Re-Discovering Your Most Authentic Empowerment and Natural Sovereign state

Gathering new keys and codes in a time gate portal here in Sedona. ©  A Celestial Solution

Gathering new keys and codes in a time gate portal here in Sedona. ©  A Celestial Solution

Are you ready to open your heart to all the possibilities?  Are you ready to re-discover your most authentic empowerment and live your most authentic life?  Are you ready to reclaim your natural sovereign state?  Perhaps, you are already on this journey but find you may need a little assistance?  If so, then this Intuitive Empowerment Session may be for you!  During these sessions, I may utilize a variety of skills ranging from Intuitive Metaphysical Consulting, Astrology, Medium ship or even Animal Communication, if applicable, to help assist you!  Every session is tailored specifically for YOU and is focused on the areas that may need some clearing up or clarity to help you reclaim your authentic empowerment and natural sovereign state. 

Every session is different, however they all have one thing in common, they always center around assisting someone in rediscovering and reclaiming their authentic empowerment!  We get to the very core of the issue and sort it together, the best we are able.  I do not and will not do the work for you, rather I simply help light the way on your journey, acting as both a space holder and a facilitator to help you shift your frequency.  This what a practitioner is really doing, holding space and helping someone shift their frequency into a new perspective and space.  The client is healing themselves!!! 

Sessions may have us working on clearing and reframing a Time Line and/or doing Ancestral Line Clearing.  Or we may do Inner Child Work or examine specific thoughts and beliefs that may be limiting you.  We may even receive messages from a loved one or animal friend who has crossed over.   This session is really designed to help you get some clarity about your life and your choices and works towards helping you move through any blocks that may be holding you back from living your most authentic life!  These sessions are best suited for someone who is open, ready, and willing to do the work they need to do, to get where they want to be!  It's all about empowering you to make your own choices, creating your own outcomes, choosing your own destiny and helping you live you most authentic life!  Sometimes we just need someone to help give us some direction or new ideas!  

You can request an appointment via the form below or go to the contact page for more information.  Sessions are available for both Phone, Video Conferencing and In Person.  All my In Person sessions are subject to space availability.  It's best to schedule an appointment well ahead and if you are coming in from out of town, even more so.   My available appointments times can fill very fast.


Phone Or SKYPE sessions: 30 Minute Sessions - $60   60 Minute Sessions - $105

**Additional Minutes after 60 minutes are billed at $2.00 per minute

I love Heyde, every reading with her is an amazing experience. Each reading is always fun, ( but to the point), relaxing and eye-opening. Talking with Heyde is like talking with an old friend.
— Joelle D. California

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Disclaimer: Intuitive And Astrology Readings: You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a session.  Readings are for information purposes only.   Readings are only valid for the day their are given, as no reading is set in stone nor provides any guaranteed outcomes or results.   We all have free will and are responsible for your own choices and decisions.  ACS will not be held liable, responsible or negligent for any decisions made based on information received in a reading.