Re-Discovering Your Most Authentic Empowerment by Connecting to our Core Heart Center

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  • Are you ready to open your heart to all the possibilities, to re-discover your most authentic empowerment and live your most authentic life?

  • Are you ready to reconnect to the authentic YOU; your Core Heart Center? 

  • Are you ready to make the investment in yourself to help you became the best version of yourself? 

  • If so, then these Empowerment Sessions are for you!  

During these sessions, I will utilize a wide variety of skills ranging from Intuitive Metaphysical Consulting, Astrology, and or Akashic Record Timeline Reading, perhaps even Mediumship, (if applicable,) to help assist you reestablish your connection to your Core Heart Space! Every session is tailored specifically for YOU and where you are at, at the moment and is focused on helping you reconnect to your Core Heart Center and reclaim your authentic empowerment and natural sovereign state. 

Life is truly an experience, where we can have many ups and downs over the years!  As a result, many of us have developed coping mechanisms, and or REPETITIVE thoughts, beliefs, habits, emotions, issues and patterns, which are often an indication of conscious or subconscious and or an unresolved emotional issue, manifesting themselves into our reality and experience.  Patterns and or unresolved issues always have a root cause, which usually begins in our early childhood between zero to six, the time we are creating our Core Emotional programming which becomes the foundation of our emotional experiences for our lifetime!  We also can find our most authentic self within these early years, our inner child, our Core Heart!  When you work directly with the root cause, you have a better opportunity to bring the issue into resolution, understanding and balance!

So if you find yourself in a never ending "loop" of undesirable beliefs, habits, patterns or experiences or your life is not mirroring back that which you desire or you just simply want a change in your thinking, then it is time to start working on transforming some of your conscious and subconscious beliefs.  These beliefs and patterns can also come from experiences we have had from our "past, present, future, cosmic or even life between life times" and also from any unresolved, unprocessed and repressed/unexpressed feelings and emotions from this lifetime or even another lifetime!  To access others timelines and lifetimes we can look into our Akashic records to help us find some resolutions!  When combined with intuitive metaphysical counseling, it's a helpful and effective way to bring unresolved issues into resolution and balance. 

When we connect to our Core Heart Center, life becomes so much more enjoyable and balanced.  We are able to stay centered and in our present moment, which is our place of true empowerment!  We begin to develop our self mastery, self love and find our authentic balance!  We establish a strong connection with our selves and can feel empowered again!  You will find while doing this work, that every session will be different, however, they all have one thing in common, they always center around assisting you in re establishing your connection to your Core Heart Space and rediscovering and reclaiming your authentic empowerment!  We work towards getting to the very core of the issue, sorting it out together, the best we are able.  I do not and will not do the work for you, rather I simply help light the way on your journey, acting as both a space holder and a facilitator to help you shift your signature frequency.  This is what a energy practitioner is really doing, holding space and helping someone shift their frequency into a new perspective and space.  The client is healing themselves!

Listed below are the types of empowering, Intuitive Metaphysical Counseling sessions, I am currently offering to help people reclaim their empowerment and connection to their Core Heart Center.  These sessions can be purchased individually or you can purchase a package.  (Save $$)  Ideally, making a commitment to and investing in YOURSELF is one of the MOST important things YOU can do!!  I also highly recommend having at least one Multi Dimensional Healing Session, where we work on removing layers of the energetic Heart Wall that many people have put into place.  You can read more about that under the Core Heart Center Re connection Tab.

The Six Core Heart Connection EMPOwerment Sessions

*Identifying your Core Heart Center Emotion: This session is designed to help you find the key emotion of your Core Heart Center, assisting you to reestablish your sacred connection to your authentic heart space! We all come into this World with a core emotion, that links us to our most authentic self  and Core Heart Center, ( inner child) along with 3-5 additional e-motions that can play out over our lifetime.  Knowing what these specific emotions are, is key in developing our self mastery, self love and balance for this life.

