We feel stronger, more vibrant and energized.  We get in touch with our own special brand of magic that only we can create and send our loving vibrations out into the World! We can see the World as place of infinite possibilities and unlimited experiences! Living in our Core Heart space is truly the ultimate place to be! The Universe led you here for a reason, so are you READY to heed the call to step up to the plate and be who you are really meant to be?  If so, then please check out my services and see what I have to offer! Namaste

We are all birthed from the same energy Source: Source Creation, connected together in some way, by an intricate web of vast experiences! it matters not what suit we have on in this life, whether its a human, animal, tree or plant, what is done to one is done to all.  The first Hermetic Principal states that everything is consciousness.  We are all some form of Electric Light Consciousness, having various experiences throughout the universes. No one is more special than the other, tho due to our background and unique genetic makeup, our personal experiences are, as we are the only one who can experience them in that way.

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