Akashic Time Traveling Session

Standing in a Time Gate portal, opening to new keys and codes. © A Celestial Solution

Standing in a Time Gate portal, opening to new keys and codes. © A Celestial Solution

Repetitive thoughts, beliefs, habits, emotions, issues and patterns are often an indication of subconscious and/or even conscious beliefs, manifesting themselves into our reality and experience.  So if you find yourself in a never ending "loop" of undesirable beliefs, habits, patterns or experiences or you just simply want a change in your thinking, then it may be time to start work on changing some of your conscious and subconscious beliefs.   These beliefs and patterns can come from experiences we have had from our "past, present, future, cosmic or even life between life times" and also from unresolved, unprocessed and repressed/unexpressed feelings and emotions.   To access these others timelines and lifetimes we can look into our Akashic records. 

The Akashic Records are a Universal Library that holds everything that everyone has every experienced, said or done for all of time!  That is a lot of data!  Everyone has they own records which are stored in our Auric field and also in the Akashic fields.  Since working with the records, I also believe that our records are stored in our DNA, bones, teeth, cells and the water in our bodies!  We are like walking, talking, encyclopedias of every single experience we have every had!  This includes every life we may have had!  And this information, creates our signature frequency.  Any experience that has been left undone or unresolved, can be effecting us on many levels in our current now experience!  Our Akashic records store information specific to you only, everything you have every done or said in any lifetime you have experienced on the Earth plane.   Accessing these records can be done in many ways, one is via a simple, guided meditation.  Once you have accessed your records, a person can explore and review their records, or even add information to them.

The Akashic Time Traveling session involves accessing your Akashic records via a guided meditation to explore one of your lives to discover when and why a certain thought, feeling, emotions, belief or pattern began. Through Intuitive Metaphysical consulting, Shamanic clearing work and prayers, energy clearing, Reiki, and Light language blessings, we work towards clearing out the old subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and replacing them with new ones of your choosing and clearing out the records of "data" you no longer desire.  This can be a really fun, eye opening and powerful session which can be done in both in person and over the phone.  You can use the form below to request an appointment.  In Person sessions are subject to space availability!

***Special Note: I believe that time is simultaneous, mean that all the infinite possible experiences are occurring all at once.  When I use the term past or future, or cosmic life it would mean for me, something that we may not be aware of and/or that we are not currently tapped into that reality.  The same goes for the Lives between Lives which for me means, when we are not in physical form.

Phone Session: 60 Minute Akashic Time Travel Session - $105

                         In Person Session: 60 Minute Akashic Time Travel Session - $150

**Additional Minutes after 60 are billed at $2.00 per minute


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Time Traveling Sessions

Disclaimer: Time traveling sessions are meant as a supportive holistic treatment only and are not to be used in replace of proper medical treatment or psychotherapy.  Please see a Licensed Health Care professional or physician for any physical or psychological aliment you may have.  Depending on what state you live in, Reiki energy sessions may or may not be available.