*Shifting Your Love Frequency: This session is designed to help you get in touch with your Core Heart Center and work with any issues and or blocks that may be getting in the way of opening your Heart to experience more self love, self worth and acceptance.  We also reestablish the connection to our Divine Higher self, which can led us into greater mastery!

*Forgiveness and Emotional Resolution:  This session is designed to help you get to in touch with your Core Heart Center and work through any issue you may have that needs clarity, resolution and most of all forgiveness.  Sometimes, we are not sure how to even start with this process, let alone forgive the other person or ourselves.  I have developed a easy step by step process that helps you move through that resolution and forgiveness process.  When we forgive, it helps to free us up from the old energetic energy and moves forward in more joy and peace! In the 90 minute Forgiveness sessions, we create a forgiveness tree, a powerful tool that can help to support you after the session.

*Reclaiming Your Empowerment and Sovereignty: This session is designed to help you connect with your Core Heart Center by identifying and focusing on the areas where you may have given away your empowerment and then reclaim it!  We can give away our empowerment to others in many ways such as feeling like someone made you feel a certain way, or that you had no choice about something or that you felt powerless to do anything to help someone else.  All examples of giving away our power!  Once we acknowledge the how, why and where we are giving away our power, we can begin to reclaim our empowerment and our life will begin to change.  We can feel stronger, more empowered and ready to engage in new experiences and adventures!  We begin to take responsibility for ourselves and our experiences, instead of living on default!

*Discovering Your Core Intentions:  This session is designed to help you get in touch with your Core Heart Center, to achieve further clarity about your life, choices, and intentions, and or helping you identify areas that may be holding you back from living your most authentic life!  This session is better to do, after the others types, because we can often have different intentions, once we do the forgiveness and emotional resolution work and the empowerment work.

*Shifting Your Money Frequency: This session is designed to help you get in touch with your Core Heart Center and work with any issues that may be blocking you from opening UP to receive!  Receiving is just as important as giving, so when we find the balance, we shift our frequency and can open up to more abundance and prosperity.

These sessions are best suited for someone who is open, ready, and willing to do the work they need to do, to get where they want to be!  Your results are entirely dependent on WHAT you choose to do and what you choose to face in these sessions!  It's all about empowering you to make your own choices, creating your own outcomes, choosing your own destiny and helping you live in your most authentic heart space and life!  Sometimes we just need someone to help give us some direction or new ideas!  So are you ready invest in yourself and make that commitment to all six sessions, or are you simply attracted to one or two of the sessions?  As always follow your own intuition as to what sessions you may want to do and when you are ready to do them.

You can request an appointment via the form below, phone, text or Messenger.  Sessions are available via Phone or Video Conferencing. I am now offering email Questions. Please see the tab under "Scheduling a Session" for more details on email sessions. 

You can also enhance your session and save money to boot, by adding on and having a custom created Crystal Grid or Chakra Light Code Activator!  See Pages on Custom Activator and Crystal Grids for more details. There is no additional consult in this case, as I create the Grid from the information provided in the Session. It will be created to help support your progress after the session and comes with a digital photo and short explanation of the crystals used via email.


Phone Or SKYPE sessions: 30 Minute - $60 • 60 Minutes - $105 • 90 minute - $150

**Additional Minutes after 60 minutes are billed at $2.00 per minute

*Package Sessions: 4 - 60 minute Sessions - $380 • 6 - 60 minute sessions: $540


Now Offering For Established Clients only: Email Questions Session

billed at $2 per minute with a Prepay of $25 Min. - $100 Max


*Add A Custom Crystal Grid to your Session for just $30, $45 or $60

( Digital Photo Small Size: $30 Reg.$60 • Medium Size: $45 Reg.$90 • Large Size: $60 Reg. $120)

     *Add on a Custom Chakra Light Code Activator to Your Session for $60

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Disclaimer: Intuitive Metaphysical Consulting Sessions: You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a session.  Sessions are for information purposes only and are not meant for replacement of proper medical care, psychological or counseling care from a professional.   We all have free will and are responsible for your own choices and decisions.  ACS will not be held liable, responsible or negligent for any decisions made based on information received in a reading.